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Exxus Snap Vaporizer Preview | Adjustable Voltage Vape

Exxus Snap VV vaporizer is a small affordable mod that you can use with thc and cbd oil cartridges. This unit gives you the option between four voltage settings. The Exxus Snap has a simple minimalist look to it. The atomizer is held in place by a strong magnetic connection. This makes the changing of the atomizer quick and easy.

Exxus Snap Vaporizer

Exxus Snap VV Oil Cartridge Battery Mod Overview:

Vaporizer Highlights

  • Magnetic Thread Adapters
  • Compact size
  • Four Voltage Settings
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Pre heat functionality
  • Can use larger cartomizers

In the box:

  • Battery
  • Cartomizer (glass)
  • 2 Magnetic Rings (large and small)
  • USB Cable for charging

Recommended For:

This device is recommended for people who intend on vaping CBD oil and other cannabis oils. You are able to use a variety of oil cartridges with the Exxus Snap as the battery mod.

How to Use the Exxus Snap VV Oil Vaporizer:

When you first get the unit it will need to be charged for about 2 hours. When its charged you can fill up the included cartomizer with your CBD oil or other cannabis oils. You can also pick up a pre-filled oil cartridges at a local dispensary.

When you have an oil cartridge in place click the button five times to turn the device on. Once the vaporizer is on you can click the button three times to adjust the voltage. There are four voltage settings that you can cycle through. Red means 4.0 V while yellow tells 3.8 V. Green indicates 3.6 V. Lastly, blue color means 3.4 V. You can press and hold the button while breathing through the mouthpiece to operate the device.

If you are interested in purchasing this vaporizer battery mod package for oils you can do so here:

Buy Exxus Snap

What Portable Vaporizer has the Best Battery

A portable vaporizer is a great device to own for anyone who is looking to take the CBD or Cannabis experience on the go. Both CBD and THC based materials can be effectively and calculatedly absorbed through vapor transfer. There are a number of different types of vaporizers that you can get in today’s market. Dry herb vaporizers are the most popular, followed by concentrate and oil vaporizers and vaporizer pens. One of  the most important components of a portable vaporizer is the battery that runs it. If a portable vaporizer is not supported by a strong and long lasting battery than your vaping experience will not be able to go very far from home. Here we will take a look at some of the top portable vaporizers to understand what portable vaporizer has the best battery and why.

External vs Internal Battery Portable Vaporizers

An important thing to consider when looking into a portable vaporizer is the setup that it has regarding the battery which powers it. There are many devices that fall under each of the two categories for battery setup. 5 of the most popular vaporizers are the PAX 3, Crafty, Davinci IQ, and the Arizer Solo 2 and the Arizer Argo. Of these 5 devices 2 have external interchangeable batteries and 3 have internal charge only batteries.

Examples of Internal Batteries in Portable Vaporizers


PAX 3 – The PAX 3 has an internal only battery in which you cannot quickly swap in another when it loses a charge. You will need to plug the unit into a power source to recharge it. The PAX 3 is one of the fastest herbal vaporizers to heat up. This fast heat up paired with a strong battery makes the life cycle per charge of the PAX 3 pretty lengthy. With a 20 second heat up and strong battery the PAX 3 can support about 8 to 10 sessions per charge.

View PAX 3 here.

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty – Crafty is made by Storz and Bickel (manufacturer of the Volcano). The new version of the Crafty has a 20% stronger battery life than older models. The battery is still an internal only battery but with the 20% stronger life is able to last over an hour of usage time.

View Crafty here

Arizer Solo 2 – This vaporizer has a pretty massive battery in it and on a single charge lasts longer than any other portable vaporizer on the market. It is however a larger portable vaporizer that is not pocket friendly. This is not the type of vaporizer that you can slip into your pocket and walk around with all day. The vapor production and flavor that this unit produces is of top quality.

View Arizer Solo 2 here

Examples of External Batteries in Portable Vaporizers

Arizer Argo vaporizer

Arizer ArGo – One of the newest portable vaporizers available. The ArGo is made by Arizer the same manufacturer as the Solo mentioned above. Arizer has taken there superb battery components and convection style glass tubes to a compact on the go device. The ArGo uses an interchangeable battery that lasts many sessions.


