A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.

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New G Pen Elite Vaporizer – High Quality Great Price

The G Pen Elite - A portable dry herb vaporizer that is made with quality components that costs a fraction of the competition to buy. The G Pen is made by Grenco Science, a company that is known for making quality affordable products and working with some of the industries top celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. We have an article more directed towards the collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa that you can read, but for this article we will be focusing on the G Pen Elite. Grenco Science has a wide selection of portable vaping devices that span across all niches of vaping. If you are looking for one of the top concentrate, liquid or dry herb devices for a great price Grenco Science has you covered.

G Pen Elite - Visit Official Site Here

New G Pen Elite Vaporizer

If you are looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer that is super easy to use, with not many parts that can get broken or go wrong, the G Pen Elite vaporizer falls into this category. The G Pen Elite really only has 2 parts that you need to worry about, the device base and the mouthpiece. The device base or main part has a temperature and battery display screen that is actually in a pretty practical location, right by the base of the unit. Also on the main part of the vaporizer is a USB connection that you can use to charge the device, and lastly a power button.

The mouthpiece is the second part of the vaporizer which doubles as an oven lid and air path. The G Pen Elite has a very comfortable mouthpiece that feels a bit nicer than other vape designs. Getting the mouthpiece of can be a bit tricky for the first few times you use the device, but really you just have to get used to it - to take off the mouthpiece you simply push it forward to create a bit of a crease underneath then you can use your fingernails to tug it off.

Using the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

To use your G Pen Elite you will need to first make sure it is charged and you will need to put some ground up herbs in the oven. A good amount of herb to put in your oven is about .25g maybe .35 if you want to go on the heavier side. This amount of herb will give it some breathable room to vape more consistently. Now that you have the oven packed and the device is charged you can proceed to clicking the power button found on the face of the device 5 times to turn it on. When you press the power button 5 times the device will enter into stand by mode. If you would like to choose the temperature before it starts heating up you can use the other two buttons located on the side of the vaporizer. To start heating up the G Pen Elite you press and hold the power button for a second or two. The device will heat up pretty quickly - in about 30 seconds, than you can begin to draw from it. The first hit will help to circulate the air through your herbs, in between your draws you should wait 10 to 15 seconds to allow the oven to get hot hot again, since as you pull air through it you are cooling it down kinda like a temperature tug of war.

The draw resistance on the G Pen Elite is not to bad, you don't have to inhale to hard compared to some vapes. If you notice the draw resistance getting a bit tougher with use than it means you need to clean out the mouthpiece as the air filter can get a bit clogged. Each session with the G Pen Elite with a descent size packing will get you about 10 draws maybe a few more on lower temperatures.

Portability and Battery of the G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a compact portable vaporizer, when you first look at the device with nothing to compare its size to you would think that it is quite a bit larger than what it is in real life. The G Pen Elite kinda looks like a smaller shaver/groomer and also how you charge it through the bottom resembles a shaver as well. The size of the G Pen Elite is actually pretty close to that of the PAX 3 and overall surface space seems to be about equal. The battery life will get you about 1 hour of usage time and takes couple hours to charge.

Where to Get the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Overall the build quality and performance of the G Pen Elite is above average and really quite impressive for the cost of the unit. Last checked the price to get a G Pen Elite was under $150 which makes this one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers for its price. To learn more or to pickup a G Pen Elite for yourself you can head over to the official Grenco Science G Pen website here.

G Pen Elite - Visit Official Site Here

Arizer Solo 2 – Powerful Portable Vaporizer

The long awaited upgrade to one of the best portable vaporizers has recently been released. The Arizer Solo 2 is the follow up to the Arizer Solo and the Arizer Solo NE. The Arizer Solo vaporizers are known for delivering flavorful draws and having very long lasting battery life. The Arizer Solo 2 is a solid upgrade from the first version and we will touch on all the new aspects of the device in our review here today.

New Upgrades to the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

In relation to the original Arizer Solo the new model is greener in an economical sense and uses a smaller carbon foot print. The new Arizer Solo 2 has a display screen that shows you the remaining battery life of the charge and also displays the devices current temperature. The Arizer Solo 2 has a stronger battery that lasts longer and charges quicker than the original. IThe temperate controls have been improved and now can be controlled through 1 degree temperature adjust-ability.

Arizer Solo 2 Size Comparison to Other Top Portable Vaporizers

The Arizer 2 Solo is a bit smaller than the first model but having said that it is still a pretty large portable device. By no means is it as compact as the PAX 3, Firefly 2, or DaVinci IQ. It is actually more comparable in size to the new Hydrology 9 water vaporizer. The larger size can be attributed to the powerful battery that the Arizer Solo 2 includes.

