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Whether your looking for the perfect extract device, a dry herb vaporizer, or a multi-material vaporizer PAX Labs has you covered. PAX offers sophisticated portable vaping devices that are high performance, discrete, top build quality, and simple. The PAX 2 has just been put on sale for $149 and the PAX 3 has been dropped to just $199. Check out the PAX Era, PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers here.

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Best Vape Pen – New and Innovative Portable Vaporizers

Welcome to Vapor Smooth! Here we provide you with the latest news and information on the industries best portable vaporizers. If you're new to 'vape pens' and need to get caught up to speed, you should read our article on What's a Vape? General Information about Portabe Vaporizers. In short, a vaporizer is a device that heats your dry herb, concentrates, and e-liquids at a temperature that is cooler than that of combustion. By heating your material at a cooler temperature the amount of tar and carcinogens are minimalized, which in comparison to smoking is an improvement to your overall health. Let's get right to it and discuss our picks for the top handheld vaporizer of 2017. To determine what the best vape pen is, we'll look at each type of vaporizer individually. The types of portable vaporizers are 3 in 1 vape pens, dry leaf vape pens, concentrate vape pens, e-liquid vape pens, dab vape pens and hookah pens.

Whats the best cannabis vaporizer:

We have an updated post that discusses the best multi-use vaporizer for 2017 here: A multi-use vape is one that can vaporize more then one type of material. For example a device such as the PAX 3 can vape both dry herbs and concentrates.

Best Vape Pen for Weed

Displayed in the image above is the portable dry herb vaporizer from grasshopper vapes. This device comes with a life time warranty and is one of the best vape pen devices ever made. The Grasshopper portable vaporizer comes in either steel or titanium - both very strong and long lasting materials. You can read more here on our Grasshopper vaporizer review article.

Best 3 in 1 Vape Pens:

If you are looking for a portable vaporizer capable of vaping the 3 different mediums that typically get vaped, we recommend the V2 Series 3 or Series 7 vape pens. They are designed to vape dry leaf, concentrates, and e-liquids.

One of the most anticipated portable vaporizers of 2017 - Best Vape Pen 2017 Contender

The Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer is a patent pending water filtration device that aims to deliver one of the smoothest hits in the industry. Hydrology 9 is a new and innovative approach that is a cross between a water bong and a portable vaporizer. You can read more by visiting our Hydrology 9 Review here to see if it has a chance at being one of the best vape pen devices of 2017.

Top Portable Oil Vaporizers - Best Vape Pen

The second most popular type of portable vaporizer is a concentrate vaporizer that is designed to work with oils such as BHO and other therapeutic liquids. BHO is butane hash oil - this is a much stronger dose of THC and should only be taken if recommended by your medical doctor. With that said there are many portable vaporizers that are multipurpose and work with both dry herb and concentrates. Here are the top picks in the category of Best Portable Oil Vaporizers. The top three cover the upper price range since the lower price range for this category does not compete when it comes to user experience or quality of vaping. Coming in as the best portable oil vape is the Atmos Optimus, a high-quality oil vaporizer that works with a number of fun accessories. The Atmos Optimus has a comfortable grip, strong battery, and a unique wickless chamber that heats oils more evenly and efficiently than other devices. Taking second place is the PIQ which is a great oil vape for thick oils and E-liquids. Our runner-up in the category of best portable oil vape is the Ole Oil Vape, a slim discrete and very affordable vaping solution.

See more Oil Vape Pens

Top Portable Wax Vaporizers

Here are 3 of the top picks in the category of Best Portable Wax Vaporizers. The top three have been tested for quality and longevity. Coming in as the Best Wax Vape is the Kiln RA by Atmos has a very strong battery, ceramic coils that are replaceable, and top of the line construction.  2nd on our list for best wax vape is the MAGNA portable vape for style price and overall quality. 3rd on our list for top wax pen is the Atmos Forge which has a sleek fashionable design that provides smooth wax consitency and utilizes a powerful lithium ion battery.

Coolest New Vape Pen - Best Dabbing Vape Pen

dab vape pen

Dipper Chrome Vape Pen - Best Dab Vape Pen 2017

  • Instant coil heat (instant instant!)
  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer that is very durable
  • 1 Replaceable Atomizer (Quartz Crystal)
  • Warranty (1-Year No Hassle)
  • Compact Design (great size, very strong, good weight)
  • Durable (long lasting)
  • Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap (fun and innovative)
  • USB rechargeable battery (micro)
dabbing vape

You can have more in depth look at the dab pen offered by DipStick Vapes following this link. We had a lot of fun reviewing this item and look forward to seeing where the company goes with their future models down the road. One thing is for certain, DipStick Vapes have made a name for themselves and are now positioned nicely in the vapor community.

The Best Vape Pen has its Benefits

Choosing the best vape pen is an important step in making sure that you fully benefit from what a vaporizer has to offer. Vaporizing has long-term health benefits, financial benefits, and other lifestyle benefits. Vaping eliminates tar and carcinogens by heating cannabis at a cooler temperature than that of combustion. Using a cannabis vaporizer optimizes the amount of medical marijuana that you use for each session which in turn saves you money. A massive and largely overlooked benefit of a portable vaporizer is the fact that you can be out and about living an active lifestyle. Marijuana has a bad stigmatism that all weed smokers are lazy. This is just simply not true, many cannabis users live very active lifestyles and explore the world every chance they get. Whether the medical marijuana is helping you overcome the pain to get out and be active or overcoming social anxiety, medical marijuana can elevate your life.

What type of Cannabis is right for me?

Choosing the right strand of cannabis to match the best vape pen goes on a case by case basis. You need to understand why it is you need medical marijuana and what the effects of the different types of cannabis are. There are 3 types of cannabis, Sative and Indica which crossbreed to create Hybrid. Sativa is more of a creative type high while Indica is more of a full body sit on the couch kind of high. Read our article on 'Whats the right type of herb for me' to get a better understanding of which one you might like, or read up on the different types of cannabis strands here.

Diseases and Illnesses that could be Helped by Medical Marijuana

Plants and herbs have been used as remedies for various types of sicknesses and diseases for a very long time, included in this vast list is the plant known as cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that has great controversy and lacks evidence for and against it. Many reports are fabricated to make cannabis seem worse then it is and many are fabricated to make it look better without any evidence to back it up. A great deal of evidence in favor of marijuana comes from those who have self-medicated them self when nothing else seemed to work. Among the diseases and illnesses that people use marijuana for are PTSD, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, glaucoma, HIV, chronic pain, Alzheimer's, and cancer to name a few. As more studies are conducted we will know more about the long-term effects that marijuana has on the human body. In the past, most studies revolved around the harm caused by the plant and ignored any medicinal qualities that it may have. If you are pursuing or have been told that medical marijuana is something that you may benefit from, it is important to find the best vape pen that works for your specific needs.

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PAX Now Only $149

Whether your looking for the perfect extract device, a dry herb vaporizer, or a multi-material vaporizer PAX Labs has you covered. PAX offers sophisticated portable vaping devices that are high performance, discrete, top build quality, and simple. The PAX 2 has just been put on sale for $149 and the PAX 3 has been dropped to just $199. Check out the PAX Era, PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers here.


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