A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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What I Have to Say About the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

At the time of writing this article it has been just over 1 month since the initial public release of the Hydrology9 vaporizer. This has given customers enough time to receive their device and time to use it to provide their thoughts and comments. We have done a bit of digging and looked at a number of reviews and what the top industry and tech sites have had to say about the product. I will also give my two cents as I have a Hydrology9 myself. If you are looking for a more detailed product description, q&a, and overview of the device you can read our Hydrology9 Review. If you would like to purchase one or learn more directly from the manufacturer visit Cloudious9.com.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Visit the Official Hydrology9 Site Here

What I Have to Say about the Hydrology9

I received my Hydrology9 on I believe May 22nd 2017 and today as I write this it is June 22nd - so I have had the device for a month now. My initial thoughts before getting the device were probably similar to most of yours, it looks cool, the concept is great and I want one! I did a bit of research to find that the company behind the Hydrology9 was called Cloudious9 and it was run by Richard Huang. I learned that both Richard and the company Cloudious9 we're very passionate about their first product and wanted to not only meet but exceed customers expectations. Cloudious9 had plans to launch the Hydrology9 on April 20th 2017 (420) - as they had a working prototype and the device worked fine. Cloudious9 decided to take a step back reevaluate the device and make a few tweaks to enhance the performance of the Hydrology9 and to add a few extra bonus features. Through listening to industry experts and vaporizer enthusiasts the Hydrology9 was built with a larger airflow hole, mesmerizing LED light display modes, and an improved maintenance kit.

I began to share the same pride in the device that Cloudious9 was showing that they had. After listening to a podcast where Richard Huang talked about his product I knew that I wanted one and placed my order on May 15th when the product was first released. Here is the podcast where Richard talks about his product.

Lets fast forward to May 22nd when I first received my Hydrology9. I was one of the first 500 customers so I was able to get the free leather carrying case which I highly recommend - the Hydrology9 is a premium device that is worth protecting. Everything in the package is pretty self explanatory and the user manual is very straight forward. The only thing in the package that I have no clue what it is.. is their is a package of rubber o rings that are not mentioned anywhere and I don't see where they would be put to use (if anyone knows this please let me know). The build quality of both the device including mouth piece and the maintenance kit are very good, top grade. The Hydrology is built using medical and food grade materials and borsilicate glass.

I read the manual just to make sure that I didn't do anything wrong, grinded up some material and started to use the device. My first session I was a little confused, the device shuts off after 2 minutes of use with no changes in temperature settings. This is to say that if you don't adjust the temperature the device will automatically go on standby mode after 2 minutes. My first session I also did not see any vapor at all. Having said this, I did get very medicated ;). I ran the device through a few sessions and emptied the oven chamber - the material was vaped nicely and evenly. I decided to load it back up and this time a filled the oven chamber more full. This time I remembered to use the stir stick in the bottom while I was taking my draws, and I also started at the lowest temperature and after a minute I pressed the button to increase the temperature to the next heat setting and took draws from it for a minute and repeated this all the way up to the highest setting. Doing this made the Hydrology9 stay on the whole time and not enter into standby mode, it also allowed the device to get incrementally hotter as I performed my session. There was actually a ton of vapor this time  and I was very surprised about how many big draws I could take.

For the past month I have been using the Hydrology9 pretty much daily and I think its amazing, I have no real complaints to say about the device, I think it was worth how much it costs, and I look forward to using it for a long time to come. I can honestly say that my lung capacity has improved and I've started going for longer runs. Other than that I will just say that if your looking for a premium vaporizer that looks cool and works great - I recommend the Hydrology9. You can visit the official Hydrology9 site here to learn more or get one for yourself.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer Lights

What the Big Industry and Tech Companies are Saying about the Hydrology9

  • Gizmodo - "Ultimately, the quality of the vapor this thing puts out is just so damn good that it’s impossible not to love it"
  • Cannabis Daily Record - "I've tried my share of herbal vapes over the years, but never one as technologically cool as the Hydrology9"
  • The Vape Guide - "Cloudious 9 is leading the charge for a new wave of vaporizer technology, and so far we’re in love!"
  • MIC - "The best vaporizers for marijuana on the market right now"
  • The Stoner Girls Guide - "There is nothing quite like this vaporizer on the market and it is all about smoothness and flavor"
  • The Chill Bud - "It’s incredibly refreshing to see a company creating something new and innovative. Aesthetically, this vaporizer will take your breath away"

Buy One or Learn More

Visit the Official Hydrology9 Site Here

Grav Fire Button E Nail – Instant Dabs

Its time to put down the torch! and pick up the Grav Fire Button e-Nail. If you can picture your bong being a computer, and the Fire Button being an external hard drive, you will see how seamlessly the two go together. With the Grav Fire Button you are able to turn all of your favorite bubblers into a healthier and safer dabbing experience.  In this article we will touch on the company behind the Fire Button, as well as how the device is used, and the components that make this new innovative device. Continue reading our Grav Fire Button review for more details.