In the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Package

In the box when you get your Arizer Solo 2 you will find a package of lavender which you use with the aroma cup and can use the device for enhancing a rooms smell and also for aromatherapy purposes. Also in the box you will find a package of screens that you will want to use if you don't want to get any material shooting into your mouth. The Arizer Solo 2 comes with 2 different size mouthpieces, a shorter one and a longer one. The longer mouthpiece gives the vapor a bit more time to cool down before entering your mouth. When ordering the Arizer Solo 2 you are able to choose your plug style, the options available are Australia, Europe, North American and United Kingdom. In the package you get some stem caps and a carrying case for the device and its accessories.

Loading the Arizer 2 Solo

To load the Arizer 2 Solo you can simply grab one of your stems (mouthpieces) and like you would with a one hitter just twist it into some ground up herb. You don't necassarily need to grind up your herb with the Arizer Solo 2, you can actually just stick a nug in it and vape away. But what grinding your herb will do is help to produce more vapor as its looser and more surface area of your herb is getting heated. If you stick a full nug in and vape that way you will get a bit more flavor.

Starting and Using the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

To power on the Arizer 2 Solo you will need to hold down the top side of the ring button and the center button at the same time. You will see a count down for the length of time you need to hold these two buttons for (3 seconds). One the countdown reaches 0 the device will display hello with a happy face letting you know that it has turned on successfully.

Once the Arizer 2 Solo is on you can adjust the temperature by tapping or holding the upper side and lower side of the ring button around the power button. Holding the ring button down will jump through the temperature faster while tapping it will allow you to increase and decrease the temperature by single digits. When you have chosen your desired temperature, the device will be working to reach that temperature, it may take about a minute to reach your desired temperature when starting from the off position or 20 to 30 seconds if you are changing it while on. To start vaping you just need to place the mouthpiece into the oven slot and begin to inhale. You are able to set the automatic shut off time to a longer or shorter default setting, the factory default is set to 10 minutes. You can also power the Arizer Solo 2 off be holding the center button for 3 seconds.

Arizer 2 Solo Draw Resistant

The mouthpiece stems that work with the Arizer 2 Solo are pretty wide, its like your vaping through the big slurpee straws you'd get at 7 eleven. The larger airflow mouthpiece means you can get big hits, once your material starts to get a bit warmer and starts to heat up your draws will get easier to pull. The draw resistance in comparison to the Arizer original is much improved and feel more natural with this unit.

Arizer 2 Solo Cleaning and Maintenance

The Arizer 2 Solo is a very easy device to maintain, because your herb simply sits in the mouthpiece the device doesn't really get dirty at all. The most that would happen is a few remnants of your herb land in the oven and you just tip the unit upside down and tap it out. To clean the stems (mouthpiece) you can rinse them off or your best option is to use isopropyl alcohol.

Arizer 2 Solo Battery

The Arizer Solo 2 has a big built in battery that lasts a long time. One of the most praised features of the Arizer Solo original was the strong battery that it supported. The Arizer Solo 2 has made improvements on an already great feature. You are able to get upwards of 200 minutes of use from the Arizer which equals 20 ten minutes sessions. The time it takes to charge the Solo 2 is a bit longer than your typical portable vaporizer but for the length of time it will last once fully charged is worth the wait. As mentioned earlier the Arizer cannot be charged via USB and must use a wall type outlet.

Arizer Solo 2 Build Quality and Durability

Arizer is known for making top quality devices. The Arizer Solo original, the Arizer V Tower, the Arizer Extreme Q, and the Arizer Air are all very well made products that you don't hear to many customers talking about defective or easily breakable products.

To learn more about Arizer or to purchase one of their products you can visit their official website here.

How much is the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer?

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review – Portable Water Vaporizer

Coming from the company Cloudious9 is a new type of portable water vaporizer for dry herbs called the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer. The design of this product is very sleek and gives off a powerful vibe (shown in the image below). This product has just been released to the public. As of May 15 2017 the shop section has been activated for the Hydrology9. We predict that this device will be a big hit in the world of portable vaporizers. With a water filtration system built inside the unit itself, the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer is expected to be one of the smoothest hitting vapes on the market. Continue reading below for our hydrology 9 vaporizer review, you can also watch a short video related to this device lower on this page.

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Water Vaporizer

When you plan on spending $250 of your hard earned money you expect to get a top of the line product. With the Hydrology 9 you will get just that, Cloudious9 has payed "painstaking attention to detail" and has worked very hard to manufacture a premium product that will exceed customers expectations. The Hydrology9 has been featured in number of the top cannabis and tech blogs including NowThis, Maxim, and Forbes.

Hydrology 9 Carring Bar Leather Case

If you are an active person who will be carrying the new Hydrology9 smart vaporizer around with you and don't want to be worried about it knocking around and possibly breaking in your bag, the leather carrying case is a good extra accessory to get.

