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Portable E Nail Kit + Rig Box Mod Attachment = Atmos Studio Rig

We've been hearing a lot of good things about the Atmos Studio Rig which is a portable e nail kit that comes with two different heating chambers. The Atmos e rig box mod attachment is able to connect to pretty much all box mods. This attachment turns your e-liquid mod setup into one of the best weed vaporizers. Not only can you now vape dry herbs and wax concentrates, but the glass mouthpiece also uses water filtration to give you a smooth draw. In this article we will take a look at the build quality, potability, versatility, and our overall opinion on if the Atmos Studio eRig is a product worth buying.

Atmos Studio Rig for Mods

E Nail Kit Build Quality

The Atmos Studio Rig is available in bronze, silver, red and black. You can get it with either the standard 510 threading or the specialized Atmos threading. If you will be pairing this with your existing mod that is not an Atmos model you will want to go with the standard 510 threading.

The e nail kit comes with a ceramic chamber, titanium nail chamber, glass filtration/chamber connector, and a magnetic cap and packing tool. All the components are well built and and designed to deliver a solid vaping experience. Built with a completely solder free composition and  containing top quality materials, the Studio Rig is one of the best vaping attachments that we've seen - especially for box mods.

E Nail Kit Portability

The Studio Rig is definitely portable but not exactly pocket portable. It is more portable than a desktop e nail but because its made of glass and is in itself a few different parts its not the easiest thing to quickly grab and go with. If your traveling and space and carrying things on your self is not an issue than the e nail kit as a whole is definitely portable. In the image below you will see the Studio Rig attached to a small box mod. 

e nail kit

Rig Box Mod Attachment Versatility

The Atmos Studio Rig e nail kit uses 3 unique and interchangeable heating chambers that combined are able to vape dry herbs and wax concentrates. The heating chambers have been designed to deliver a pure vapor hit and flavorful taste. The Studio Rig Box Mod attachment is a versatile unit for being able to vape multiple materials, includes the element of water, and can connect to many different box mods. 

Rig box mod attachment

Atmos Studio Rig Box Mod Attachment Video

Overall Thoughts

Overall the Studio Rig by Atmos is a cool little box mod attachment. If you already own a box mod that uses a 510 thread and your looking for a product that you can vape both dry herbs and concentrates with this is a cool option to have. The fact that it uses a bubbler and provides a bit of water filtration is a bonus as well. If your looking for an all round portable attachment that is more designed for traveling that will work with your box mod as well we recommend you take a look at the Greedy M2 heating chamber, ideally it would be cool to have both the Rig and the Greedy and than your set for both home use and travel purposes. Both are neat, both made by Atmos.

A new enail vaporizer that has recently been released is the Dabado Bolt 2 which I recommend you check out. The Bolt 2 is not a 510 mod attachment but is a stand alone complete portable dab kit. The Bolt 2 comes with 3 different nails, a replacement heating element, and uses a powerful battery to deliver strong hits. You can check out the Dabado Bolt 2 here.

Best Place to Buy

It is recommended to purchase vaporizers through the official site of the manufacturer. This removes the risk of getting a cheap knock off replica version. You can visit the  official Atmos website here.

Halo Reactor Mega Starter Kit Review – US Box Mod Starter Kit

The Reactor Mega from HaloCigs is a very affordable and well built mod system. Coming with all the components required to start vaping, the Mega kit costs only $70. Here we have a closer look at what you get in the package of the Mega Start Kit. Continue reading for our Halo Reactor Mega Starter Kit Review and see if this product is a buy or pass.

For more of the best regulated box mods visit Vape-Smart here.

The Reactor Mega comes with a 5000 mAh battery that allows for a range of 1-80W. The Reactor Mega is a regulated box mod that provides temperature control, adjustable power, and a smart setting. The smart setting or smart mode stores resistance and power levels for an impressive set of tanks. The Reactor Mega allows you to save settings for up to 10 different tanks. The Reactor Mega tank holds up 5 ml of e-liquid and is built with a .15 ohm Ni200 coil head.

Because of the high demand for this product, the company is able to manufacture it on a large scale. This allows for options like the box mod to be available in five colors. You can get white, bronze, wood, grey and silver. For $70 this may be one of the best deals for a portable vaping device that has the customization as well as functionality. The device is very straight forward and easy to use. The hits that this thing delivers are anything but dry and provides big clouds. If you are a vape enthusiast that is wanting to try some vape tricks this device will do you well. Below we will list what all comes in the box,

Halo Reactor Mega Starter Kit Review - US Box Mod Starter Kit Comes With

Halo Reactor Mega Starter Kit Review - US Box Mod Starter Kit

Reactor Mega Starter Kit

(Regulated Box Mod & Tank)

  • 1x REACTOR 80W Battery (TC)
  • 1x Tank (v.2)
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Stainless Steel
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.15 ohm)
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Wide Bore Glass
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Overall the Halo Reactor Mega Vape is a product that has been put together with quality materials and designed to vape liquids smooth and efficiently. This device has a 5000 mAh battery and many feature that make the $70 price tag well worth it. If an affordable vape mod is what your looking for that delivers big clouds this is a good place to start. To browse devices from Wulf, KangerTech, CloudV, and HoneyStick visit here.

