April 23, 2020

Best Portable Weed Vaporizer Brands


Best Portable Weed Vaporizer Brands

The cannabis market has flourished over the past decade as recreational cannabis use has become legal in a number of different states in the USA and across the entire country of Canada. With an all time high for demand of cannabis products many new products have been hitting the market. The increase in new products can make it difficult for someone who has never used a vaporizer before to find a device that is right for them.

What vaporizer brand sells the best portable vaporizer for dry herb? Which brand manufactures the best battery? And which brand has the best consumer reviews?

To help those who are just getting started save a bit of time, we have narrowed the search down to some of the top brands that produce the highest rated and best reviewed portable weed vaporizers.

After analyzing 15 brands that produce portable dry herb vaporizers, we’ve filtered the list down to just 2 of them.

Top 2 vaporizer brands of 2020

PAX vaporizer brand

PAX comes in at the number 1 spot on our list of top vaporizer brands for 2020. All of PAX devices have had huge success with each new model out selling its predecessor. The most recent model released by PAX is the PAX 3. PAX 3 is a portable smart vaporizer that has lots of features under the lid and has received top ratings from device owners.


The PAX 3 has built in motion sensors that are able to tell when the user is wanting to take a hit from it. This allows the vaporizer to operate on demand and keep the oven hot when you are having a session and turn off when you are done. This unique feature not only gives a more pleasant and smooth hit, but also helps to save battery power and get the most out of each charge.

The PAX 3 has a smartphone application that enables firmware updates. This means the PAX 3 can be updated on the fly as new features are made available. Instead of having to buy a whole new device to get new features you can download them for free. Features such as additional heat settings and security features have been released for download. 

For a brand to be recognized as one of the top brands in their industry they need to have quality customer support. PAX devices are backed by a 10 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The customer support department with PAX is in a league of its own in the vaporizer niche. From our experience and through our research we have found it easy to get in touch with PAX support. If the FAQ section on their site does not answer your question or concern, you should have no trouble getting in touch with an actual person.

The PAX 3 has tons of great features and produces great tasting vapor. We have the PAX 3 ranked as our top brand for 2020, but don’t take our word alone! There are many sources that have the PAX 3 as one of their top ranked devices. The Vela community for example has ranked the PAX 3 at #2 in their list of top weed vaporizers. Follow the link to see what vaporizer they have listed in the top spot. 

Firefly vaporizer brand

Coming in at the #2 spot on our shortlist of top portable weed vaporizer brands is Firefly. Firefly vaporizers are known for their fast smooth and efficient hits. Founded by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson in 2012, Firefly vaporizers has become one of the biggest names in the space. Firefly vaporizers have released 3 models to date. The original Firefly vaporizer, the Firefly 2, and recently the Firefly 2+.


Similar to the PAX 3, the Firefly 2 and 2+ are smart devices that are able to connect to your smartphone. The Firefly 2 and 2+ are on demand vaporizers. With just a 2-3 second heat up time, the Firefly vaporizers are the fastest dry herb hybrid convection and conduction vaporizers. Another similarity that Firefly vaporizers have in common with PAX vaporizers are the firmware updates that allow for device upgrades. 

To learn more about the pros and cons of the PAX and Firefly vaporizers you can visit the Firefly or Vela community.

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