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Best Pen for Shatter – Wax Vape Pen Review


Most portable vaporizers are designed for the masses and as such are meant to vape dry herbs and liquid concentrates. However more and more people have begun vaping wax, butter and other solid concentrates such as shatter or dabs. New vaporizers have entered that market to cater to this rising demand. Many companies claim to have created the best pen for shatter. We have taken the liberty of looking at some of the industries best shatter pens for solid concentrates and are pretty excited with the device that has recently become available. Check out the new and innovative shatter dab pen below known as the Dipper.

Best pen for Shatter - Best Vaporizer for shatter and dabs

Most solid concentrate vape pens are designed to work in a specific way. Typically you place your material in an oven that will then heat up. This can get pretty messy at times and is also a bit time consuming to prep for each session. Another style of shatter vape pen that exists is where you dab your concentrates with a heated tip and inhale through the other end. Of the two different styles, one can see why each has its benefits. Having to choose between the two options will create different opinions on the best pen for shatter.

Shatter Vaporizer

Fortunately with the introduction of the Dipper, you do not have to choose between the two styles of shatter vape pens. There is a new shatter pen called the 'Dipper' which can do both! The dipper shatter pen transforms in a matter of seconds to either a dabbing shatter pen or a suction shatter pen. The Dipper is priced extremely low for the devices durability and quality at only $149.99.

Best pen for shatter

Dipper Shatter Vape Pen - Rated Best Shatter Vape Pen 2017 ($149.99)

  • Instant coil heat (instant instant!)
  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer that is very durable
  • 1 Replaceable Atomizer (Quartz Crystal)
  • Warranty (1-Year No Hassle)
  • Compact Design (great size, very strong, good weight)
  • Durable (long lasting)
  • Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap (fun and innovative)
  • USB rechargeable battery (micro)

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Best Pen for Shatter - Dipper Shatter Pen

This unique and affordable/cheap but very high quality shatter vape pen is built by Dip Stick Vapes. With the strength of previous models of shatter dab pens that customers enjoyed and recommended to others is what has given this company a quick entry into the world of portable vaping. The first models made by Dip Stick Vapes were simple dab in and out styles that you could not load. Users loved the simplicity of the device and the smoothness of each hit. The Dip Stick is the name of their original shatter dab pen and it is no longer being made. Staying true to what their costumers liked, the 'Dipper' gives the same enjoyment but with the extra feature of the ability to pack and go. The Dipper shatter vape pen gives good size clouds and a consistent easy hit.

If you have never tried a dabbing shatter vape pen (wax vape pen) this is a great choice and one you will come to enjoy using a great deal. Its a new style that is very entertaining and enjoyable. An accessory that you can get with the Dipper is the DipWip. The DipWip works as an extended mouth piece that you can connect to other vaping devices such as a bubbler. You can have a visual of the DipWip in the image below.

Portable Shatter Vape Pen

For those of you who believe that vaping shatter is something that only more intense weed users indulge in and is a sign of addiction or heavy use, there are a few things to keep in mind. Vaping cannabis concentrates that have a higher level of THC potency means that you do not have to take any where near as many hits or conduct as many sessions to receive the same effect. This allows people to vape less material and lower the risk of ingesting harmful tar and carcinogens. The shatter pen from DipStick vapes is a good device to use to help limit the amount of tar and carcinogens that may have otherwise entered into your body. If you end up purchasing one of these devices remember to vape responsibly and to keep the device out of the hands of adolescents.

CBD Dabs and Shatter

If THC and getting the high effect of cannabis is not for you, but you are seeking a method that can deliver the same benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects than you may want to look more into CBD products such as CBD dabs and oil extracts CBD is a compound found in hemp that does not get you high. You can read more on CBD dabs here.

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A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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