A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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A cannabis vaporizer is a device that heats up either a concentrate or a dry herb. Cannabis vaporizers were first introduced as larger units for your home ‘desktop vaporizers’. Today we are fortunate enough to have access to much smaller and portable devices called ‘vape pens’, ‘portable vaporizers’, ‘handheld/pocket vaporizers’ etc. A cannabis vaporizer is a good choice for those who need to consume/intake medical marijuana. Vaporizing heats your material (dry leaf or concentrate) at a cooler temperature then what a flame/fire or ‘combustion’ would. This is important and is the reason vaping is considered healthier. The tar and carcinogens that come with the flame and heavier smoke are minimalized to keep your lungs cleaner. VaporSmooth will attempt to make your decision in choosing a portable vaporizer an easier one. We will point you in the direction of the best vape pens in the industry and what type of cannabis may be the right choice for you and your symptoms.

PAX App Review

The vaporizer company PAX has released a new line of portable vaporizers that have an app that can pair the devices to your smart phone. The new app is available to work with the new PAX 3 and the new PAX Era devices. Continue reading to learn more from our PAX App Review.

You can use the application paired with your device using Bluetooth to set exact temperatures and find the heat settings that work best for you. Choosing from a range of precise heat temperatures allow for more control and the ability to achieve a more flavorful hit.

Software is just starting to make its way into the hardware of portable vaporizers. This technology will continue to grow and expand into new features. Portable vaporizers of the future will have a vast range of functionality that do not exist today. Your device can be integrated into apps and game and used as a controller, perhaps you will be able to store data and music on your device. You could pair the smart vape with wireless ear buds or portable blue tooth speaker.

PAX App Review

With the PAX vaporizer application you are able to check and update your device with the latest software to ensure your getting the most recent and innovative experience. 

The app is sure to have some hidden features and easter eggs along with its initial release. Maybe the PAX app will have GPS tracking so that you don't lose or miss place your device. Perhaps the PAX app will have downloadable tunes to your vaporizer so that you can vape and jam out. Maybe the app will let you know if your over using it and it needs to take a few minutes to cool down.

PAX App Review

Along with the PAX Vapor App Review we have written articles regarding the release of the 2 new PAX devices. The PAX 3 Review and the PAX Era Review. PAX is becoming an even greater customer oriented company, we see the future of PAX to resemble that of a GoPRO concept where they become a complete end to end solution. We are seeing this change with the PAX Vaporizer App and we are excited to watch PAX continue to grow and evolve as a company. Visit PAX official site here. Thank you for having a quick read on this PAX App Review.

Another device that has integrated software and a companion app to help optimize the device and enhance the user experience is the DaVinci IQ. This device is also worth looking into. The DaVinci IQ is a dry herb only vaporizer and is priced about the same as the PAX 3.

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PAX 3 Review – A Closer look at the PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer

The PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer is the newest addition to the PAX line of devices. This new model unlike versions 1 and 2 is designed for both loose leaf and concentrate extracts. This is the first vaporizer from the PAX brand that will cater to the rapidly groing conentrate user base. The New PAX vaporizer comes with the PAX standard 10-year warranty and free shipping. The look and feel of the new PAX is very premium and has a polished finish (model 2 was more of  flat finish). Continue reading the PAX 3 Review below for more details on the new device which was released at the end of 2016.

PAX Official Site - Visit Here

PAX 3 Review - Concentrate and Dry Herb Vaporizer

PAX 3 Built in Games

The PAX 3 has a few built in games that make this device very unique in an industry packed with portable vaping devices. To activate the games of the PAX 3 you simply rotate the device in your hands in the same fashion that you would roll a joint. The first game is one that can help you decide decisions - the PAX will randomly select a direction and you can apply rules to what the PAX is pointing to, similar to how spin the bottle will decide who has to do something. The second game is a movement skill set where you need to tilt the device in certain direction to avoid the red lit up pedals of the PAX logo in the center of the device. The final game uses pattern recognition and the device will keep track of your movements, than you need to replicate your movements but add an extra step, the device will keep going as long as you do not mess up, this game can be played as a group or by yourself to pass the time.

