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Induction Dab Rig | Loto Legend Vaporizer Review

Loto Legend Vaporizer Details

  • Fast

    Dabs in seconds, cools fast. Advanced magnetic induction technology.

  • Safe

    No exposed heating element. No open torch.

  • Precision Craftsmanship

    Pittsburgh born stainless steel, anodized aluminum, heat-resistant hand-blown glass, and premium microfiber.

  • Unmatched Performance

    High temps for big clouds. Low temps — waste it to taste it.

  • Durable

    Never Replace Another Atomizer. Robust parts built to last a lifetime.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    No butane. No torches. No problems. At 72w and on only for seconds, Legend is by far the most efficient and eco-friendly dab solution on the market today.


  • Dabs in 6 Seconds
  • Handblown Complete Glass Air Path
  • Removable, Cleanable, and Replaceable Glass Components
  • Water Filtration
  • Vegan Microfiber Leather
  • Pittsburgh Born Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum 6061
  • Silicone Grommets (Food-Grade, FDA Approved)
  • Bluetooth Enabled Firmware Updates for Ever-Increasing Functionality
  • 72 Watts at Max Power · 24 Volt, 4 Amp Power Adapter
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Measurements: 16″L x 8″W x 11″H

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Legend Unit
  • 5 Glass Pieces
    • Mouthpiece
    • Susceptor Holder
    • U-Pipe
    • Air-Intake Tube
    • Adapter
  • 2 Susceptors
  • 1 Carb Ring
  • 3 Silicone Grommets
  • 1 Loading Tool
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Silicone Containers
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Instruction Manual


  • Is that real leather?

    Legend is 100% vegan. We use top-quality, easily cleanable, durable microfiber, just like that couch you love!

  • What is the susceptor made from?

    Pittsburgh Born Stainless Steel 430. A corrosion and heat resistant steel commonly found in equipment for processing food and dairy. We can’t stress enough KNOW YOUR MATERIALS. If you have a Titanium nail and you don’t know where that Titanium is from, you likely don’t want to know.

  • How fast is Loto Legend?

    Legend reaches full power in about 10 seconds.

  • Is the vape path really all glass?

    Yes, the vape path is all glass. There are silicone grommets that connect the glass pieces together. There are no porous ceramics, solder, or adhesives in vapor path.

  • How do I clean Loto Legend?

    Disassemble all glass pieces and place them in isopropyl alcohol (higher percentage the alcohol, the better) for a couple hours (overnight is preferred). Using the provided pipe cleaner, clean the glass pieces and rinse afterwards with water.

  • How long is the warranty on my Legend and what is covered?

    Loto Legend is covered by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This covers mechanical parts, but does not cover broken glass or accidental damage.

  • Is there a battery pack?

    No. Legend comes with a power adapter. Legend was designed to be placed on a table, desk or coffee table, not to be passed around. There is also nothing worse than having to charge a battery before you are ready to go.

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Legend?

    No. You can adjust all functions (power and brightness) all directly on the device. The App let’s you update the firmware on the device for future software upgrades.

  • How much are atomizers?

    There are NO ATOMIZERS. With Legend’s induction technology, you’ll never replace another atomizer. Legend is built to last. The only thing you’ll ever have to replace is the glass and that is ONLY if you drop it, kick it, break it. Don’t do that.

  • How do you load Legend?

    You can either preload Legend with the dab tool, OR you can heat it up first and load it after like a traditional dab rig. Different strokes for different folks.

Puffco Peak Desktop Vaporizer | Battery Powered Smart Rig

Puffco, a popular vaporizer company has released news of a new type of desktop vaporizer. The Peak is a battery powered desktop vaporizer designed for concentrates/dabs. Puffco is best known for the Puffco Plus and Puffco Pro devices. This new desktop vaporizer makes Puffco one of the few companies to manufacture both desktop and portable devices for cannabis products. The Peak is not yet available, however you can place your order here for when it does come available.

About The Peak Vaporizer

The Peak is designed to work with concentrates (dabs, wax, butter). It has been built with a water filtration bubbler attached to it. You are able to charge The Peak and use it while it is not plugged into a power source. By creating The Peak with this versatility it is able to have the power of a desktop vaporizer with the mobility of a portable unit.

 The Peak Puffco

Oven and Heat Settings

There are four heat settings that The Peak can be used with. Whether you are a beginner or an expert the Peak has been designed to have a minimal learning curve. A feature that has been introduced is a session mode that helps to create a group social experience. Session mode is an extended session. This is a similar feature that Puffco has integrated into there portable models the Puffco Pro 2 and the Puffco Plus.