New DaVinci Vaporizer the IQ

Davinci IQ – Compact, sophisticated and powerful. The Davinci IQ is app enabled and pocket friendly. Utilizing an external battery the IQ will keep lasting as long as you have extra batteries to replace them. Each external battery can be recharged to reset the clock. The IQ is one of the most popular portable vaporizers available.

View Davinci IQ

Current Winner for Best Battery in a Portable Vaporizer

The current champion for longest lasting battery in a portable vaporizer is the Arizer Solo 2. The Arizer is on the larger size when compared to other portable vaporizers. When looking only at how long a battery will last the Solo 2 is the current champion. Some people prefer to have the option to replace the battery with an extra that you can also carry around or quickly swap out in the case that the other is dead. Two of the best interchangeable battery vaporizers are the Arizer Argo and the Davinci IQ.

Tips To Choose The Right Marijuana Vaporizer

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Portable Vaporizers

Vaping is one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. A marijuana vaporizer helps you avoid almost 95% of the smoke that you would otherwise inhale and which could lead to a host of health issues. While the benefits of vaping are aplenty, with hundreds of marijuana vaporizers flooding the market today, it might be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs. Here are a few steps to help you narrow down your choices.

Types of vaporizer - There are different categories of vaporizers available. Vaporizer pens are the most popular. They are a good choice if you are looking to keep your cannabis usage discreet. Portable vaporizers are also hugely popular. Small and available in varied materials, they can be easily carried around.

Finally, there are the desktop vaporizers that are more suitable for people who like to vape in the comforts of their home. The desktop models are excellent and often have an edge over the portable models as they have more intake methods. Also, it is generally agreed that a desktop device offers better vape quality. So, determine your requirements and choose the one that best meets your vaping needs.

Set a budget - The prices of vaporizers vary widely. As with any other thing in life, decide how much you are willing to spend on it. Knowing your spending limit will help you choose faster. Also, check the price and quality of the accessories of the device. If you find a cheap vaporizer, but it has replacement parts and accessories that are overly priced, avoid it.

The right vape material - One crucial thing that you will need to decide is whether you want to go for marijuana flowers or concentrates such as waxes and oils. If you wish to use both, there are units that have both. If you have no experience with concentrates then you can go for dry herb vaporizers. If you have high tolerance levels though, you can consider using concentrates.

Duration of the draw - This is the time required to retrieve vapor from the vaporizer. You would want to go for a vaporizer that has minimal draw duration as it makes the experience of vaping more pleasant. Avoid vaporizers that come with long draw duration's as they may be poorly made.

Convection or conduction - Vaporization can happen in two different ways - convection and conduction. Conduction is vaporizing a substance with direct contact with a heat source and convection is when thermal energy is passed through the substance.

Quality of the vapor - Nothing can be worse than finding that the vapor you inhale tastes of smoke. Your vaporizer should release vapor that is aromatic and flavorsome. Generally, a device that uses convection is likely to offer better quality vapor.

Discreetness - It has been found that the more discreet a vaporizer, the more popular it is among customers. Go for devices that look stylish and at no point give away that you are vaping.

Device power source - If you want to use a handheld product, you will have to decide how you want it to be powered. You can either pick one that comes equipped with a rechargeable battery or you can choose the one that uses Butane to power itself. While most of the devices use rechargeable batteries, you can also get the more expensive Butane powered ones. If you are opting for the battery powered device, check if there is enough warranty for the battery in case it doesn't work soon after you buy it.

Temperature range - An important factor while selecting a vape pen is whether it has an adjustable temperature setting or not. While this may cost a little more, it is well worth the money. Most of the vaporizers come with some temperature control functionality. The latest models automatically manage the temperatures of the device. There are however several manual vaporizers too. The right temperature for your device will depend on your own usage requirements. Therefore, it is best that you get a vaporizer with some digital control to get the maximum out of your experience.

