PAX 3 - Best Vape 2017

The PAX 3 works with both dry herbs and concentrates. The new PAX vape includes software that allows it to connect to your cell phone or other smart device for things like temperature control. Backed with a 10 year warranty this is rated the top vaporizer for 2017.

Most Discreet Vape Pen That Looks Like a Pen

Portable vape pens come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.. but very few actually look like the name itself implies. If you are looking for a vape pen that looks like a pen and even writes like a normal pen we have found a few options that may spark interest to you. In today's society it is not really necessary to hide the fact that you are vaping dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquids, but for those of you who are looking to do so we have found a few of the most discreet products available.

Vape Pen That Looks Like a Pen and Writes

A fairly new vaporizer that has just come to market in 2017 is the VaePlume vape pen. The VaePlume vape pen looks like a pen and functions like one as well. If you were to bust out this pen in public no one would assume otherwise. You can sign a note or let someone take your device and write something that they need to write and they will think nothing of it. As you can see from the image to belowthe VaePlume Vape Pen looks just like a typical office pen.

Vape pen that looks like a pen

Adding the functionality of a writing device with your portable vaporizer can actually be quite handy.. especially if you are the type of person or are in a job that requires you to have a pen to write with. The dual functionality means that you can travel lighter. You can leave your actual writing item at home and carry just one device. An important thing to remember is that if you let someone use your vape pen that you get it back. Pens and lighters often suffer the same fate and end up in the pockets of another person. This would be the end of your discrete plan if your boss our client finds this device in their pocket and ends up taking it apart when it runs out of ink to try and refill it. Most people would be thrilled to find out they have somehow inherited a vaping device, but you wouldn't want to take that risk.

The VaePlume vaporizer is a vape pen that looks like a pen on purpose and is not so much a show boating device. Unlike some portable vaporizers such as the PAX 3 which deliver a premium sophisticated vaping image, the VaePlume is very simple and to the point. It can spark conversation among other vape users and your inner circle, but outside of that it is something no one will pay any attention to.

The patent-pending technology for the VaePlume is designed to fit the standard 510 thread 0.5ml and 0.75ml cartridges. The elements that make up the VaePlume are easy to maintain and keep clean. You can grab one of these discreet vape pens that look like a pen here.

Grasshopper - Vape Pen That Looks Like a Pen

Another portable vaporizer that you can buy that looks like an actual pen is the grasshopper vaping device. This vape pen that looks like a pen does not actually write like the VaePlume discussed above. The Grasshopper portable vaporizer is however a much more durable and premium device. This company means business and has created one of the most elegant and tough portable vapes ever made. This unit comes with a life time warranty and is made with some pretty serious materials. The company behind Grasshopper is a team that has backgrounds in aerospace engineering and the goal to create one of the best vape pens on the market.

The portable vapes from Grasshopper are made with an ergonomic design, created from 95 percent metal construction, are very easy to use. A life-time warranty is an impressive touch and shows just how confident the team at Grasshopper is with their creation.

The metal materials that Grasshopper devices are made with are stainless steel or titanium. This is the reason the Grasshopper is able to offer a lifetime warranty. Other companies that mass produce portable vaping devices make their products from much cheaper materials such as plastic and aluminum. The temp control button/dial is in the place where the pen in/out button normally would go. The temperature controls are very precise and allows you to adjust the temp anywhere from 130°C-210°C.

The Grasshopper Color model is made with anodized titanium on its outer layer that provides a vibrant color coating. The colors being offered are as followed - Bronze, Purple, Blue, Dark Grey, and Green. Also available for purchase is a Stainless Steel Edition.

You can get your vape pen that looks like a pen here

PAX 3 - Best Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

Get more out of your vape pen! With the PAX 3 you can optimize your device with the free app, control temperature more precisely, get a smooth hit, and worry less with the 10 year industry leading warranty.


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