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How to Use a Vape Pen with Wax, Oil, Dry Herb, and E-Juice

The common misconception about vaping is that you can use a Vape Pen for all substances. Vaporizers are available in different shapes and sizes, each with a design to use certain substances.

How to get the right dosage for vaping CBD

Image Link: Vape Pen

The point of contention is to get the difference between the ones you use for E-juice, dry herb, and oil. 

What is a Vape Pen?

The Vape pen is a device with a source of power that heats the cartridges to produce vapor. They can fit snugly into your shirt pocket and obtain power from rechargeable batteries. 

A Vape pen, to some, is the new version of the old e-cigarettes model. They derive their name from their design and the operation mode. The source of power is replaceable with different components like chargers, batteries, and atomizers. Some will come with a button-like switch for powering on the device. 

Substances to use with a Vape Pen 

When shopping for a vaporizer, it is good to be aware of what you intend to use with the specific Vape pen. Some vaporizers make use of CBD oil while others work well with dry herbs. The substances you can use with Vape pens include:

  • E-juice 
  • CBD Oil  
  • Dry herbs 
  • Wax 

Guide to Using a Vape Pen With Various Substances

Firstly, you need to understand what substance you should pick that suit your vaping requirements. Charge the battery to full capacity before first-time use to increase its durability. An essential tip is to start by going through the user manual and note how to charge the device. 

To turn on the device, you press the button a certain number of times according to the instructions provided in the manual. Also, study the voltage variation by reading the 

Vape’s manual to know how to control the device. 

  • Oil Cartridges 

When set to use the CBD oil cartridges, remove a rubber seal from the lower section, and connect the batteries. Test the oil cartridges by taking a small puff. Be cautious with THC oil substances, pause for a moment, and gauge its possible effects.

If you are using a Vape pen with a silica wick, push the voltage gauge to lower variations between 3.3 and 3.8 volts. Low voltage protects you from inhaling dry burns. 

Ceramic-based Vape pens demand a higher voltage to give quality puffs.

  • Concentrates and Wax 

Vape pens also give users of wax, and CBD concentrates the option of enjoying their cannabis. Wax, also known as Dabs, is a better alternative to using the bong. A dab pen is discreet and convenient, for it allows you to use pure CBD crystals in place of wax. 

Put a little concentrate into the heating compartment using a tabbed tool. Push the fire button so that the melting process begins, then take a puff as you hold the button. Always start with smaller puffs to gauge the potency.

Keep pushing the fire button while inhaling to avoid getting too hot. Wait for a few minutes after every puff to determine the effects when using the THC wax. Pausing between puffs also allows you to take bigger draws. 

  • Vape Pen with E-Juice 

The E-liquid or E-juice work in the same manner as a Vape pen that vaporizes oils. Two types of E-juice vape pens exist with the first being mouth to lungs (MTL) and the second one is the direct lung (DL). 

The MTL stimulates the normal smoking experience but needs tighter draws. The second option has a better airflow system that gives satisfying clouds.

To use it more effectively, load the E-juice tank using your preferred liquid. Avoid the temptation of overfilling the tank. Allow the coil to heat for at least five minutes. Pull in some small draws as you check the effects until the flavor disappears or when you start getting a blunt taste.For all your Vape needs you can trust Getkush and order today to reap all benefits. 

  • Vape Pen with Dry Herbs 

Some studies suggest that vaping dry herbs like marijuana is healthier than smoking cigarettes. Using the Vape pen on dry herbs uses a different approach. They vaporize the cannabis flowers and not the oil. 

The oven they use is self-contained and uses two heat transfer processes convection and conduction to convert the herbs to vapor form. When using dry herbs, begin by ensuring the oven is clean to avoid any contamination. Switch on the pen and let it go through two to three heating cycles under high temperatures. 

Get the right potency to grind all the herbs and push them through the oven chamber. Distribute the herbs evenly for the best effect.

Set a suitable temperature, then let the Vape pen heat for some seconds. Start taking small draws after it attains the set temperature. Do not allow de-carbonation to take place because it increases the heat within the chamber. 

Some Vape pen dry herb models have session cutoffs that you can adjust to your liking. The least timing ranges from five to eight minutes.

Essential Maintenance for a Vape Pen 

Image Link: Taking care of your Vape Pen

  • Regular Cleaning 

Periodically clean the threads using alcohol-based cleaners such as isopropyl alcohol.

  • Protect your battery 

Using the right charger will make your battery last longer. Charge the battery to full capacity for first-time use. For your safety, avoid using the Vape pen when charging. 

  • Replacing parts 

Always have your spares on handy to avoid disappointments. All available parts must be compatible with your Vape pen.

  1. Proper Usage 

The various designs and models mean they operate in different modes. Some will indicate voltage levels using LED lights. Others have a cut-off system that prevents overheating. 

Read the guide before making use of the vape pen. Look at the marked level for the substance you are using to avoid leakages and clogging. Also, make sure the Vape pen is switched to off before putting it in your pocket or storing it away.


Vape pens are the most straightforward tools for recreational use. Their size fits well in your pocket. The most important thing to do is to make sure that before purchasing your pen, you know what substance to use. 

With so many substances that will make your Vape pen usable, this guide takes you through the process of using a pen on various substances.

