August 27, 2020

15 Fun Vaping and E-Liquid Bloggers You Need To Follow!

15 Fun Vaping and E-Liquid Bloggers

15 Up-and-Coming E-Liquid Bloggers You Need to Watch 

Vaping is one of the world’s favorite pastimes. The vaping community is massive, and there are millions of vaping enthusiasts all across the globe. All of these share their love for vaping, and most have a keen interest in it.

That means that there are many different vaping vloggers and bloggers – all of which provide their unique twist on vaping itself. Some center their content around vape reviews, while others throw in a dash of humor – what ties all of them together is their love of vaping.

As vaping enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve decided to give you our top 15 on vaping YouTube channels you need to watch. Some are new, some old, some popular, some are bold – but all are informative, fun, and deserve your trusted vape monthly subscription!

Austin Lawrence, better known as vAustinL, is the world’s most popular vaping YouTuber. He provides a lot of content on vaping that spans reviews, skits, jokes – and is generally a respected name in the vaping world.

His content is digestible and for everyone – it’s very family-friendly. While it’s more catered towards younger people, seasoned vapers will have a blast watching Austin and his content.

IndoorSmokers is another vaping YouTuber, with a keen focus on reviews. You can find a multitude of pen reviews, e-liquid reviews, and get your daily dose of fun vaping content on this channel.

Chris, a seasoned vaping enthusiast, runs this channel. All of his videos are very knowledgeable, making his content ideal for more experienced vaping enthusiasts. 

Tia is the self-proclaimed Vaping Queen, and she sure does have a lot to offer. From vaping reviews, general vlogs, and even funny vaping videos – this is a channel for those who enjoy gorgeous women and voluptuous smoke!

Tia also has a second channel, where she focuses on vlogging material. 

The Dab Spot is one of the THC friendly communities’ favorite channels. It also has a lot of vaping, mukbang, and e-liquid content, so if you’re a THC friendly vaper, you’re sure to love it.

It’s run by the fun, bubbly, Danielle – who provides informative, fun, and engaging content.

Vape Lounge is a vaping YouTube channel with some interesting content. It has quite a history behind it and has uploaded videos since 2014. It is CBD friendly, and on it, you can find all kinds of content – catered to both experienced vapers and beginners alike. 

VapingWithThesis is a fun YouTube channel chock full of content. It’s mostly catered towards younger people. It features all kinds of vlogs, reviews, and even frequent live streams. 

It’s fun, young, and filled with colorful content – and the content is extremely informative!

Dean, the Vaping Biker, is one of the world’s most beloved vaping YouTubers. He combines knowledgeable reviews and professional insight with a captivating British accent, making his content some of the best.

If you’re into fun, informative, and educational videos, you’ll love the vaping biker. 

Richard Vick is a seasoned vaper, and his content reflects that. The content on this channel isn’t laid back, half-witted, or tired – it’s extremely well structured, informative, and his reviews are some of the most in-depth in the community. 

Completely unlike Richard Vick, The Vaping Bogan provides a ton of fun, exciting, and silly content. While the channel does have a lot of silly content, there is no knocking the fact that Vaping Bogan has received four different ECigClick Vape Awards for his reviews and content.

If you love serious reviews in a silly manner, you’ll love the vaping bogan. 

Robert Ellis is one of the most wholesome names in the vaping vlogger and blogger world. This channel is run by a smooth-voiced older gentleman that gives his insight into vaping, but also contains a lot of vlogs.

The content covers all sorts of vaping topics, reviews, and even personal experiences – it’s fun, hearty, and wholesome. 

Todds Reviews is an up and coming small vaping channel with an intricate focus on informative content. This channel has been producing content for eight years and is just now receiving the recognition it deserves.

While the production quality might not be sky-high, the content is fun, informative, and engaging. 

Zophie is the sweetheart of the online vaping world. She unboxes a lot of new vaping products, gives her honest opinion on them, and does it all on camera. While wrapped in a pretty and neat package, Zophie Reviews videos are chock full of vaping information.

 She also uploads very frequently, so you’ll never run out of content. 

Wendy Vapes is a relatively unknown vaping YouTube channel. Its gaining popularity by the day due to its engaging and informative review-style videos. You can find all kinds of pod reviews, e-liquid reviews, and even coil build tutorials on this channel. 

Wendy uploads new content and streams daily – so you’re guaranteed to have a fresh scoop each day!

DashVapes is one of the most popular Canadian vaping brands, and its YouTube channel is one of the best on this list. While not up and coming, this channel has some high-quality vaping content, ranging from reviews to short documentaries. 

RiP Trippers is one of the most popular vaping YouTube channels, and its host is one of the most influential people in the vaping community. On this channel, you can find educational content on vapes, vaping, and vape topics in general. 

Final Thoughts 

Some of these YouTubers are small – others have quite a significant following – but most of them have their respective blogs. Whether you’re looking for your next favorite vaping YouTuber or a simple blog to follow, these fantastic vapers have got you covered!

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