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Atmos MR50 Mod Battery Review – Small Vape Pen Mod

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AtmosRX is one of the large vaporizer and vape pen brands in North America that is becoming more popular on a global level. AtmosRX continues to bring to market quality products that can be purchase for competitive prices. The newest in the line of Atmos devices is the Atmos MR50 mod battery for use with vape pen tank systems. In this article we will review the MR50 battery and touch on its performance, price, quality, and features.

Atmos MR50 Mod Battery

Build Quality of the MR50 Atmos Battery Mod

The Atmos MR50 mod battery has a high build quality that is above average. The less than $50 price tag puts this in a medium price range but the overall quality of this mod is one of the better stand alone compact mods that we have seen. The MR50 battery has a scratch resistant housing made of stainless steel. The Atmos battery mod works with a variety of tanks and heating attachments.

Versatility and Features of the Atmos MR50 Battery Mod

The MR50 battery has a 1600 mAh capacity which is pretty powerful considering the small size of this mini battery mod. Wattage for this mod is variable between 2 and 8 volts and the wattage is from 7 watts to 50 watts.

Located on the bottom of the Atmos battery mod is an LCD screen which communicates a wide range of notifications and information. The LCD screen displays the current wattage, resistance, voltage, remaining battery life and numerous prompts, alerts, and notifications.

The MR50 battery uses the latest PCB update which is equipped with settings such as a lock feature and other battery protection features such as - short circuit protection, temperature protection features, and automatic power failure protection.

What Can You Use the MR50 Mod Battery With

The MR50 Atmos mod battery can be used for a wide range of tank systems. The mod uses a thread that is compatible with various dry herb tank systems, wax tank systems, and e-liquid tank systems. The Atmos battery mod uses a computer chip motherboard system that brings ease of use and a variety of functions to a small and sleek little battery mod.

Small Battery Mod Atmos
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