Grav Fire Button Portable eNail for Dabs

Grav Fire Button - Safe and Easy to Use

The Grav Fire Button is built to be portable, user friendly, universal fitting, and a whole lot safer than using a combustion method. The Fire Button by Grav is activated by pressing the power button. With out the need to be plugged into a wall, and no need to vary around butane and a torch, dabbing on the go is now very possible. If your the type of cannabis user that prefers dabs over dry herbs and also likes to include the polar compound of H20 (water) than this device might be something you'd enjoy.

Grav Fire Button - Product Specifications

  • The Fire Button takes about 6 hours to fully charge
  • It is built using 99.6 percent grade one titanium skillet
  • The number of uses you can expect to get out of each charge ranges between 30 and 40 tims. This however depends on many things such as how long you hold the activatio button for on each draw and how frequent you use the device.
  • The Fire Button uses 4.2v
  • Is built to fit female connectors of 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm.
  • The wattage for the Fire Button by Grav is 150w
  • The Fire Button will heat up to 500°F with matter and 900°F when empty - both in around just 2 seconds.
  • Very powerful and long lasting, the Grav Fire Button has 3x 18650 batteries that are internal and non removable.
Portable Enail by Grav

Where to Buy the Grav Fire Button - Portable E-nail

The Grav Fire Button is available for purchase from 420Science here and you can visit the official Grav website here to see what else they offer.

Smart Vaporizers – A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Portable Vaporizers

First came the telephone, then the mobile phone then the smart phone. In a similar fashion we are now entering the time of the smart vaporizers. You can use the quick navigation menu below to open the section you are interested in reading. You can read about basic introductory information and why vaporizers are helpful in the 'intro to vaporizer section', you can read about and understand what all the different types of vaporizers are in the 'types of vaporizers' section, you can read about new innovations and new technology that has been built into new vaporizers and where the industry looks to be heading in the 'smart vaporizers - new technology in vaporizers' section, and finally you can look into what some of the best vaporizers are by reading popular reviews of the industries best products in the 'best vaporizer reviews' section.

Intro to Vaporizers

Types of Vaporizers

Smart Vaporizers - New Technology in Vaporizers

Best Vaporizer Reviews

Hydrology9 Portable Water Vaporizer

Newest Vaporizer - Hydrology 9 - Read Review

The Hydrology 9 is a new innovative water filtration vaporizer that has been designed to give a nice clean and smooth hit. This device has features not seen in any other portable vaporizer such as patent pending water filtration, micro chip heat sensors, lava lamp and party mode with LED lights. Built into the oven lid is an internal stir stick that you can use to mix up your material while vaping. The Hydrology 9 is the ultimate bong. Click on the link above to read a more in depth review o this cool looking futuristic portable water vaporizer.

Firefly2 Convection Vaporizer Pen

Best Vaporizers 2017 Review Guide - Read Review

In this article we touch on many of the devices mentioned on this page in more detail. If you are looking to learn about a wide range of the industries top devices this article will be another good read for you. Both this article and the page you are on get updated often so there may be overlapping points. In the number one spot in this article is the current top seller known as the Firefly 2 convection vaporizer. The Firefly 2 is the device you see the funky haired chick vaping in the photo to the left or above if using mobile.

PAX 3 Review

PAX 3 - Read Review

The PAX is one of the worlds most popular and well known vaporizers. The PAX is the first vape in the line of PAX vaporizers to work with both dry herbs and concentrates. The model 3 has a companion app that works with your phone or tablet to help monitor and control your device. The PAX 3 heats up very fast and is one of the most compact portable vaporizers on the market.

V2 Pro Series 3X 3 in 1 Vape Pen

V2 Pro Series 3x - Read Review

V2 is a company that caters to a wide range of vape users. If you are looking for a top of the line 3 in 1 device that is capable of vaping dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids than V2 has you covered. V2 boosts one of the largest and most popular online e-juice market places that contains the worlds top brands and a large variety of flavors. V2 has devices for all budgets and has a new touch screen device coming soon.

