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PAX 4 Vaporizer Review


With the PAX 1, 2 and 3 all being such big successes, many vape critics and enthusiasts are very interested in the mention and release of the next PAX vaporizer. We are very interested in what PAX will bring to market next, here we will do a bit of speculating on what new features and specifications will be on the next model of the PAX vaporizer. The PAX 4 vaporizer, or what ever model and name it will go by will be a definite head turner (for simplicity we are going to call the next PAX vaporizer the PAX 4 for simplicity in this article). The PAX 4 vaporizer we expect to be another top of the line premium device, that has upgraded smart features and delivers a cooler smoother more efficient hit. You can visit the official PAX website here.

PAX 4 Vaporizer Review - Speculations

What the Press Had to Say About the PAX 3

PAX is one of the most recognizable brands in the vaporizer industry. PAX has continued to bring to market a device that people are willing to pay top dollar for. With the last few years being such huge successes for PAX and even more so in 2016 and 2017 we areexcited to see what the PAX 4 vaporizer will include. Here are a few mentions in the press related to PAX:

  • Gizmodo - "Its like smoking in the future" - portraying how the image and style that PAX has been able to boost has created an innovative and futuristic device.
  • BroBible - "The PERFECT Gift!" - portraying how the PAX brand has created a top of the line product that every cannabis user would love to have. A product that is appealing and helps to improve your health in relation to combustion methods of smoking.
  • Engadget - "The PAX 2 vaporizer makes the predecessor look half baked" - portraying how PAX has continuously evolved their product with each new model. From the PAX 1 to the PAX 2 to the PAX 3, and will continue to do so with the PAX 4 vaporizer.
  • Forbes - "The PAX 3 is like the heated seat in your midsize sedan" - Portraying that the PAX 3 is a affordable yet luxurious product. The PAX 4 vaporizer will hopefully be another device that is well worth its ticket price.

The PAX 4 Vaporizer will Look to Build Upon the PAX 3

Lets quickly touch on the PAX 3 so we can narrow in and take a few educated guesses on what to expect with the PAX 4 Vaporizer. The PAX 3 is a relatively speedy unit that heats up quickly. It is designed to vape both dry herbs and concentrates. It is made with materials and a design that delivers consistent vapor quality. In comparison to the PAX 2 the PAX 3 consists of a much stronger battery and much faster heat up time. The PAX 3 has a smart app that has customizable temperature settings, a fast charge time, and a strong battery. One feature that so many people really enjoy about the PAX 3 is that its very easy to use and feels natural to hold in your hand.

If history continues to repeat itself we can speculate that the PAX 4 vaporizer will contain an even stronger and longer lasting battery. The next model in the line of PAX portable vaporizers will likely have a more powerful computer processor and give the device more accurate readings of what the user is doing with the device. New portable vaporizers are being designed with multiple types of users in mind, with the cannabis industry merging more closely with healthcare, we are seeing more medical patients using vaporizers for micro dosing. Because of this the new PAX vaporizer could be designed to better help the user monitor their sessions.

The new PAX 4 vaporizer could also be designed in a way that is uses convection heating opposed to conduction heating. If the style of how the device heats your material changes this may result in a new design of the outer casing. A growing niche in the cannabis industry is related to cannabidiol (CBD), which may be something that the new PAX vaporizer caters to aswell. Lastly, something else that a new PAX 4 vaporizer could possibly be designed to work with is e-Liquids. Yes PAX has the era and the era pods, but a complete vaporizer that is able to work with all mediums you may wish to vape could make traveling around lighter. A PAX 3 in 1 vaporizer is a good guess for what we could expect with the PAX 4 vape.

For now we will have to wait and see what PAX brings to market. If you don't feel like waiting for the next model (which has not been announced) the PAX 3 is relatively new and is rated by many as one of the top portable vaporizers. You can visit the PAX official site here.


A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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