PAX 3 - Best Vape 2017

The PAX 3 works with both dry herbs and concentrates. The new PAX vape includes software that allows it to connect to your cell phone or other smart device for things like temperature control. Backed with a 10 year warranty this is rated the top vaporizer for 2017.

Things to Know When Choosing a Vape Pen

Vape pens continue to gain momentum in the cannabis and tobacco industries. Choosing a vape pen for yourself can be a bit challenging with the hundreds of choices available today. Vape pens come in many different styles and have different purposes and functionalities. In the past vape pens did not have the strongest battery life, and worked for very specific niches (such as one type of material). In today's world, vape pens can last multiple sessions on a single charge, can be charged through USB, can have additional batteries, and can charge relatively quick. This is important in today's society as people live more active and on the go life styles.

A portable, handheld 'pocket' vaporizer or ‘vape pen’ looks like a... you guessed it, a pen. But, it could easily pass as a high-end e-cig. Electronic cigarettes utilize a battery-powered heating chamber that vaporizes liquids such as nicotine. Just like the technology used in e-cigs, the best vape pens do the same. However, instead of vaporizing nicotine, vape pens work with dry herbs, concentrated cannabis oils like butane hash oil (BHO), and waxes.  

Here is a comparison chart of two of the best vaporizers in the industry, the left side of the menu shows various components of a vape pen that will help you in choosing the best vape pen: This should help in choosing a vape pen.


Dry herb /Concentrate

DaVinci IQ

Dry herb

Overall Rating:



Price tag:




10 Year

10 Year




Heating Method:



Vapor Path:

Stainless Steel

Ceramic Zirconia


Internal Li-Ion/No

Internal Li-Ion/Yes

Battery Cycle:

Very Excellent


Recharge Time:

100 minutes

240 minutes

Oven Size:

.3 grams

.3 grams


90 grams

145 grams

Temperature Options:

4 with 1 custom

Full with Smart Paths

Heat up time:

Fast 15 Seconds

Buy PAX 3

45 Seconds

Buy DaVinci IQ

A vape pen heats its material at about 400 degrees F (205 C), which is a temperature that takes place before combustion. By heating the material at a temperature cooler then that of flame/fire, users are able to inhale vapor with less toxins (tar and carcinogens) that exist in smoke.

Choosing a vape pen

It is important to keep in mind that not all vape pens have the same functionality. Since some are designed for specific purposes such as only meant for dry herb or concentrates and not both. Today we have some of the best vape pens that have come to do both. Portable vaporizers such as the PAX 3 are designed to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates. The PAX 3 is a new pen vape that was released in October 2016 and has quickly become the most talked about and most popular pen vape on the market. The very sleek and ultra small but powerful pen vape, looks more like a lighter than a pen.

The PAX 3 pen vape is the best vape pen on the market. It is also one of the more expensive vapes on the shelf. Coming in at around $300US it carries a hefty price tag. It is however, a small price to pay for a device that can set you on a healthier path. The device is designed to save you money in time and optimize your session by utilizing only the amount of material needed and eliminating waste. You can even re-use the vaporized material to make edibles. PAX offers more than just a vaporizer, PAX has come out with an app (IOS/Android) that partners with your device to keep it in top condition and that enables you to download the latest software to your device. As with all PAX devices there will be some hidden easter eggs (tricks and features) that will keep you entertained and loving your device.

Best Oil Pen Vaporizer

Choosing a Vape Pen - Reasons Why

According to various studies, people who switch over to using a vaporizer after 5 weeks from smoking experience healthier lungs and cough up less phlegm. Using a vaporizer is better for your health than smoking. Research shows that marijuana is not as bad as tobacco.  Vaporizing is a better alternative than smoking when it comes to both tobacco and marijuana. Comparing edibles to vaping, many will suggest that vaping is better because you are more in control and can stop when you reach the desired effect. All in all, vape pens are affordable, more ethical in public, less intrusive to others, convenient for an active lifestyle, discrete and perhaps healthier.

PAX 3 - Top rated portable vaporizer company. A good decision when choosing a vape pen.

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PAX 3 - Best Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

Get more out of your vape pen! With the PAX 3 you can optimize your device with the free app, control temperature more precisely, get a smooth hit, and worry less with the 10 year industry leading warranty.

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