PAX 3 - Best Vape 2017

The PAX 3 works with both dry herbs and concentrates. The new PAX vape includes software that allows it to connect to your cell phone or other smart device for things like temperature control. Backed with a 10 year warranty this is rated the top vaporizer for 2017.

How Vape Pens Help Medical Marijuana Users

It wasn't too long ago that medical marijuana users had to either toke up in their homes or try and be extremely discrete while out in public. It was not looked upon as a very ethical thing to do even if you were minding your own business and taking the medicine that a certified doctor had prescribed you. If you were seen anywhere in public, at a park, at a soccer game, walking down the street, and someone walked by and saw or even smelled the cannabis from a distance they would look poorly upon you. You would be immediately associated with that of a 'hippie' or 'druggie'. This stigmatism is not as bad as it once was and is becoming more acceptable wth time amongst non-cannabis users. People are becoming more aware that marijuana can be used to help treat a wide variety of medical illnesses and diseases.

Medical Marijuana Users

Medical Marijuana Users - How They Help

Vaporizers have been around for a while now but in the beginning were mainly only available for home use and were fairly expensive. In the last few years, vaporizers have taken a leap forward in size, price, quality, and innovation. Portable vaporizers have been introduced and continue to become more and more popular. A portable vaporizer is a device that heats up dry leaf or a concentrate such as oil at a temperature that is not quite as hot as combustion (fire) to extract the medical or therapeutic properties contained in the material being vaporized. By heating material such as dry herbs and concentrates at a lower temperature, the amount of tar and carcinogens that are created are minimalized. Without this tar, carcinogens, the flame and the big puff of smoke, a portable vaporizer helps to create a discrete session that allows you to take your medicine in more places and at a time that fits your lifestyle.

Does a vaporizer deliver my medicine strong enough?

You don't have to worry about not being able to achieve the same affects if you switch to a portable vaporizer. A vaporizer is designed to optimize your sessions and deliver you a smooth, flavorful, consistent dose of the material that you pack it with. The Concentrates typically meant for vaporizer pens are created by extracting THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from cannabis with water, transferring it something such as a butter, or refining it into BHO (butane hash oil). Additionally, you can refine cannabis extracts a step farther and turn it into a wax or an amber-like solid called shatter. All of these can be placed into a vaporizer and used to deliver medicine. Keep in mind that some of these are a great deal stronger than the typical dry leaf herbs. You should only be taking these if prescribed by your doctor or if they are legal in your area. Medical Marijuana Users are using these devices in order to take their medicine.

Concerns with Vape Pens and Medical Marijuana

BHO - Butane Hash Oil, is a big part of the discussion relating to concerns with medical marijuana and vape pens in general. BHO is made using butane.. as the name clearly implies. Butane is lighter fluid, and this is the very thing that using a vaporizer is designed to solve. When creating BHO, butane is used to extract the THC from cannabis, which can be a dangerous step and when done on large scales can create explosions and fires making it unsafe for the person doing it and anyone in or around the building they are doing their 'work' in. Not only is this a bad look for the medical marijuana industry as it seems to be taking on a bit of the 'meth' characteristics but if BHO is not made correctly it can contain harmful toxins.

Another major concern with the increasingly discrete method that is vaping, along with the stronger materials being vaporized.. is the use of drugs by minors. Vaporizers make smoking marijuana harder to notice, both because they come in many shapes and sizes, the amount of smoke is small and the smell is virtually non-existent. It has become much easier for young adults/minors to get away with smoking marijuana in places such as school grounds, parks, and even in the hallways of public places. This is by far the biggest downfall of the vaporizer industry. On one hand, it is great that medical marijuana users of legal age, are able to use them in more places and when they need to, but its sad to see that more youngsters are doing the same.

It's no surprise that many places that have made medical marijuana legal and decriminalized for recreational use, have shut their doors to the allowance of concentrates under the same medical marijuana laws. Some cities are encouraging their dispensaries to stop selling concentrates. Even with the negative look on BHO the concentrate continues to grow in popularity. Like any potent substance, its how its users use it and like most substances it can be used safely in small doses or abused if taken in large quantities or taken too often. Telling people to stop using concentrates is not an option, that's the same thing as telling people they can't drink hard alcohol. The smartest thing to do is to regulate it and help to ensure that concentrates are done safely.

Medical Marijuana Users - If you're of legal age and have a medical marijuana prescription - get yourself a portable vape here.

Medical Marijuana Users - When the general public is asked how they are affected by people who smoke medical marijuana the responses are far more positive than that of alcohol. Marijuana users are still in control of their actions, keep to themselves, and seem happy. In conclusion, if you are a medical marijuana user it is a smart idea to get yourself a portable vaporizer as it is a respectful device and does not intrude on those around you. You shouldn't feel embarrassed or think that people are looking down on you, the tides are changing and people are aware that this is a type of medicine that is helping you cope with your day. SHop from the best vape pens of 2017 here

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PAX 3 - Best Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape

Get more out of your vape pen! With the PAX 3 you can optimize your device with the free app, control temperature more precisely, get a smooth hit, and worry less with the 10 year industry leading warranty.

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