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit Review – Halo Mod Vape

Halo Vapes, a North American company that manufactures portable vaping devices as well as premium e-liquids. Here we have a closer look at one of their new products in our reactor shorty starter kit review. The Halo mod vape starter kit consists of a regulated battery mod and a tank system for e-liquids. These 2 components, ad e-juice is all you need to start vaping.

You can visit Vape-Smart here to browse more of the top Vape Mods and Tanks.

The Reactor Shorty Starter Kit comes with a 18650 battery that operates at 1-75Watts. The starter kit comes with a tank system that holds up to 2ml of vape juice. The tank system includes a .25 ohm Ni200 coil head. With this device you are able to control a number of aspects with your sessions. The starter kit has adjustable power, integrated temperature controls, and a bypass mode. The Halo vape mod has safety features built in. This is a regulated box mod that helps to circulate the current of energy. It is recommended to use regulated box mods over mechanical box mods.

The Reactor Starter Kit is a simple to use and efficient vaping system. The controls are self explanatory and in convenient placement on the device. Holding it in your hand and operating it feels very natural. The coils are made of titanium and stainless steel, the prove to work well at delivering smooth hits with big clouds.

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit Review - Halo Mod Vape Comes With

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit Review - US Halo Mod Vape

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit

(Regulated Box Mod & Tank)

  • 1x REACTOR 75W Battery (TC)
  • 18650 30A Battery (Avatar)
  • 1x Tank (2 ml) - Reactor Shorty
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Stainless Steel
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.25 ohm)
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Wide Bore Glass
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Overall the Halo vape mod starter kit is a well made product that is backed by an American company that has a reputation for making quality devices. For a price of only $65 the Reactor Shorty Starter Kit is a solid purchase. To view more vape mods such as the ones from Wulf, KangerTech, and CloudV visit here.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – Complete Vaping Package

A vape mod starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping right away. A starter kit is a smart option to purchase especially if you are looking for a quick way to test out all the components of mods and tanks. A starter kit will come with the battery mod and tank system that are required in order to begin vaping. Here you will see the best vape mod starter kit that is both affordable and safe to use.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit - Complete Package

i40TC-J Mini Box Mod Starter Kit

Regulated Liquid Box Mod

  • 1500mAh i40TC-J Mini Box Mod
  • i40TC-J Sub -Ohm Tank
  • .5ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer
  • .2ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer
  • Micro USB Charger
  • User Manual

This is one of the best vape mod starter kits you can buy for a very reasonable price. The AtmosRX brand is a company that manufacturers quality products and also delivers excellent customer service. You can view more on this starter kit here.

Learn All About Vapes

If you are just getting into the vape industry it can be a little overwhelming. Trying to understand all the features, components and accessories of vapes can be a time consuming task. Many people find it very helpful to read over a vape guide to get a better understanding before making a purchase. The guide in the link above will help you understand why vapes are recommended over cigarettes, what to look for in a vape, what e-juice is, and much more.

Best Box Mod Starter Kit - Regulated Battery Mod

The i40TC-J starter kit comes with a regulated box mod. Regulated box mods are safer to use than the alternative. The other type of box mod is called a mechanical box mod. Mechanical box mods do not contain the electronics required to control the current of energy. Without the ability to limit the temperature your device will simply go to maximum heat and is at risk of problems occurring. If you are new to vape mods it is a wise decision to start with a starter kit such as this one.

It can be fun to mix and match components of a vape. The main parts of a vape mod that you can play with are the mod itself. This is the battery and controls of the vape. You can also try different tanks and atomizers. Tanks are what hold your e-liquid and the atomizer is the element inside that heats up with the use of a coil. AtmosRX has the option to select different components and build you own device while still making sure that the end product is a safe one. You can check out AtmosRX here.

Choosing the best vape mod starter kit can be a bit confusing and we have made this post to give you a experienced answer in how to begin using box mods. If you found this post useful, feel free to subscribe to our e-newsletter. We release content on the industries newest devices for all types of portable vaporizers. We choose to focus our findings on the industries most respected and quality products.