The durability of the device - If you are investing in a good quality vaporizer, you would want to go for something that is rigid, strong and durable. If your device is made of glass, you must be more careful. Make sure to check the quality of the glass to ensure that it does not crack when in use.

Marijuana vaporizers can be a large investment, so you would want to research your options well before you zero down on the right one. Remember there are a large range of marijuana vaporizer options for 2018 that you can pick from. Browse the extensive selections of vaporizers available and read user reviews to know about the best ones in the market. With the right marijuana vaporizer in your hands, you can look to a pleasant vaping experience.

Astra 2 Vaporizer Review | Haptic Feedback

Atmos has introduced a new dry herb only vaporizer called the Astra 2. The Astra 2 vaporizer is very similar to the Atmos Ruva with a few upgrades and new sophisticated looking design. Atmos​ offers a wide selection of​ vaporizer products that range from vape mods, wax pens, convection vaporizers, vape juices and everything in between. In this ​review we will be taking a closer look at the Atmos Astra 2 to see how it performs.

​Buy Astra 2 ​- Visit Atmos Website

Astra 2 Vaporizer Review

​Astra 2 - Haptic Feedback

​A vaporizer that lets you know what its up to through haptic feedback is a safer vaporizer. The Astra 2 uses vibrations to let you know that it has turned on and that it has reached its set temperature. This allows you to travel safely and also to conserve battery life by not turning the device on accidentally while in your pocket.

​Clear LED Screen

​In addition to the haptic vibration feedback that the Astra 2 is able to communicate with the device also includes a very clear LED screen that displays the remaining battery life and temperature settings.

​Range Temperature Control

​Using the LED screen and 2 temperature control arrow buttons you are able to choose any temperature to a 1 degree accuracy level between the range of 300 and 435 degrees Fahrenheit. ​On the lower end of the scale you can vape ​dry herbs at a temperature that will savor the flavor. While at the higher end you can expect to get quick hits that deliver big vapor clouds.

​Durable and Compact

​Standing only 4.05 iches in height, 1.8 inches in width, and 0.95 inches in depth the Astra 2 vaporizer is perfect for portability. The unit is housed with a scratch resistant anodized housing. For a compact vaporizer it has a considerably large oven.

​Atmos Website

​Fo quick and reliable shipping of the Astra 2 vaporizer we suggest ordering directly through the official Atmos website.

What Herbs Can You Vape | Vaporizing Legal Herbs

Vaporizing is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Cannabis is the most common herb associated with vaping but there are many different types of herbs that you can vape. The herbs listed below are all legal and will provide you with a an array of health benefits from improving digestive issues to enhancing spiritual knowledge!

Popular Herbs to Vaporize

​Popular Herbs to Vaporize

Vaporizing Chamomile -  190 °C

A herb that has been used for centuries. It is often brewed as tea and is known to help calm an upset stomach and as a sleep aid. Vaping chamomile gives the user a similar calming and soothing experience.

Green Tea -  190 °C

This caffeinated herb does wonders to give the user an energetic burst. Green tea also has anti - aging properties and an increase in focus.

Eucalyptus -  130 °C

There are many known health benefits to eucalyptus. This herb is an anti - inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and can be used to relieve colds and sore throats. This plant has a distinctive smell and taste which can be enjoyed through vaping.

Peppermint -  170 °C

This refreshing herb can be used to relieve headaches, improve digestion, enhance alertness, among others. Another bonus of vaping this herb is that it leaves you minty fresh!

Lavender -  130 °C

This popular herb not only has a great taste and herb but has many benefits. Lavender relieves  headaches, promotes healthy skin and hair, supports brain function, improves mode and reduces stress.

Catnip -  120 °C

Felines love this herb, and you should too. Although it makes cats go wild, it is a mild sedative that can induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and can help ward off a cold or flu in humans.

Sage -  190 °C

Used for centuries by Indigenous populations for its cleansing properties, this herb is great for vaping. It has shown to regulate menstrual cycles, relieve sore throats, and improve brain function.

Lemon Balm -  190 °C

Part of the mint family, this herb can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, and improve digestion. Vaping lemon balm can be used while camping as it is a natural mosquito repellent!