Heat up time & Calibration

The Peak heats up and in just 20 seconds. Software used by The Peak automatically adjusts heat times based on if your bowl remains hot. The purpose of this is to provide consistent experience from hit to hit.

 Puffco Peak DesktopThe Peak Desktop Vaporizer

Battery powered with heptic feedback and a smart bowl makes this dab rig a cool little device. It reminds me of the hydrology 9 – the water vaporizer for dry herbs. If you’d like to learn more or see if the Peak is available you can visit the Official Website here.

Puffco Peak Desktop

Best Desktop Vaporizer – High Performance

Home vaporizers are powerful and efficient. Portable vaporizers have come a long way in recent years and are getting closer to the level of how a desktop vaporizer performs. However, it still remains that the best desktop vaporizer outperforms the best portable one. If you are looking for a powerful and efficient vaporizer for home use, we suggest having a look at the following options.

Best Desktop Vaporizer

​View the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Here

​Best Desktop Vaporizers





​Staff Favorite (fun attachments)

​Vape Xhale EVO

VapeXhale EVO Deal

Best Vapor/Overall Desktop Vaporizer


Volcano Digital Vaporizer

​Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer

​Extreme Q

​Best Mobility Desktop Vaporizer


​Best Group Desktop Vaporizer


VapirRise 2 Vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates

​Best Attachments Desktop Vaporizer

​Vape Xhale EVO

VapeXhale EVO Deal

Best Vapor / Overall Desktop Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer


Desktop Multi Material Vaporizer. Convection ​Heating. - Learn More

The most ​popular desktop vaporizer ever made. The Volcano has been a long time favorite and is one of the most expensive vaporizers. Available in digital and dial models they both perform outstanding and optimize your material.

Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer

Firefly2 Convection Vaporizer Pen

Arizer Extreme Q​

Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer - Learn More

Seen in the image to the left or above on mobile is the Arizer Extreme Q. This unit has a few upgrades over the Arizer V Tower.

Best Mobility Desktop Vaporizer

Firefly2 Convection Vaporizer Pen

Plenty Vaporizer​

Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer - Learn More

The Plenty vaporizer has powerful heating and efficient cooling. Although the Plenty looks like it could be a portable device, it is required to be plugged in. The Plenty vaporizer has an extra wide filling chamber and delivers vapor with first class flavor.

Best Group Desktop Vaporizer

VapirRise 2 Vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates

​VapirRise Vaporizer​

Desktop ​Multi Material Vaporizer - Learn More

The ​VapirRise desktop vaporizer is a versatile unit that works great for group use. As you can see in the image of the product to the left or above on mobile it has a quad hose attachment. Designed to be efficient and simple to use this is a highly rated desktop model.

​​Best Attachments Desktop Vaporizer

VapeXhale EVO Deal

​Vape Xhale EVO Vaporizer​

Desktop ​​Dry Herb Vaporizer - Learn More

The ​​Vape Xhale EVO is a fan favorite. This compact desktop vaporizer is simple to use and more versatile then others on this list. You are able to use the Vape Xhale EVO with a water piece and other attachments to enhance your session an keep things interesting.

Features of the Best Desktop Vaporizer

Build quality and vapor quality are the two big factors to take into consideration when choosing the best desktop vaporizer. The above selection have received great customer feedback in these two areas. The Volcano by Storz and Bickel is on the more expensive side while the Arizer comes in at a more budget friendly price. The Plenty gives you the power of a desktop vaporizer with a bit of the freedom of a portable unit. All ​the above desktop vaporizers perform very well and have high build quality.

​Portable vs Desktop Vaporizer

​The main reason a person typically buys a portable vaporizer over a desktop vaporizer is the cost and freedom to travel. While a desktop vaporizer is more powerful and ​better at optimizing your vaping material, a portable vaporizer is usually less expensive and light weight.

Portable vaporizers have a huge selection to choose from while there are only a handful of quality desktop vaporizers available. Portable vaporizers are far more popular today than desktop vaporizers.

VapeXhale EVO 2 Reasons To Buy – Desktop Vaporizer

The VapeXhale EVO is a premium desktop vaporizer that is rated high due to its ability to create dense flavorful vapor. The vaporizer is meant to be used with glass pieces which you can get with the device or you can also use your own water pieces. The VapeXhale EVO works with dry herbs and concentrates and is a great unit for home use. Here we will go over how to use the EVO, where you can get one, and talk about the features and build quality - continue reading our VapeXhale EVO 2 reasons to buy article below.