New AirVape XS Review

AirVape XS - Read Review

The AirVape XS is a relatively unknown vape that is actually really good. This vape is priced well below the comparable competition. If you are on a tight budget but want one of the best working devices with a company that backs their products than the AirVape XS is worth a closer look. The AirVape XS is designed for dry herbs and you can get a sleek protective case to keep it in great condition while carrying it around with you.

CBD Vaporizer

Pre Filled 100% Organic CBD Vaporizer - Read Review

The Vape Bright Thrive pre filled vaporizer is one of the simplest and easiest to use vaporizers on the market. You can order additional pre filled CBD cartridges and re-use the very affordable vape that comes with the starter kit. CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant that does not get you high, and is meant for medicinal purposes. The CBD compound still needs more concrete research and is still a bit of a grey area for basic knowledge since CBD and THC have been grouped together for so long even though they are different. CBD is something worth trying to see if it is something that works for you. If you deal with anxiety or stress, or even something ore severe CBD might help.

New DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ - Read Review

DaVinci made a big splash with their Ascent vaporizer and have followed it up with there dry herb vape known as the DaVinci IQ. The new DaVinci vape has an application that pairs the device to your tablet or smart phone. The Davinci is a premium vape that compares to the PAX 3.

New DaVinci Vaporizer

Dipper Dab Pen - Read Review

The Dipper is a very unique concentrate vaporizer that converts from a oven packing pen to a tip dabbing pen with the flip of the mouthpiece. The Dipper is a very easy to use and adds an extra spin to vaping. The Dipper can help people who do not have the motor skills to pack an oven because of its ability to touch its heated tip to your butter, wax, or shatter. A cool accessory that you can get with the Dipper is the DipWhip which is a tube that helps to cool down the vapor before hitting your mouth, or you can attach the DipWhip to a bong and use the vaporizer as a bowl.

Water Filter Vape Bong and Portable Vape Attachment

New products are surfacing in the portable vaporizer industry that are making for some pretty cool devices. New technology in the portable vape industry has allowed for new devices to be integrated with software and bluetooth connectivity such as the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ. Similar advancements in the vaping world are making way for devices that combine vaping technology with your existing products or add the element of H20. The vape market is booming with new companies and new products. Some of the new products that we will touch on here are devices that work as a vape bong either as a portable water vaporizer bong itself, or as stand alone devices that work with your bubblers and other glass pieces to combine the power of a vaporizer with your favorite devices.

Water Filter Vape Bong

Water Filter Vape Bong - Hydrology 9

As seen in the image above, a new product is just hitting the market called the Hydrology 9. The Hydrology 9 is the most innovative vape bong type device currently available. If you were looking for a futuristic portable vaping bubbler this product fits the description pretty well. The water vape bong is designed for dry herbs only at this point but may come with extra accessories down the road to vape concentrates as well. Built into the hydrology 9 portable vape bong is a stir stick that allows you to stir up your loose leafs without actually opening the material holder. You can read more on the Hydology 9 by reading our review article on this product here. If you think you'd like to purchase one of these futuristic devices you can do so by visiting their official site here.

Yocan Torch enail vaporizer

Vape Bong Attachment - Works With Most Sized Bubblers

A product coming from one of the dominant portable vaporizer makers 'Yocan' is a device called the Torch. The Yocan Torch is a mini concentrate vape that connects to your bubbler to turn it into a vape bong. This nifty little gadget makes dabbing on the go extremely easy. Made from very durable materials you are able to through the Yocan Torch in your bag and head out to meet some friends. The Torch can be charged with the micro USB charger that comes with it. The rubber piece that attaches to the bottom of the Torch is shapped in a gradual form that creates an air tight seal where you place it in the spot that you would normally place your bubblers bowl. For larger bowls or different shapes you can flip the rubber piece around for more options. You can read more on the torch by reading our more in depth review and watching a video on it here. You can order one of the Torches by visiting vapes here.

Today there are many ways that you can integrate vaping devices with your existing smoking products to make them operate in a healthier manner. Instead of using combustion (flame) which releases more tar and carcinogens, you can attach a vaporizer which heats your material at a temperature that is less than that of combustion. You can stop by a local vape shop or lounge and pick up an attachment for very cheap that you can put on the end of a pen vape to use similar to how we described the Yocan Torch above. If you need directions to a local shop you can find them by visiting our article here - Vape Shop Near Me.

Check back to this page soon as we will be looking for other new and innovative portable vape bong devices to add to this list. It looks like people are very interested in products that combine the vaping technology with the extra aspect of water filtration. You can subscribe to our e-newsletter below to stay informed on upcoming products in the vaping industry.

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A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.


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