August 13, 2017

Basic Vaporizer – Simple Easy to Use Vaporizer

The portable vaporizer industry has exploded in size in the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Vaporizers for both marijuana and for nicotine are in high demand and the number of different devices for both these industries is growing at an unprecedented rate. Vaporizers range in price from under $100 vaporizers to $600 premium desktop vaporizers. Depending on your needs will dictate the device that's right for you. In this article we will touch on the best basic vaporizer devices that are simple and easy to use.

Basic Vaporizer Information

Vaporizer Basics

What is a Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device that heats up a material and turns it into vapor. A good vaporizer and the point of a vaporizer is to heat the material but to not burn or create combustion (set on fire). A vaporizer is said to be healthier because it does not create the chemical reaction that creates tar and carcinogens.

Types of Vaporizers

There are cannabis vaporizers and e-liquid vaporizers. Cannabis vaporizers are designed to vape either one or more of the mediums CBD and THC come in such as loose leaf vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers. E-liquid vaporizers usually come in the form of a battery mod and a tank system for the e-liquid.

As of recently some vaporizers are all encompassing and are able to do it all - these are known as 3 in 1 vaporizers. Please note - just because some vaporizers are more expensive, or some vaporizers are capable of vaping more materials than others does not mean they are superior. There is a lot that can be tinkered with to find the right formula for a device to be really good at something specific and when trying to make one device do to much it is often that it weakens the other aspects of it. Do your homework and read reviews on the different vaporizers and weigh the pros and cons with what it is your looking for.

Where to Buy a Vaporizer

Vaporizers may have not yet made it to the mainstream media or the big electronic stores as a promoted product but this does not mean they are hard to find. You just need to either make your purchase online or go to a specialized store for the type of vaporizer you are after. The best route to take is to make your purchase directly from a vaporizer manufacturer that has a good warranty. A good warranty should be at least one year if not more.

Its smart to get a vaporizer directly from an authorized dealer or manufacturer directly is due to the fact that there are many cheap vaporizers and fake replica's floating around that you don't want to buy. If you happen to find the vaporizer you are looking for when browsing this site, we provide links to the official site of each device or a local authorized drop-ship supplier.

Staff Picks - Recommended Vaporizers

Here are some of the top picks that we recommend - simply choose your budget and follow the link to  listing page of the vaporizers that meet your criteria:

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Vaporizer and CBD brands give us free products to giveaway to our newsletter subscribers!

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