PAX 3 - Best Vape 2017

The PAX 3 works with both dry herbs and concentrates. The new PAX vape includes software that allows it to connect to your cell phone or other smart device for things like temperature control. Backed with a 10 year warranty this is rated the top vaporizer for 2017.

Dry Herb Vape Pen – Best Portable Loose Leaf Vaporizers

What is a dry herb vape pen? Dry herb vaporizer pens are portable vaporizing devices that are capable of vaping dry leaf materials. Some dry herb vape pens will be able to vape more than one type of material and depending on your needs this may be a requirement of your purchase. What makes a good dry herb vape pen? A dry herb vape pen should be one made from durable and safe materials, one that has a long lasting and quick charging battery, worth the amount you pay for it and holds its value. Here we show you the best dry herb vape pens that meet these criteria below. Portable vaporizers are a great way to take your medical herbs while living a more active lifestye. There are a lot of different companies making portable dry herb vape pen devices. Some are in the industry to make a quick buck, while others are very passionalte about the products that they make. A few good examples of the best dry herb vape pen devices are the PAX 3, Grasshopper Titanium, DaVinci IQ, and the Atmos Boss.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen 2017 Options

Comparison chart between the PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ:

Below you will find a side by side of two of the most popular and advanced portable vaporizers on the market. Both are priced in the same ball park and are considered to be premium portable vaporizers that are back by lengthy warranties.

Dry herb vape pen PAX 3


Dry herb /Concentrate

DaVinci Dry Herb Vape Pen

DaVinci IQ

Dry herb

Overall Rating:



Price tag:




10 Year

10 Year




Heating Method:



Vapor Path:

Stainless Steel

Ceramic Zirconia


Internal Li-Ion/No

Internal Li-Ion/Yes

Battery Cycle:

Very Excellent


Recharge Time:

100 minutes

240 minutes

Oven Size:

.3 grams

.3 grams


90 grams

145 grams

Temperature Options:

4 with 1 custom

Full with Smart Paths

Heat up time:

Fast 15 Seconds

Buy PAX 3

45 Seconds

Buy DaVinci IQ

Best dry herb vape pen

In 2016 one company entered the market and made some pretty big waves. Taking one of the top spots in the dry herb vape pen market is the company Grasshopper (seen in the image above). Grasshopper makes premium devices and offers an unbeatable life time warranty. If you are looking for one of the most stylish and discrete vape pens that actually looks like a pen, this will be the one for you. Read more on the Grasshopper Vaporizer Review here.

Whats the best herb for my portable dry herb vaporizer?

When you have one of the best dry herb vape pens, you need to know how to use it and need to know what the right type of cannabis is for you. Depending on the type of effect that you're hoping to get, choosing the right type of cannabis is crucial. Choosing the wrong type of cannabis can ruin your experience and perhaps turn you off of cannabis when in fact the right type would have helped you in many aspects of life. To learn more about what types of cannabis there are and what one is right for you. read our article on Whats the best herb for my portable dry herb vaporizer.

What is a Cannabis Vaporizer?

Vaporizers were initially humidifying devices that had therapeutic traits, but thanks to the weed legalization laws and positive changes in the general opinion on marijuana we now have a cannabis vaporizer that comes in many different forms. As the name itself suggests, a cannabis vaporizer is an electronic device designed to enable you to vaporize marijuana. Continue reading What is a Cannabis Vaporizer here.

What are the benefits of using a Cannabis Vaporizer?

Vaporizing has many long-term health benefits since it eliminates tar and carcinogens by heating cannabis at lower temperatures than combustion. Using a cannabis vaporizer can help you taste the flavor better, but it also gets you very high. Another very noticeable advantage is the fact that most cannabis vaporizers are very discreet and don’t emit such a strong smell. They also produce less visible smoke. Getting a good dry herb vape pen is important when trying to achieve these benefits. A good vape pen will also save you money in the long run since it will optimize the amount of herb you use, and will also allow you to re-use the herb you use for things like making edibles. For more information continue reading the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer article.

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PAX 3 - Best Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

Get more out of your vape pen! With the PAX 3 you can optimize your device with the free app, control temperature more precisely, get a smooth hit, and worry less with the 10 year industry leading warranty.


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