Ginseng -  180 °C

An integral part of Chinese medicine, ginseng has a multitude of uses. It can be used to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. It is no wonder that this herb has been used for centuries!

Valerian Root -  200 °C

This herb is most commonly used to treat sleep disorders and has been called “natures valium”. If you are having troubles sleeping, vaping this herb will really help you get some Zzz’s.

Yerba Mate -  190 °C

A popular herb in in South America, it is often brewed in tea for its stimulating effects. Yerba mate can increase mental and physical alertness giving you a quick burst of energy every time you vape!

Thyme -  190 °C

Often used for taste while cooking, thyme has other uses as well. Combining thyme with marijuana has been said to increase the effects of marijuana. It also has antimicrobial properties which can help keep your lungs healthy with every puff.

Rosemary -  130 °C

Another popular cooking herb can also be vaped. It can relieve headaches, increase mental focus, and has antimicrobial properties. It can also increase circulation in the body which can relieve an array of different problems such has joint and muscle pain.

Passionflower -  160 °C

This herb grows naturally over North America and has been used by Indigenous people to treat many different issues. It can be used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, and is effective in relaxing the user.

Blue Lotus -  130 °C

This product is often used in perfumes because it smells incredible. You can vape blue lotus and call it aromatherapy as it can be physically and mentally relaxing, and relieve depression and anxiety.

Lemongrass -  140 °C

Traditionally used in Vietnamese cuisine, it also has many benefits when vaped. It can relieve muscle pain, can be used as an antidepressant, and can protect you against fungal and bacterial infections. Lemongrass can also be used as a natural pesticide.

Damiana -  190 °C

This plant is comes from Mexico and Central America and was used by the Indigenous people as an aphrodisiac. It also can be used strengthen the nervous system, and treat anxiety and depression.

St. John’s Wort -  130 °C

This versatile plant is popular in the treatment of depression, sleep disorders, infections, and anxiety. It is important to note that St. John’s Wort has been known to render hormonal birth control ineffective.  Remember to be cautious when vaping this herb if you are a female on birth control!

Marshmallow -  170 °C

The marshmallows we roast over the fire were named after this plant for its white, fully petals. This herb helps relieve sore throats, reduce inflammation in the body, and aids in digestive disorders.

Clove -  125 °C

Clove has been used as a pain - reliever for some time now. This tasty herb is great for treating aches and pains. It can also be helpful for digestive issues.

Morning Glory -  190 °C

This herb contains a compound called Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is chemically similar to LSD. Although it is not a psychedelic drug, Morning Glory can be used during meditation to enhance spiritual connection. This herb also helps ease depression and anxiety and put the user in a better mood.

Rose Petals -  170 °C

This flower is most commonly associated with romantic gestures but did you know it can also be vaped? The petals of this flower can improve asthma symptoms, bronchitis and congestion. It can also help increase circulation and reduce stress.


Vaping these herbs on their own will be enjoyable, but mixing them could be even better. Mixing these herbs will give you multiple different benefits and can you will never get bored as there are numerous combinations of different herbs you can vape.

Don’t forget to buy certified organic herbs for your vaping needs. The last thing you want is to be vaping pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These negative chemicals will outweigh the positive effects of vaping.

Quest AeroInhaler Vaporizer | Aerosol THC Delivery System

​The cannabis industry continues to move forward at a relentless pace amidst all the backlash from strict government regulations around the world. The people have spoken and when there is a movement as powerful as the one behind the cannabis industry there is not much hope in stopping it. Companies like Quest, are bringing to market new and innovative ideas that make us rethink what cannabis consumption is all about. The Aero Inhaler Vaporizer seen here is a prime example of new ways to consume medical and recreational marijuana.

Aerosol THC Delivery System

​What is the Quest AeroInhaler Aerosol THC Delivery System

The Quest AeroInhaler is a new device that allows you to inhale puffs of approximately 10 mg of THC every time. Each cartridge gives you 100 puffs and can be picked up at many of the top dispensaries.​ The puffs send THC distillate directly into your lungs with no heat applied. This means there is no combustion which greatly reduces any irritating or burning of the throat. 