Compile Your Own Vape Mod

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Best Box Mod – Advanced Box Mod Reviews

Here we will be discussing regulated box mods. A regulated box mod is different than a mechanical mod. Regulated box mods contain wiring and other internal electrical components to help regulate the energy current flowing through. Regulated box mods are safer and easier to use than mechanical box mods. If you wish to know more about mechanical box mods you can visit our article on them here. Otherwise continue on this page to know more about regulated box mods and which one might be the best box mod to suit your needs.

The Best Box Mod may not be a store bought one and may be one that you work on as a personal project. Lower on this page you will find some instructional videos about how to put together your own box mod.

Here are some of the best box mods with regulated currents. If you are new to box mods, scroll down to read more information on what they are and why there needed.

Best Box Mod - Atmos Battery Regulated Box Mod

i50TC-J Box Mod from Atmos

Regulated Box Mod

  • i50TC-J Housing
  • Micro USB Charger
  • 510 male to female adapter
  • 2600mAh 18650 Battery

The i50TC-J is one of the best and easiest box mods to use. This is a temperature range setting box mod that uses a powerful 2600 mAh battery that can be charged with the included USB cable. View it here from Atmos.

Box mod from atmos - top vape mods

i150TC-J Box Mod from Atmos

Regulated Box Mod

  • i150TC-J Housing
  • Micro USB Charger
  • 510 male to female adapter
  • 2200mAh 18650 Battery

The i150TC-J is a more powerful model than the one above.  If you are looking for  ahigher temerature option than this device is a good choice. This is a temperature range setting box mod that uses a powerful 2200 mAh battery that can be charged with the included USB cable. It reaches temperatures of 150W. View it here from Atmos.

Best Regulated Box Mods - Best Box Mods and Features

Regulated box mods are the most popular vaporizer modification component used today, followed by vape tanks. A box mod is a fun way to get more involved in your vaping experience. Vape mods allow you to express yourself through the device you use. There are tons of different things you can do to customize your device. If you are looking for the best vape mods, we recommend giving AtmosRX a moment of your time. They have excellent customer service and affordable prices. Continue reading below to understand a few of the things that you are able to do with the best box mods.

Best Box Mods with Temperature Control

Box mods can be purchased that give you temperature control features. Regulated box mods are able to help control the current of energy. So when you set a temperature, the box mod will not let your atomizer exceed the set temperature. Depending on the box mod you may be able to pre set multiple temperatures that you find work best. The box mod is able to stop heating the coil in your atomizer by reducing the amount of power being sent until the temperature falls back below your chosen mark.

What is a Variable Voltage Box Mod?

Another feature that many box mods possess is the option to create heat on demand. A variable voltage box mod is a feature where you can control the power when pressing a button. When the button is not being pressed there is no power or its slowly diminishing, and when pressed it heats back up. Regulate variable box mods are a good way to put the full control of the batteries life cycle in your own hands. Because you are in complete control of when energy is being used from it, you are better able to monitor your usage. This however does take practice and isn't for everybody.

Seen in the image below is a variable voltage battery mod for a 510 tank - This is made by AtmosRX

Varial Voltage Mod for 510 Tank

When purchasing a box mod you will usually see a number that indicates the wattage of the device, like 200W, 100W, 75W etc. This number is showing you the maximum wattage level that can be generated from that particular device. 200W is pretty high and usually you will not need this much power while vaping. In fact most of the time 75W will be all you need.

One of the main reasons some people will chose a regulated variable voltage box mod is due to the ability to switch out atomizers quickly that don't have the same resistance levels.

Regulated Box Mod Safety Features

If you are not a gadget savvy person and would like to vape using devices that are more customizable than the full package brand vaporizers, regulated box mods are a safe choice. Using a regulated box mod over a mechanical box mod is kind of like comparing turning on your car with a remote starter and turning it on with jumper cables. There is a bit of a learning curve and a bit higher chance of injury.

Regulated box mods are safer because they regulate the current of your device and act as a stopper when the heat reaches a certain point. Regulated mods have features that prevent overheating and also the ability to short circuit itself as a protective measure to help from exploding. Additionally regulated box mods can have reverse polarity functionality that shows you when you insert the batter the wrong way.

Regulated box mods can also include an overcharge protection feature as well as a minimum and maximum resistance level. These are used to prevent the mod and atomizer from firing when your the resistance is too high or low. To be on the safe side if you don't fully understand and feel confident on vape mods, you should stick with a regulated one. The best box mod options and the safest ones come from reputable companies that have a proven track record of creating safe products.

Mechanical Unregulated Box Mods

If you re interested in knowing more about mechanical unregulated box mods you can do so by visiting our section on them here.