VapeXhale EVO 2 reasons to buy

Reason 1 - Flavorful Dense Vapor

Reason 2 - All Glass Pathway with Bubbler Connection

Powerful Desktop Vaporizer

When it comes to vaping and aromatherapy, power matters. The EVO has been designed to be "effortless, plentiful, flavorful, and delicious". The team behind the EVO want their customers to be impressed with the device and not just satisfied. The EVO vaporizer is a unique desktop vaporizer that has more versatility than many of the other top devices in the industry. It is the versatility and simplicity of the EVO that makes it one of the go to devices for vape enthusiasts looking for a home vaping solution.

VapeXhale EVO Deal

Efficient Desktop Vaporizer - EVO

One of the biggest draws to getting a quality vaporizer is the ability for it to pay for itself in time through the savings you receive on using less materials for each of your sessions. The EVO vaporizer ensures the highest levels of vapor potency with the smallest amounts material possible. The VapeXhale EVO removes the possibility of combustion and diminished flavor occurrences through the use of convection heating and glass pathways.

VapeXhale EVO Glass Pieces

The Standard VapeXhale EVO kit comes with the following:

the EVO itself, 1 standard mouthpiece, 2 stainless steel baskets, 2 borosilicate glass tubes, 1 heat shield, 1 cleaning brush, 5 cleaning wipes, power cord, instructions manual, a 3 year limited warranty.

Where to Buy the VapeXhale EVO

You can purchase the VapeXhale EVO directly from the manufacturer's site here. It is always a good idea to make your purchases directly from the brand itself to avoid purchasing a fake. The vape industry is known for knock off products. Thank you for reading our VapeXhale EVO 2 reasons to buy article.

Vapir Rise 2 Desktop Vaporizer Review

The VapirRise 2.0 is a modern and clean looking desktop vaporizer. The VapirRise 2 includes a touch pad system with a readable display that makes it very convenient and easy to use at any time of the day. One of the coolest accessories for party group use is the 4 whip hose attachment that you can see in the image below. The VapirRise 2 is a upgraded version of the already popular VapirRise. If you are looking for one of the top of the line premium desktop vaporizers this one is worth taking a closer look. Continue reading below for our VapirRise 2 Review.

VapirRise 2 Vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates

VapirRise 2 Ultimate Vaporizer Features

The VapirRise 2 Ultimate is designed for dry herbs and essential oils. The method to inhal the vapor can be done through the balloon or directly though either the single while or the accessory you can get with 4 whips in one. The quad whip for the VapirRiser 2 Ultimate makes this desktop vaporizer the go to favorite for group sessions. You are able to choose between forced air or non fan functionality. The unit has a LCD screen for temperature controls that displays in either F or C. The vapor path is made with medical grade stainless steel. The VapirRise Ultimate is designed to create and deliver exception flavor and density. The warranty you get is a 2 year manufacturer warranty which is included with the purchase from a authorized retailer.

Accessories for the VapirRise 2 Ultimate:

  • Silicon tube and Quad tube
  • Inflation Balloon - Comes with 3
  • VapirRise Bubbler
  • Aluminum Grinder

You can visit the official Vapir website here to learn more about this desktop vaporizer and also to see what else the growing vaporizer company offers. Vapir has a few portable vaporizers that are all priced very competitively - you may have heard of the Vapir Pen and the Prima which is designed for both dry herbs and concentrates as well.

Premium Vaporizers | Best Portable Vaporizers Over 250 – Vapor Smooth

A portable vaporizer is something that you will come to ​truly appreciate if you ​find the right one. ​With hundreds and hundreds of devices to choose from it can be  daunting task to narrow in on the best of the best. We have done some digging and found the best portable vaporizers over $250.

​​People have different reasons and tastes when it comes to what vaporizer they think is the best. For this reason we have chosen a number of categories and provided what we think is the best in class device for each. Below you will find the best portable vaporizers for each of these categories.

Best Portable Vaporizers Over $250





Best Overall Portable



Most Discrete Portable

​PAX 3 with Concentrate Insert


Best Vapor Flavor

​Firefly 2


Most Powerful and Best Battery



Most Compact

​Davinci IQ


Best Convection



Best Water Filtration

​Hydrology 9


​Best 3 in 1

​Haze Dual V3


Best Dry Herb Only

​Arizer Solo 2


​Best Dry Herb/Wax Only



Best Overall Vaporizer Over 250

Crafty Vaporizer


​Smart portable dry herb and wax vaporizer.