The AeroInhaler is the most simple cannabis delivery system on the market. You just place the actuator between your lips and press down. The Aersol delivers an excellent blend of ​herbal terpy flavor.

​AeroInhaler Distillate

A major concern with regular dab hits and dry herb hits using both the traditional flame and regular vaporizers is the whole guessing game behind the potency of each hit. With the Quest AeroInhaler, you are more in control of each session as it delivers the same dose with each puff.

​Quest distillate delivers pure THC ​that helps to eliminate the buzzy head high of a Sativa and the couch burdening low of an Indica. ​A ​measured, and metered dose allows you to get the desired effect you are after and not over do yourself by accident. ​The Quest distillate is created with added live resin which delivers great tasting terpins.​

​Did Someone Say Discrete?

​One of the big problems plaguing pretty much every other type of cannabis consumption method besides edibles is the smell. The distinct potency of cannabis although quite delightful to some, is a red flag and dead give a way to others. 

The Quest AeroInhaler is unique in that it has no odor that people around you can detect. This unit is truly one of the most discreet cannabis consumption methods that exists.

​Build and Safety

​Quest ​AeroInhaler is made with pharmaceutical-grade components. It is recommended to clean the actuator valve that dispenses the doseage on a frequent basis. Keeping the actuator clean will ensure that you are receiving the proper dosage level of each puff.

Arizer Go Vaporizer | Pocket Herb Vape

​Portable vaporizers continue to evolve and continue to become a popular product for cannabis and herbal plant enthusiasts. The ability to vaporizer both cannabis and other herbs is one of the best ways to extract and consume the active ingredients of pant material. ​Canadian company Arizer is at the forefront of this growing industry. With popular desktop and portable device, Arizer has become one of the dominant names in the vaporizer industry. Arizer has caught our attention once again with newly released news about a 3rd addition to there portable vaporizer lineup. The Arizer Go vaporizer is in the works and will be released soon.

Arizer Go Vaporizer

​What we know about the Arizer Go Vaporizer

​The Go will ​has been designed to be very portable and discrete. Built with a retractable glass mouthpiece, the Arizer Go takes the best from both the Air and Solo models. ​A easy to read digital display helps to communicate the devices current temperature, battery life, and additional options.

When more details come out about this model we will update this page. We are interested to know if this will be a dry herb only vaporizer, a concentrate only vaporier, or perhaps a multi material vaporizer. One of the most important aspects of a portable vaporizer is the battery that makes it run. By looking at the design I will assume that it is an internal battery (but I could very well be mistaken here). The small size of the Arizer Go also makes me believe that it will be a conduction heating vaporizer and not convection - This is something I hope to be wrong about. The other models of arizer vaporizers are all convection in a sense. However if this is a concentrate vaporizer designed for quick hits while on the go, then I might have t be a conduction one.

​Browse more from Arizer

​This is not Arizer's first entry into that vaporizer market. As most of you are well aware Arizer is one of the leading companies when it comes to both build quality and performance in the vaporizer industry.

​Arizer Air 2

​The Arizer Air 2 has now been released and can be purchase directly from the official Arizer website here and shipped to most countries around the world. The Air 2 is one of our top choices for a vaporizer under $250.

​Arizer Solo 2

​The new Arizer Solo 2 has a display screen that shows you the remaining battery life of the charge and also displays the devices current temperature. The Arizer Solo 2 has a stronger battery that lasts longer and charges quicker than the original. IThe temperate controls have been improved and now can be controlled through 1 degree temperature adjust-ability.

​Arizer Extreme Q

​The Arizer Extreme Q is the desktop model offered by Arizer. ​The Extreme Q is one of the only desktop vaporizer that ​gives users the option to control it by remote control. ​A balloon or a whip can be used with this convection desktop vaporizer. The Extreme Q tops our vaporizer ranking charts for best desktop budget vaporizer.

​Arzizer Go Release Date

​There is currently no official mention of a release date for the Arizer Go vaporizer. We wil update this page as we learn more about this new model from the Canadian vaporizer manufacturer.