Many people are turning to portable vaporizers for the added health benefits that smoking using a flame cannot provide. By not using combustion a portable vaporizer like the hydrology 9 is removing the tar and carcinogens that would typically be inhaled when smoking with a substance that has been caught on fire. The hydrology 9 heats material at a temperature that is lower than combustion and then sends the vapor through water for additional filtering. If your looking for one of the cleanest hitting devices on the market you may want to give the Hydrology 9 vaporizer a try.

Portable Water Vaporizer

Latest News - Hydrology9 Easter Eggs

  • Hydrology9 PARTY MODE – Cloudious9 has just announced that they have a few easter eggs that were previously unknown. They have listened to feedback from customers and critics and have taken the requests to heart. When people first saw that the device lit up with cool LED lights, some people mentioned that it would be cool to have a party mode, and a lava lamp mode for cool room decor. The Hydrology9 gives a fast flashing light show in the water chamber. The device will continuously heat for 10 mins on this party mode.
  • Hydrology9 LAVA LAMP MODE – The Hydrology9 portable water vaporizer delivers a slow rotation of LED colour lights. If your a fan of using lights to create a cool room atmosphere then you will love the Hydrology9.
  • Hydrology9 LARGER AIRFLOW – The air vent was updated and some adjustments were made on the stir base to improve the airflow of Hydrology9. You will be able to get a more effortless air flow with smoother inhalation.
  • Hydrology9 UPDATED CLEANING KIT - For the users benefit a new pick to clean the residue is now included in the cleaning kit.
Hydrology9 Fish Tank or Vaporizer

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Components

Hydrology 9 Vape Review

Lets go over the components that make up this gem of a product.

  • Cover - A magnetic mouth piece cover to protect against dust and other airborne materials.
  • Mouthpiece - Detachable glass wide mouthpiece with an anti leak liquid valve. Easy to clean, built for comfort, made from borosilicate glass.
  • Body - Space craft grade aluminum alloy that is anti-rust. 360 degree anti leak design, with borosilicate glass body.
  • Water filtration (patent pending) - Built in tunnel tube water filtering system that delivers a smoother and cleaner hit than other industry leading portable vaporizers. The water allow for the vapor to enter your body nice and cold. You can put in icy water to amplify this affect.
  • LED Light Indicators - Inside the water chamber to help inform you and guide you through each hit. This feature enhances your experience while using or simply watching the device in action.
  • Computer Chip - Designed with smart technology to maintain your desired temperature level.
  • Even Heat Distribution - The oven compartment where you load your dry herb has a special attachment that allows you to stir up and refresh how the material is sitting in the device. This helps to optimize your material and get the most out of each load.
  • Temperature Control - The Hydrology 9 Vape has built in 5 temperatures. Utilizing these 5 temperatures with the temperature of water gives you room to play in taste and cloud.

Visit Official Site / Purchase Here

Hydrology 9 Portable Water Vaporizer

The futuristic design of the Hydrology 9 makes it an instant head turner. If your looking for additional portable vaporizers to add to your collection - this should be one of them. The Hydrology 9 is a good looking device that includes the element of water, something not found in many other devices. This is a premium device and is kind of like getting an expensive pipe or piece of glass work. The Hydrology 9 looks to be a fun device to bring to the beach or on short hike.

Portable Water Vaporizer Hydrology 9

What you get in the Package:

  • The unit itself (hydrology 9 portable water vaporizer)
  • AC adapter and charging cable
  • Extra mouthpiece ring made of silicon
  • Tool kit containing 1 long brush, 1 short cleaning brush, 1 air intake adjustment and cleaning chamber tool
  • User manual

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions - 45mm x 175mm
  • Battery - 2000mAH Lithium Polymer that lasts 15 sessions. Takes 2-3 hours to charge. Reaches optimal heat at about 60 seconds.
  • Chamber Dimensions - 18mm x 10mm

Visit Official Site / Purchase Here

Manufacturer info

A bit of information on Cloudious9 the manufacturer of the Hydrology 9 Portable Water Vaporizer. Cloudious9 is located in Silicon Valley in California, USA. They are a new and innovative organization that uses cutting edge technology to create sophisticated and quality products. There main goal is to deliver the ultimate user experience. They aim to develop innovative products and are proving to do so right from the start with the Hydrology 9 Vape Bong.

Hydrology9 taken a part

The Hydrology Vaporizer is easy to keep clean, but is considered a high maintenance device. As you can see from the image above you are able to take most pieces apart very easy to maintain. This is important and very useful, as you are aware some water bongs can get pretty nasty after a few uses and especially if you leave the used water sit in a bong for an extended period of time. It is wise to drain it and let it dry between uses. To drain it all you have to do is twist the cap off and dump the water out. Every few days maybe give it a wipe down if your using it. This is a device that you will want to keep in good condition.