The Crafty and the Mighty are both made by Storz and Bickel. They were released at the same time in 2014. Storz in Bickel is the company behind the Volcano and Plenty vaporizers which are both very popular devices. The Mighty and Craft are very similar but the Mighty is larger and has a better battery life while the Crafty is smaller and has a Bluetooth app.​

​Most Discrete Vaporizer Over 250



Smart portable dry herb and wax vaporizer.

The PAX 3 is a concentrate and dry herb vaporizer that is very compact and has a simple but elegant design. PAX vaporizers are more powerful then they let on to be and come with hidden easter eggs like built in games and on board app software that helps to optimize your sessions. ​

​Best Vapor Flavor Over 250

Firefly2 Convection Vaporizer Pen

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 is an industry favorite and many people don't even have to look any further than this device to know what one they want. ​

​The Firefly uses on demand heat and touch sensors to activate the device. Firefly uses a application that can be updated and improve your device. An example is the software that gave the Firefly a boost mode to produce more vapor. This software update was done months after the devices initial release, providing a nice treat to their customers. ​

Best ​Battery Life

Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer

Using a combination of convection and conduction heating, the Mighty heats up in seconds to deliver thick, consistent clouds of vapor whether you’re vaporizing herbs, resins or oils and waxes.​

​Most Compact

New DaVinci Vaporizer the IQ

DaVinci IQ

Smart portable dry herb vaporizer.

The DaVinci IQ is ​the most compact dry herb vaporizer above $250. Versatile and sophistacted the IQ is one of the top ranked vaporizers on the market. The IQ app is one of the most advanced vaporizer apps out of all the smart vaporizers. Davinci offers a wide range of attachments and accessories to make the IQ even better.

Best Convection Over $250

Crafty Vaporizer


​Smart portable dry herb and wax vaporizer.

The Crafty and the Mighty are both made by Storz and Bickel. They were released at the same time in 2014. Storz in Bickel is the company behind the Volcano and Plenty vaporizers which are both very popular devices. The Mighty and Craft are very similar but the Mighty is larger and has a better battery life while the Crafty is smaller and has a Bluetooth app.​

Best Water Filtration Over $250

Portable Water Vaporizer

Hydrology 9

Portable water filtration dry herb vaporizer.

The Hydrology 9 water vaporizer is a bong on steroids. This new and innovative device has given new life to a industry that has not seen a whole lot of changes in the way devices are made in quite a while. If you are looking for one of the healthiest ways to consume your medical cannabis the Hydrology 9 offers a refreshing cool hit. You can learn more about this great device here.

Best ​3 in 1 Complete Over $250

New Haze Vaporizer Review

HAZE Dual V3

Portable 3 in 1 vaporizer.

The HAZE Dual 3 has 2 oven chambers and has perhaps more versatility than any other vaporizer on the market. The HAZE Dual V3 is a multi material vaporizer that vapes dry herbs, liquids, and concentrates.​

Best Dry Herb ​Only Over 250

DynaVap M Vaporizer One Hitter

Arizer Solo 2

Portable dry herb vaporizer.

​Arizer is a popular Canadian vaporizer company​. Arizer has been making vaporizers for quite a long time and is one of the oldest in the industry. ​

​Arizer has just recently updated their Solo portable vaporizer and the Solo 2 is now available. The Solo 2 has a long lasting battery and delivers efficient and smooth draws. The Arizer, similar to the Mighty is more like a portable home vaporizer, but can be easily traveled with in your luggage (just not in your pocket). ​

Best Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Over 250

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

​Smart portable dry herb and wax vaporizer.

​New Releases

DynaVap M Vaporizer One Hitter

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Coming from Ghost Vapes is a well thought out and very well built new vaporizer called the Ghost MV1. This vaporizer has Bluetooth connectivity, a great application, vapes multiple materials, has a heat sink for a cooler hit, heats up fast, has minimal draw resistance, and produces great vapor. You can learn more about the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer here.

DynaVap M Vaporizer One Hitter

Loto Lux Vaporizer

Coming from Loto Labs is a brand new portable vaporizer unlike any other The Loto Lux is the first ever induction vaporizer that uses electromagnetism to vape your materials. This is one vaporizer you should definitly look into if you are planning on spending the big bucks for a portable vaporizer and are looking fora unit that can vape all 3 mediums - dry herbs, concentrates, and liquids. You can learn more about the Loto Lux Vaporizer here.

Explore Vaporizers by Price and Category

Arizer Extreme Q Home Desktop Vaporizer Review

New and Improved from the Already Popular Arizer V Tower

The new model of the Arizer Extreme - now called the Extreme Q has been redesigned and re-engineered to be even more powerful, durable, efficient, and reliable. The Arizer Extreme Q uses precision temperature control and variable fan speeds to perform at a high performance level.