How to Smoke Weed from a Vaporizer

​There are a few things you must understand when asking the question: How to smoke weed from a vaporizer. First of all, there are a number of different forms/mediums of weed. Secondly there are a number of different devices that you can use to vape one or all types of forms of weed. ​You need to narrow in on the type of weed you would like to smoke. As well as the type of vaporizer you want to smoke it with. In this article we will help you understand these two important factors. We will also inform you on the beset vaporizers to buy for each form of weed and the best accessories to go with them

How to smoke weed from a vaporizer

​Types of weed you can smoke from a vaporizer

​Dry herb weed

​Weed (marijuana) comes in a number of different forms. The most common type of weed that cannabis users use is dry herb. As you probably know, dry herb is the bud that grows and can be picked off of the hemp marijuana plant directly. These buds are trimmed down and stems snipped off so that you are able to purchase it by net weight.

​Wax weed

The second most common form of weed comes as a wax concentrate. Wax usually has a higher level of THC then dry herbs as it is refined and as the name suggests 'concentrated'.​

​Liquid weed

The third most common form of weed is a liquid or oil. BHO or Butane Hash Oil is a very popular form of cannabis consumption for medical marijuana patients. THC liquid is also higher in THC levels then dry herb.

​CBD and THC weed

All 3 of these forms of weed can be smoked (vaped) using a potable vaporizer.​ Another thing to note is that all 3 of these forms of weed can be either THC dominant or CBD dominant. THC will deliver psychoactive effects while CBD will not. CBD is the second most found compound in the hemp plant (next to THC) and is becoming more popular in the field of medicine.

​Types of vaporizers used to smoke weed

​Desktop vs portable weed vaporizers

​The two top level categories you can pick from before learning how to smoke weed from a vaporizer are desktop and portable. Desktop vaporizers are larger and must be plugged into a power source in order to function. Similar to a desktop computer it is designed for home use. Portable vaporizers are ones that can be used without having to be plugged into a power supply. Portable weed vaporizers use internal batteries which can be recharged.

Types of desktop vaporizers

​Desktop vaporizers ​powerful ​and effective. ​The most popular desktop vaporizer is the Volcano by Storz and Bickel. The Volcano is priced over $500 and is over a decade old. It uses convection heating and a balloon valve setup. You can view the Volcano and ​more of the best desktop vaporizers here.

Types of ​portable vaporizers

​Portable vaporizers is a broad term that ​has many sub levels. ​Under the umbrella of portable vaporizers falls; portable dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers (wax pens, concentrate vaporizers, concentrate pens, enails, dab pens), oil liquid vaporizers, and multi material vaporizers. You can learn more about each type and view the top devices within each by visiting our page on the best portable vaporizers.

​Cost of a weed vaporizer

​The cost can vary a great deal when looking to purchase a vaporizer. There are many things to take into account and depending on your needs will effect the price. If you are looking for a smart app powered vaporizer there are only a handful of options to choose from. If you are looking for a touch screen device there are only a couple of those as well. If you are looking for a cheap starter kit to give vaping a try there are tons of those to choose from.

Here are some categories that you call look into to see which vaporizer falls within your budget and meets your requirements:

​​Grinders for vaporizers

​To get the best out of your desktop or portable vaporizer you will need a good grinder. When it comes to dry herbs you can't grind your material to small or it will pass through the filters. You can't leave your dry herb to clump either or it wont vape efficiently. Luckily one of the best vaporizer manufactures has the perfect solution. PAX Labs, the team behind the popular PAX 1, 2 and 3 vaporizers has introduced the PAX grinder. This grinder will allow you to grind your herb to get the best performance from your vaporizer.

​More readings on how to smoke weed from a vaporizer

​There are lots of things to learn about when it comes to vaporizers and how to choose the right one. Here are some additional readings that may help you in your search for the perfect weed vaporizer. Its a good idea to first narrow in on the type of weed you will be smoking, and the type of vaporizer you will want to smoke it with. Then by looking into those specific vaporizers you can easily read the instructions on how to smoke weed from a vaporizer.

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