March 15, 2017

Best Portable eNail Vapes – Mini Yocan Torch

Here we will have a look at some of the best portable enail vapes. Portable enails are a quick and easy way to share herbal and concentrate blends with others.  If you are unaware of what an portable enail is, its an attachment that connects to your pipe or bubbler that basically turns your favorite device into a electronic vaporizer. An enail is self powered device that operates as a mini vaporizer tank.

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Yocan Torch - Best Portable eNail Vapes

The Yocan Torch is a Portable Domeless Enail, it helps to remove the risks associated with dabbing using a torch. The Yocan Torch makes it pretty easy to do dabs on the go. Shown below you will see the simple design and small size of this portable enail. You can buy one here.

Best Portable Torch Enail - Vaping Device

The basic kit comes with Quartz Dual Coil, which provides with the purest experience, guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. Temperature during use is 250℃-280℃ ( 482F-536F ). The male/female attachment located on the bottom of the eNail fits most bubblers. The cone shaped attachment will create an airtight seal for the different sized devices.

Best Portable eNail Vapes - Demo Video

You are able to vape both concentrates and dry herbs with the Yocan Torch enail. The package comes with the concentrate coil and if you want the dry herb one than you will need to order that as well (recommended is the pancake dual coil​).

Yocan Torch enail vaporizer - Best Portable eNail Vapes

As you can see in the image above, all the parts for the Yocan Torch are detachable, replaceable and cleanable​. Once you have one of these devices, it is very inexpensive to repair if anything goes wrong and easy to keep this product for a long time.

More details about the best portable enail vape device - Yocan Torch

  • located on the top of the device, the airflow button is used as an effective choke. To activate you simply press the spring loaded carb. This is how you clear the vapor.
  • The Yocan Torch supports 15 second hits. A fully charged battery will last you quite a long time. You are able to get about 40 hits off of one charge.
  • You are able to use the micro USB charger and port to charge the battery.
  • Utilizing the main connecting sizes for most devices, the Yocan Torch has 14mm and 18mm ground joints.

If you think you'd like to give this eNail a try you can order them from VAPES here.

An enail vape is a cool little vaping device to add to your collection of portable vaporizers. Remember to give your vapes a break and not to over use them. Pushing batteries to the limits can cause portable vaping devices to get hot and become dangerous. The same rule applies to the best portable enail vapes as they do to all types of vapes and mods.

Yocan Portable eNail






Ease of use





  • Light and small
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Attachment sizes


  • Cleaning
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