PAX 3 Vibration Feature

Lets dive right in and touch on a few of the new features that the PAX 3 boosts. The PAX 3 is designed to be much safer product while vaping on the go then most other portable vaporizers. A  safety feature built in is that when the device turns on and heats up to its set temperature the device will vibrate similar to your phone when on vibrate mode. This allows you to feel and be alerted that the device is ready, or that the device was turned on by accident and it is trying to get your attention.

PAX 3 Auto Heat Feature

The PAX 3 has been built with smart technology and motion sensors. The device is designed to heat up when you bring it to your lips, and it cools down when it leaves your lips. This makes the device a autonomous heating unit that works to optimize your sessions and save on material used. By heating the dry herb or concentrate on demand it is ensuring that you get the most out of your cannabis  products. 

More Upgrades and Features of the PAX  3

The Pax 3 has been rated as the best portable vaporizer of 2017. The company has done  a really good job at creating a premium and sophisticated image that many vape enthusiasts and new vape customers are drawn to. Here are 3 more features that make the PAX 3 stand out above its competitiors:

1. 3 oven accessories/functionalities – A full-size oven for larger sessions, a half-pack oven for smaller sessions, and a new concentrate oven for oils.
2. Stronger power – heats up very quick - 15 seconds, and is  twice as powerful as the model 2.
3. More precise temperature through the new PAX App. The  PAX 3 is the first PAX device that can be paired with a mobile application. Although the current capabilites of the app  are still a bit basic it is nice to see that new software is makig its way into the technology  of portable vaporizers.

PAX Official Site - Visit Here

PAX 3 Oven Size

An aspect of the model 2 that customers thought could be improved on was the size of the oven. In order to receive a quality vaping session you would need to load the PAX 2 fairl full. With the oven size being prety large, it meant packing more than many people typically would have liked to. This is no longer an issue with the PAX 3 as they have included the additional half oven accessory. In our PAX 3 review we found this to be a important feature. Its nice to see that the company is taking the critisism of their products seriously and improving accordingly.

The PAX 2, although quick to heat up for its initial release, was surpassed by many other device makers shortly there after. This issue has also been addressed with the PAX 3. The PAX 3 is a much faster device that heats up in about one third of the time. The speed, the accessories, the look, the warranty is all part of what makes the PAX 3 one of the best portable vaporizers.

The design, shape, weight and size of the Pax 3 portable vaporizer gives a very natural feel in your hand. The new shinier and polished surface has additional grip when compared to the old styled brushed aluminum of the previous PAX model. The PAX 3 does warm up after using it for a few minutes, but doesn't get too hot, it actually reaches a temperature that makes it nice to hold on to during a cooler day. It doubles as a hand warming device.

PAX 3 Review on the Web and Color Options

A PAX 3 Review can also be seen featured on Forbes where it is mentioned to be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. The PAX 3 portable vaporizer comes in a range of colors, you can get black, gold, silver, and bronze. You can see a preview of these colors in the image located at the top of this post.

The PAX 3 Review shows us that the device is made with medical-grade materials which are designed for superior optimized heating, safety, and durability. The dual use oven comes with an additional insert that makes switching from dry leaf to concentrated extract super simple. The PAX 3 vape allows you to achieve equally dense vapor with both dry herbs and concentrates.

PAX Official Site - Visit Here

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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Finding the best portable dry herb vaporizer can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look for, especially since every day we see more and more investments in the cannabis industry that lead to new technologies that are constantly developed. In such a fast-changing and yet a very new scene, one can easily lose them self and later doubt the choice they made. That is why we have decided to help you understand what you should pay attention too when choosing one, along with some examples of best portable dry herb vaporizers.

A dry herb vaporizer is a convenient, portable way to benefit from marijuana without inhaling dangerous smoke. It is a perfect solution to use with dry herbs and it is extremely compact so it can fit inside your pocket. You can use your portable dry herb vaporizer with many different materials, from dry herbs used for vapor therapy to medical marijuana, as well as dry leaf tobacco.

Firefly2 Convection Vaporizer Pen

Firefly 2 - $329

Smart Vaporizer, Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer, Portable Concentrate Vaporizer, Convection Vaporizer - Read Full Review

The Firefly 2 is a premium compact portable vaporizer that uses on demand convection vape technology. The Firefly 2 is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market and has app connectivity.