Regulated Box Mods Batteries - Internal vs External

Box mods can come in two different ways in regards to how the batteries work with the device. Many regulated box mods will have external batteries, meaning that you can take the battery our and put in another while the other is charging. The other type of battery implementation is a built in rechargeable battery. The built in battery mod can be charge with an ac adapter or usb cable.

Depending on your end game both battery options can be good. If you are set on using just one device and don't mind having to wait for it to charge between uses than the internal rechargeable option will be just fine. There are less components to take care of and you won't end up losing a battery. On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase multiple vape mods and interchange components than external batteries will be a smarter option. External batteries allow you to get multiple devices that can use the same sized batteries. External batteries also gives you the option to bring extra's around with you in case one dies. If you run out of juice with one battery you simply pop in another and you are good to go. A downfall of the external battery is monitoring its charge, you leave yourself more vulnerable to over charging or doing something wrong.

Is a Mod All You Need to Vape?

Once you have narrowed in on the type of box mod you like you will be required to choose a few other items that will together create your own custom vaping device. Other than the box mod you will need to get a vape tank and an atomizer.

Vape tanks can be a bit tough to wrap your head around. If you need a bit more clarification on vape tanks, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, RTA's and RDA's we have an educational vape tank system article here.

Full Packages - Mod Starter Kits

The easy option, if choosing all your own components sounds a bit confusing, is to purchase one of the best vape mod starter kits. This way you will have a complete set and than from that point on you can start testing individual components. This is a smart route to take and will allow you to get better acquainted with how everything works. Check out the best box mod starter kits here.

For The Techies - Build Your Device to Get the Best Box Mod

This next section will not be for everyone and caters to those who are technology inclined and like to build there own gadgets. Please be very careful if you decide to go forward with building your own regulated or mechanical box mod. We will just be listing a tutorial training video that you will go over the actual steps to build the device. You should work with a skilled manufacturing team that has done this before or people who have experience with these types of components. Remember if you do not know what you’re doing there is a chance that you can get hurt. Hooking up things directly to a power source can be dangerous and proper steps need to be followed and safety equipment worn. If you do attempt to build your own regulated or mechanical box mod that you take your time and listen and follow the steps of professionals.

If you are looking to build your own DNA box mod here is a good place to learn some of the steps that will be required. The best box mod for you could be one that you are able to customize yourself. A DNA box mod is one that has temperature controls and is pretty simple in terms of parts and components.

Ok lets see a tutorial on you how to build your own DNA box mod (best box mod tutorial). The best thing about constructing your very own DNA box mod system is that you can customize it to your preferences and make it truly unique.

What you are about to watch is a complete DNA box mod tutorial. If you have all the parts and follow all the instructions you will be building a box mod with all the same features that store bought DNA device come with.

Best Mechanical Mod – Top Mech Mods

The Lone Wulf Mech Mod is a hard hitting vaporizer from Wulf Mods that is made to be used with all types of e-liquids. The Wulf Mech mod is one of the best mechanical mods on the market and a popular seller in North America. The Wulf Mech Mod produces quality vapor and can be combined with a wide variety of 510 thread rebuild-able atomizers.

Best Mechanical Mod Wulf Mech Mod

You can get the Wulf Mech Mod Here from Vape-Smart - An Authorized Seller

The Wulf Mech Mod uses copper contacts to ensure ultimate connectivity and 18650 batteries to power is for long vaping sessions. Each Wulf mech mod is engraved with a one of a kind serial number to confirm its authenticity.

Best Mechanical Mod - What is a Mechanical Mod?

A Mechanical Mod is a vaping device that contains no wiring or electronics. It is a very simple vaping device that is made up of a cylinder that holds a replaceable rechargeable battery that typically has just one button. When this button is pressed it completes the circuit and sends the electrical current to the atomizer.

One of the downfalls of a mechanical mod is that the power will continue to get weaker throughout the use of a batteries charge. This will only be an issue if you have just one battery. Since you will have to switch it out and wait for it to recharge to use your mech mod at full strength again.

Some of the benefits to using a mechanical mod is that there are no advanced elements (electronics). Because there are no electronics the device is very durable and less can go wrong with it over time. A mech mod is perfect for someone who needs to travel very light, and has baggage that may get knocked around a lot.

Mechanical Mods Work Great With Rebuild-able Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

If you are the type of person who likes to build and rebuild their own gadgets, than mechanical mods may be something that you will love to work with. The best mechanical mod may very well be one that you configure yourself.

If you choose to use rebuild-able atomizers, when rebuilding it's necessary to fire the mod to make sure the coil is performing correctly and make adjustments accordingly. Most re-builders of mods will choose to use mech mods because and not regulated mods, this is because the mech mod will still fire while the regulated mod will stop working or give you an error message.

Read More on Vape Mods

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