Arizer Extreme Q Whip or Balloon

The Arizer Extreme Q can be used with a convenient whip system that is designed using medical grade silicone tubing and borosilicate glass. These materials help to deliver a more pure, smooth and tasty vapor that is nice and cool. The Extreme Q is able to be used with either the balloon or the whip - having the option to vape with both makes the Extreme Q more versatile and entertaining. The built in 3 speed fan can be used to switch things up and personalize and optimize your vaping session. Whether you are intending on using the Extreme Q for aromatherapy or other reasons it is a high performing and very affordable vaporizer.

Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control

Why get up twice when you only have to get up one? The Arizer Extreme Q is the world’s very first remote controlled desktop vaporizer. This feature is under rated and until you use a vaporizer with a remote control you don't really know what your missing out on. Imagine you did not have a remote for your tv... just saying. This is a sweet feature that Arizer has included in the Extreme Q.

Arizer Extreme Q Build Quality

The Arizer Extreme Q has a dual wall stainless steel outer casing with a dark chrome finish that not only looks elegant but has been designed to keep the unit cool to the touch. Glass parts are used throughout the device wherever possible to help achieve a more cool smooth vaping experience. The Arizer Extreme Q is manufactured with high quality materials that are food and medical grade certified. If you are looking for one of the best desktop vaporizers for home use than this unit is one of the best option available.

Learn More or Purchase the Arizer Extreme Q Here

Original and Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review – Best Home Vaporizer

Is the Volcano Worth the Price Tag? Why Is it So Expensive?

The VOLCANO is regarded as the best vaporizer because it is made of the best materials and from quality craftsmanship. The VOLCANO is built for ultimate high performance with extremely precise temp control. Using the correct components and the correct means for extracting and delivering the ingredients of dry herbs is why the Volcano delivers flavorful and efficient vapor over other methods. Many vaporizer companies use low-quality materials with less than precise temperature controls while claiming that they do. Through not using the correct materials and the best practices for extraction and delivery you will end up causing combustion and wasting materials. Vape critics and cannabis lovers all over the world agree that the Volcano is number 1. The Volcano comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and receives the top reviews of any vaporizer ever released.

Buy the Digit Volcano Vaporizer Here

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Image Above - Volcano Digit (newer model)

Volcano Vaporizer Technology

Volcano uses its own unique patented system technology. The Volcano uses efficient and controlled technology that allows the user or users to achieve the best vapor results time and time again. The Volcano is a smooth device that gently heats materials to extract flavor and aroma carefully and without over cooking it. The extracted vapor ingredients are collected in a Balloon that you connect to the top of the device (included with the Volcano package).

Buy the Original Volcano Vaporizer Here

Volcano Vaporizer

Image Above - Volcano Original

Volcano Vaporizer Air Pump

The Volcano Vaporizer has uses an air pump that enables it to create a constant and smooth air flow. In conjunction with the air pump the Volcano uses a heat exchanger to optimize the device and maintain a precise temperature level as it vapes your materials. The combo of the air pump and the heat exchanger allows you to achieve the greatest level of efficiency without having to compromise the taste.

How to Use the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is an easy to use device, regardless of the model you get. The Volcano is turned on by pressing the red switch to the on position (don't hit the green switch until the balloon is attached and the device is pre heated). Once you do this the Volcano will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes to reach your desired temperature. It will take a shorter time if you have it set to a lower temperature and bit longer to reach the higher temperatures. The material that you are using is placed into the filling chamber and than placed on top of the Volcano. At this point you can now attach the valve balloon and activate the green switch. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute that balloon will be expanded and you will need to switch the green button again to disconnect the balloon from the oven chamber. You can then attach the mouthpiece to the balloon and inhale the vapor.

How long can the vapor be kept in the balloon?

The balloon is not meant to store the vapor for long periods of time. It is recommended that you utilize the contents of the balloon within 5 to 10 minutes. This is because the vapor in the valve balloon will begin to condense and stick to the sides of the balloon after a short while.

How long can you use the same balloon?

It is mentioned on the official Volcano website that you should change the valve balloon when it gets dirty. Typically the balloon will last around 50 and 200 sessions before you should get a new one. This range is pretty big, so its best to use your own judgement and common sense as to when to replace it. If your the type of person who continues to leave vapor in the balloon for extended periods of time that you'll probably be in the closer to 50 session range.

Buy the Original Volcano Vaporizer Here

Buy the Digit Volcano Vaporizer Here

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