PAX 3 Review

PAX 3 - Read Review

The PAX is one of the worlds most popular and well known vaporizers. The PAX is the first vape in the line of PAX vaporizers to work with both dry herbs and concentrates. The model 3 has a companion app that works with your phone or tablet to help monitor and control your device. The PAX 3 heats up very fast and is one of the most compact portable vaporizers on the market.

Hydrology9 Portable Water Vaporizer

Hydrology9 - $250

Smart Vaporizer, Water Vaporizer, Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - Read Full Review

The Hydrology 9 is a new innovative water filtration vaporizer that has been designed to give a nice clean and smooth hit. This device has features not seen in any other portable vaporizer such as patent pending water filtration, micro chip heat sensors, lava lamp and party mode with LED lights. Built into the oven lid is an internal stir stick that you can use to mix up your material while vaping. The Hydrology 9 is the ultimate bong. Click on the link above to read a more in depth review o this cool looking futuristic portable water vaporizer.

New G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite - $149.95

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - Read Full Review

The G Pen Elite is a quality made high performing portable dry herb vaporizer. The G Pen is very competitively priced at $149.95 last we checked and performs like a $200+ vaporizer.

Comparison chart between the best portable dry herb vaporizers

Pax vs DaVinci

Best Smart Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are getting more advanced and are now being designed with integrated software, bluetooth and app connectivity. You are better able to monitor your use and take doses more carefully to get your desired effect. We have an article that discusses in more detail where smart vaporizers are heading and some reviews on the best new smart vaporizers.

3 in 1 Portable Vape Pens by V2

The following 2 vape pens are 3 in 1 vaporizer pens that are designed to vape dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. The series 7 is optimized for dry herbs specifically. If you are looking for the best all round vaping solution the V2 series might be what you are looking for.

What are some benefits of the best portable dry herb vaporizer?

  • Using a vaporizer may provide long-term benefits for your health in relation to using combustion methods.

  • Vaporizing is cost effective in the long run as it optimizes your sessions

  • It emits a much weaker odor than combustion

  • Smoke produced by vaporizing is less noticeable

  • The experience is more smooth and taste is more prominent

  • It is a cool technology that comes in many different styles and colors, with new products being released constantly - Choosing the best portable dry herb vaporizer should be fun.

How to choose the best portable dry herb vaporizer?

You need to consider a lot of important things when you're trying to choose the right portable dry herb vaporizer for your needs. First, you should know to make a distinction between a conduction and convection vaporizers.

Conduction dry herb vaporizer has a heating element that is in direct contact with the herbs you use, causing the vapor to be produced in a fast manner since your material is so close to the heat. Conduction heating is important for most medical marijuana products for vaporizers, so you will have bigger cannabis selection if you choose conduction vaporizers.

Convection portable vaporizer has a heating element that is not touching your herbs, which means that the air gets hot inside the chamber where it warms the material. This provides you with a steady stream of vapor.

Now that you know the basic difference between conduction and convection you can consider other things that can help you make an informed decision for your purchase.

  • Chamber size is important because it determines how long you can use your vaporizer before you need to refill it.

  • Battery longevity differs from model to model and can be recharged in different ways, like USB cords and wall adapters, or DC adapters for car charging.

  • Size is usually in direct correlation with chamber size and battery power and bigger models are better in those departments but are not as discreet and easy to carry as smaller ones.

  • Style and color is one thing you don’t have to think about as much, just go with what you like the most

  • Warranty length is a good sign of vaporizer quality and best portable dry herb vaporizer come with the longest warranties.

Just to recap, there are many different types of portable vaporizers and depending on what your needs are will determine which type and brand is right for you. If your going for sheer quality and brand image then PAX is the best choice. The PAX 3 is an elegant and sophisticated portable vaporizer that vapes both dry herbs and concentrates but has a hefty price tag, but can be justified because of its great performance and 10 year warranty. The DaVinci IQ is a solid dry herb vape, the Atmos Boss is also a great choice. For the vape enthusiasts that are looking to vape all 3 mediums, you will either need to get multipl devices or choose something like the V2 Series 3 or 7 vape pens which are 3 in 1 vapes.

