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Use coupon code SMOOTH and get a free zipper carrying case with the new Firefly 2 vaporizer. Firefly has also just released two new nature inspired designs - Zebra and Oak. The Firefly 2 is designed for both dry herbs and concentrates. Read more or Buy.

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Dipper Vape Pen Dip Stick – Best Dab Pen
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Today we have a look at the Dipper from DipStick Vapes. The Dipper is the type of vaporizer that brings a larger audience from the vape community into the world of dabbing. The Dipper dab pen is one of the most efficient and easy to use vape pens in the industry. If you've ever tried the first model known as 'The Dip Stick', you will have already gotten a taste of what this product is about. The 'Dipper' is an upgraded model that stays true to its nature but adds welcomed features that may make this device the best dab pen currently on the market. The Dipper by DipStick vapes is a dabbing pen that converts into a mouthpiece suction vape in seconds. This is one of the best dab pen vapes on the market and it is priced very competitively at only $149. The Dipper comes in two styles, 'Gun Metal' and 'Chrome', both looking pretty slick and you can't go wrong with either one. We have a tutorial video of the Dipper dab pen a bit lower on this page, so be sure to check that out as well as read the rest of our review on this new and innovative portable vaporizer.

"An instant classic! The Dipper is going to kill it in the vape world"

Dipper Dab Pen best dab pen

What Makes The Dipper The Best Dab Pen

The Dipper is a very unique and multi functioning concentrate vape pen that has a vapor tip atomizer that allows it to conveniently dab without a rig or torch. The Quartz crystal atomizer allows users to get a true dab hit. Displayed in the image below you will also see one of the Dippers accessories called the DipWhip which we will touch on a bit later in this review.

Dipper DipWhip Attachment

In Summary the Dipper Dab Pen is Awesome Because

  • Its a fun and unique multi-functioning concentrate vaporizer
  • Has a vapor tip atomizer that makes it convenient and simple to dab without any rig and torch or any loading required
  • Includes a quartz crystal atomizer that allows the user to load like a regular pen but works like a true dab pen
  • The design solves many of the cons and frustrations that come with traditional packing pens like messes, leaks, clogs, wasted material etc.
  • The flavor and delivery relative to other industry dab devices is superb
  • The DipWhip Accessory
  • Its the answer to how to dab without a rig, and is the best dab pen on the market

Shown in the image above is new vaping device that removes the need for a torch and makes for a safer smoking/vaping environment. A portable enail vape is a very affordable and durable portable vaping solution that allows you to continue using you favorite devices while enabling you to use vaping technology with water filtration to achieve smoother safer hits. You can view the top enail here - Best Portable eNail Vape.

Dipper Vaporizer Chrome Edition

Dipper Vape Pen - Best Dab Vape Pen 2017

  • Instant coil heat (instant instant!)
  • Replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • 1 Replaceable Atomizer (Quartz Crystal)
  • Warranty (1-Year No Hassle)
  • Compact Design (great size, very strong, good weight)
  • Durable (long lasting)
  • Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap (fun and innovative)
  • USB rechargeable battery (micro)

There are 2 color options available. You can get either chrome or charcoal. You can see the two variations displayed in the images on this page. Both models look very polished and boost a premium image.

The product shown above is the new and improved version of one of the best dab pen vaporizers on the market today. The old model - 'The Dip Stick' did not convert into a suction pen, but it did carve the way for the new and improved model. The Dipper is a device many people are excited to try. Shown in the image below you will see the Dipper Gun Metal (Black) version that Dip Stick Vapes is also offering. An accessory product that is available for purchase with the Dipper is the DipWhip. The DipWhip attachment allows you to connect the Dipper to a 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm glass piece or rig. You can choose your size at checkout. The DipWhip will be available to purchase as of March 15 2017 from the DipStick website. This attachment creates a safer environment by taking the torch out of the equation (how to dab without a rig) while still delivering the great qualities of a glass hit. Please contact us if you feel that you know of any new portable vapes that you think might be a contender for best dab pen.

Dipper Dap Vape Pen

Replacement parts for the Dipper Dab Pen are available from the official site. You are able to get packs of 2 or 5 replacement vapor tips for 14.99. Also available are replacement quartz crystal atomizers which you can purchase is packs of 1 or 3. The quartz crystal atomizers start at 9.99. These are very respectable prices for replacement parts for the Dipper. You can get replacement tips and atomizers for the dipper if you happen to use yours enough that it begins to wear down.

The original 'Dip Stick' is still available as well for a sale price of $99. This original model does not work as an oven packing dab pen but it is still a fun dip only vape. The original is the reason behind the success of this new model. If you already have an original Dip Stick vape you can get all your replacement parts on their site as well. The Dip Stick air flow tube is only $8, a pair of batteries are $15, original charger is $19, the dip stick cover is $15, and the original vapor tip for the first model is $15. As you can see the original dab pen for DipStick vapes had many more replaceable parts and external batteries. The newer model is much easier to maintain, is made from better materials, has a rechargeable built in battery, and is more compact.

If you fancy yourself some swag gear from DipStick vapes you are in luck - the company has two variations of a hat/cap with the Dip logo on it, and a t-shirt with the logo as well.

Some info about DipStick Vapes

The company is making it its mission to have superior customer service and be one of the premium quality device manufacturers and innovators in the world of portable vaporizers. The company was originally launched in 2014 from Houston, TX the company has since re-branded itself as Dipstick Vapes (DSV). The company has offices in Houston along with a brand new administrative location in Denver, CO.

If you get yourself the dipper (dubbed as the best dab pen available today) you may still require other devices depending on what your intentions are. If you don't already have a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and liquid concentrates we have a number of review articles on the industries best and newest devices. Notably the DaVinci, PAX 3, and newly released Hydrology 9 are all devices worth a closer look.

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Dipper Dab Pen

Dipper Dab Pen










          • Dual Function
          • Innovative
          • Portability
          • Reasonable Price


          • Only 2 Color Options
          • May Need to Replace Parts More Frequently Than Other Vapes (The Tips)
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          Firefly 2 - Nature

          Use coupon code SMOOTH and get a free zipper carrying case with the new Firefly 2 vaporizer. Firefly has also just released two new nature inspired designs - Zebra and Oak. The Firefly 2 is designed for both dry herbs and concentrates. Read more or Buy.

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