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March 24, 2017

The Smokeey Ring – Best Joint Holder

One of the most simple and affordable products has been introduced to the cannabis industry. The Smokeey Ring is a joint holder made from vegan materials that frees up your hands to perform other tasks at the same time as performing a session. The Smokeey removes the need to hold your joint and keeps your fingers free and smelling clean.

The Smokeey Ring Joint Holder

The Smokee Ring is one of the most affordable cannabis products on the market, at under $5 The Smokee is rated one of the best joint holders. The Smokee does not include the typical 'rollie wire' that you see in other doobie holding alternatives. The Smokee is available in many different colors and upon request might even be possible to get custom made for something like a cannabis festival to give out to your attendees. Its sure to make for a great stocking stuffer type gift.

Joint Holder - Smokeey Ring

Some of the top reasons people have been so drawn to the Smokee Ring is the ease of use and the ability to go about your daily life. Whether your busy working on the computer, or your in the middle of an intense video game the Smokee is designed to keep your joint as immobilized as possible. The best spot for you to wear it is on your 'proximal phalanx' part of your finger. Keeping your joint in this position helps to keep ash from flying all over the place and also helps to generate a bit of a breeze to keep it lit. The stretchy material of the Smokeey fits a wide range of finger sizes as well as a wide range of joint sizes. The material holds your joint tightly while allowing for the maximum airflow to still pass through it.

Joint Holder

Its nice to see that such a simple product can take off and be in such high demand. Perhaps you yourself might have a few ideas along the same lines that can be turned into a hit.

Smokeey Ring Joint Holder Silicon Roach Clip

You can pick up a Smokeey Ring by visiting International High Life's Shop. You have the option of getting a blue, green, yellow, white, black, clear, pink or a red Smokeey Ring. You can order individually or in packs of 3 or 5.

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