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Best Oil Pen Vaporizer – Best Portable Vaping Devices

The best oil pen vaporizer does not mean its also the most expensive vaporizer. You can get a really well made oil vaporizer for under 100 dollars and even some pretty good ones under 50. Portable vaporizers are relatively cheap to make and depending on the materials and extra features built in the cost to make one is not that much. and even some good ones for under 50 bucks. Continue reading to see what some of the best oil pen vaporizers are that are currently available and perhaps some that are just coming to market.

AtmosRX Complete Kit 3 in 1 Vape Pen

3 in 1 $40 Vape Pen - Oils, Dry Herb, Concentrates All in One

If you were unaware that 3 in 1 vape pens existed, than this is a good place to start. This might even be a smarter way to go if you intend on vaping multiple types of material and plan on getting just one vaporizer. Seen in the image above is the most affordable 3 in 1 vape on the market that we have been able to find. The new Atmos complete kit (as seen to the left, or above on mobile) is perhaps the best vape deal you can find at just $39. This device can vape dry herbs, concentrates such as wax's and oils, and e-liquids. It is a total vape package that's straight forward and easy to use. It comes with the ceramic heating chamber and the liquid cartridge. You can view this and many others on the Atmos site here.  You can view a few more 3 in 1 vape pens here.

New CBD Pre Filled Vaporizer

The new portable pre filled 100% organic CBD oil vaporizer from Vape Bright is a easy to use and very affordable product. The Thrive starter kit is a great way to see if the CBD compound found in hemp is something that will work for you. You can visit Vape Bright here, and don't forget to use coupon code VSMOOTH to get 10% off your purchase.

Organic CBD Oil

Best Oil Pen Vaporizers

Atmos offers a solid line of oil vaporizers for under $100. Some of the top sellers include the Optimus V2 Kit, PIQ Kit, and the Ole Oil Vape. You can see each of these oil pens below.

Best oil pen vaporizer under $60

As seen to the left or above is the Optimus V2 Essential Oil Vaporizer Pen Kit. The Optimus has a simple and trendy design featuring soft curves for a relaxed grip while vaping. The tank has a measuring indicator scale that enables you to see the exact amount of oil left. This scale allows you to learn how much oil you use and to plan ahead accordingly for you day or trip. The cartridge is made with a unique wick-less chamber that heats oils evenly and efficiently. This vape pen has stood the test of time and is still one of the best on the market. The Optimus V2 E-Liquid Pen Kit is only $54 and comes with all the things you need to get started including a USB-charging cable and wall adapter.

You can get the Optimus Kit Here.

Looking for a Vape for E-Liquid?

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit - Complete Package

If you are looking for a e-liquid vaporizer for flavored juices than you might be looking for something like this. The Atmos starter kit is an easy to use entry level product.

i40TC-J Mini Box Mod Starter Kit

Regulated E-Liquid Box Mod and Tank

  • 1500mAh i40TC-J Mini Box Mod
  • i40TC-J Sub -Ohm Tank
  • .5ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer
  • .2ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer

This is a starter kit that you can buy for a very reasonable price. It comes with a micro USB charger and manual that is easy to follow. The device itself is pretty self explanatory and you should have no troubles getting used to it. You can view more on this starter kit here.

Best Oil Pen Vaporizer

Best Oil Pen Vaporizer

Since vaporizers is an umbrella term and can be used with dry herb, waxes, oils, and e-liquids you should first make sure that the pen you are looking to buy is compatible with your preferred mdium.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the quality and durability of the product and check out other customers reviews. Price is also an important factor and you don't want to spend money on a product where the cost out weighs the value. Remember that the best oil pen vaporizer is not always the most expensive one.

Best Oil Pen Vaporizers - Why Get One

Vaporizing materials instead of lighting them on fire is said to have less harmful affects on the human body. This is because vaporizing eliminates much more tar and carcinogens from the cannabis by heating it at lower temperatures than combustion helping to provide you with a healthier alternative for your lungs.

Oil pen vaporizers, similar to many portable vaporizers have a very sleek look and are simple to carry around. Vaporizers draw less attention than smoking a cigarette or a joint since they also don’t produce as much smoke and they also create less of a smell. Using a vaporizer allows you to better taste the flavor of your medium which can be controlled by turning the heat up and down.

For more information on portable vaporizers and to read the newest product reviews please visit our article on Smart Vaporizers - A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Portable Vaporizers.

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A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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