Hyrdology 9 Portable Water Filter Vaporizer

The Hydrology 9 portable water vaporizer is a bit smaller than you may think. The image above gives a better indication of the actual size. The device is more portable than originally thought. The team at Cloudious 9 has done a good job at packing all the necessary components into a compact design.

Cloudious9 Hydrology9

With not much effort the Hydrology9 is able to bubble and transfer the vapor from the bottom of the device through the water up to the mouth piece and into your mouth. The hits are very clean, and you can make them chilled by adding colder water.

Visit Official Site / Purchase Here

Hydrology9 - How to Use, Questions and User Guide

How do you assemble and disassemble the Hydrology9?

How long does a charge last on the Hydrology9 and what do the lights indicate?

How do you load the Hydrology9?

How do you turn on lava lamp light effect mode on the Hydrology9?

How full should you pack the oven on the Hydrology9?

How much water should you put in the Hydrology9?

What is the warranty on the Hydrology9?

Where do you get replacement parts if you break something?

Do you need to charge the Hydrology9 when you first get it?

Can you use the Hydrology9 when it is plugged in and charging?

Does the Hydrology9 have an automatic shutoff?

What should you not do to the Hydrology9

Are There Any Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 Coupon Codes

Currently there is just one coupon code available for the Hydrology9 Vaporizer. If you are one of the first 500 customers following the initial launch on May 15 2017 you can use coupon code '500freecase'. The Hydrology 9 has just been released and is a very high in demand product. We imagine coupon codes will not be released until the initial hype simmers down a bit. If you are looking for a Hydrology 9 coupon code you will need to wait. How much you will be able to save and how long you will need to wait is undetermined.

Hydrology9 Portable Water Vaporizer

Where Can I Get a Hydrology 9

The official site has activated the shop section where you can now make your purchase (May 15 2017 at 12:01am Eastern Standard Time is the Hydrology 9 Release Date). Thanks for reading our initial Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review. You will be able to get a Hydrology 9 from the manufactures site here.

Visit Official Site / Purchase Here

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Difference Between Vape Pen and Hookah Pen

Many people are unaware of the difference between vape pen and a hookah pen. A vape pen or portable vaporizer is generally the term used for a cannabis vaporizer, whether it be to vape dry herb, wax or liquid. A hookah pen is the term used to describe something similar to an e-cig. Hookah pens can be enjoyed with or without nicotine and are popular for the easy to use flavor enjoyment.

Difference Between Vape Pen and Hookah Pen

A Vaporizer pen whether it be used with cannabis, tobacco, herbs or liquids are under constant use. Because they are under a high degree of use a vaporizer pen must be durable and well maintained, with parts getting worn and perhaps needing replaced, the material you choose to use such as cannabis and nicotine or e-liquids need to be re-stocked. A hookah pen is more designed to be used for recreational outings and even in social happenings. As a hookah pen is not under constant use in the same degree that an vape pen is, there is usually no need to worry about replacing its components. A hookah pen can be completely disposable, and as soon as it runs out of juice, it can be thrown away. In recent years we are now seeing more premium hookah pens that can be reused more similar to that of a vape pen. In this sense a vape pen can encompass all sorts and styles of vaping.

Difference Between Vape Pen and Hookah Pen

Another main difference between vape pen and hookah pen is the disposable nature of a hookah pen combined with the lack of tobacco/nicotine means they are a great deal cheaper than e-cigs.

In the case of disposable hookah pens vs the traditional vape pen, a difference is in the way that they operate. Vape pens will come with either one button to turn on when you want the device to heat up, or also can have multiple temperature settings, while a disposable hookah pen may have no such button and be activated through the suction of the user. This makes disposable hookah pens a great choice when going on something like an extended camping trip where electricity/power is scarce.

In comparison of a hookah pen and a traditional desktop hookah, there is also a difference. Desktop hookahs are considered to be luxury premium items. It can take a user up to 5 to 15 minutes or so to prepare it, while a hookah pen is ready on demand. The desktop hookah can last for many hours though at a time. Desktop hookahs are also designed to be used with shisha and tobacco while disposable hookah pens are typically not.

Hookah pens are similar to e-cigs and e-cigs are the modern day hookah pen. Since e-cigs can be used with or without tobacco/nicotine they have taken a large part of the market from the pen hookah market. However due to the long lasting nature of a hookah pen, the many different flavors, the usability without power, and the more open age range due to not containing nicotine typically the hookah pen is still a very popular item.

Thank you for reading our article on the difference between vape pen and hookah pen. If you found this article helpful please continue browsing. We have many posts on new and innovative devices being released to the portable vaporizer market.

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A new liquid filtration vaporizer is now available. Coming from Cloudious9 is a smooth clean hitting water vaporizer. The Hydrology9 is the hottest selling portable vaporizer right now.


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