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Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid Review

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid offers you a specially formulated all-natural industrial hemp CBD product that contains no illicit substance and no synthetic cannabinoids as verified by independent third-party laboratories. This vape liquid is one of Diamond’s smoothest, most relaxing vape liquids available to consumers on the market today. Combine that with the added benefits of all-natural CBD, and you have a product designed to make you feel like you are swimming through the air.

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid Review

Diamond CBD All-Natural Industrial Hemp CBD

Aside from the sweet flavor of Relax Vape Liquid, some people say that industrial hemp CBD may help in relieving pain and with mental clarity also. All-natural industrial hemp CBD is one of nature’s wonders, and the Relax line of products is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this all-natural substance. Plus, when it comes to quality, Diamond CBD starts at the beginning. Diamond CBD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the hottest stocks on the market today,  PotNetwork Holdings (POTN), always has the latest in high-quality industrial hemp CBD products. Their process includes only Non-GMO organically-grown plants and the best raw materials. Their supercritical CO2 extraction process retains all naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant, making sure only the best products make their way out and to the public.

Plus, unlike other CBD brands, you already know that Diamond CBD’s team of chemists and scientists do what it takes to ensure that no synthetics are in these products. In fact, they back up this guarantee through independent, third-party analysis of all of their brands. A brand name in the CBD business, Diamond continues to establish itself and its product lines as the number one entity in the market. With a focus on research and development, Diamond CBD not only promises quality throughout the entire process of development and distribution, but they are also trying to shift the mainstream conversation about CBD towards a more medical-based model.


Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is a specially-formulated product designed very specifically for the vaping crowd who is looking to relax. Available in quantities of 12 ml, this product is easy to use – just a few drops from the dropper into your vape and you are ready to go. After only a few puffs you will start to feel a sense of calm and relaxation as your stress and anxiety begin to melt away.

A Sweet, Delicious Relaxing Sensation

  • Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid comes in two very sweet, very delicious, but not overwhelming flavors that are guaranteed to keep your stress levels at bay:
  • Relax (Vape Liquid) 12ml – Jungle Juice – A strong, bold flavor that combines the best and sweetest berries you love while still remaining quiet and relaxing.
  • Relax (Vape Liquid) 12ml – Strawberry – The sweet, juicy fruit flavor of strawberry combined with Diamond CBD’s well-known brand of all-natural industrial hemp CBD.

In fact, the all-natural industrial hemp CBD is really what gives Relax Vape Liquid its name and its defining quality. Known for its possibility of helping with stress and anxiety, as well as for its purported calming effects, CBD turns any quick vape session into a relaxing moment. Many have laid claim that CBD had some positive uses if inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD oil that you will find in this vape liquid may affect different parts of your system. Some even say it may help provide a boost to your cognitive functions.

What’s In The Bottle

Taking a look at Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid, you will notice that it is the perfect size bottle to take traveling with you wherever you go. All you need to do is take the dropper and add the liquid to your vape, and you are ready for the most calming, relaxing vape session ever. Looking inside the bottle, however, we see the product contains:

  • Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) – As stated an extraordinarily safe and continuously-researched extract.
  • USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin
  • Artificial Flavoring – for that delicious taste and smell

As you can see, there is not a huge list of chemicals associated with Relax Liquid Vape, another reason that you can, well… relax.

So, What Can Relax Vape Liquid Do For Me?

More than just giving you a general feeling of relaxation, Relax Vape liquid can possibly offer you a number of benefits, all of which are related to the use of CBD:

  • It can perhaps help to relax and calm your entire body from head-to-toe
  • Some say it is excellent as an everyday supplement to help promote stress reduction
  • Still, some say that it helps tension caused by stress and anxiety
  • It has the possibility of relaxing your mind and helping with mental alertness due to less stress

The Bottom Line

What you should remember is that Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is part of the company’s line of all-natural CBD products. They are Non-GMO and contain no THC, no illicit substances, and no synthetic cannabinoids whatsoever. It has all been verified repeatedly by third-party independent lab testing.  Each report has come back showing that their products are clean, safe, and reliable for you to use. It is an excellent thing to see in this day and age; a level of openness and transparency rarely found in businesses of this caliber.

However, no matter what you do, you should always remember to be on the lookout for CBD products that can show they have absolutely no illicit substances or no synthetic cannabinoids in them. You also want to make sure they are verified by independent third-parties. Diamond CBD is a leader in the CBD industry and can make this guarantee easily.

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most popular items available from the entire line of Diamond CBD products. With one of the highest concentrations of CBD available, you will immediately begin to see results from this product. Many customers claim that Diamond’s products have helped them to reduce stress and anxiety, have helped them with joint and muscle pain, have helped to relieve inflammation, and have helped them to feel more relaxed. Of course, you have to try it for yourself to see what it can do for you.

KandyPens RUBI Vape Pen | Oil Pod Vaporizer

​KandyPens last ever vaporizer is finally here! Jk'ing, they'll probably have 10 more out by the end of the week ;). The new KandyPens RUBI has taken a page from the PAX Labs JUUL playbook. Resembling the PAX Era the KandyPens RUBI is a liquid oil refillable pod based system. In this article we will explain what exactly this means and also touch on the build quality and performance of this new KandyPens entry.

KandyPens RUBI Vape

​Same Same But ​Better

Open Pod System

​​Ask and you shal receive! The KandyPens Rubi is similar in looks to the popular PAX Era pod vaporizer. The RUBI is however more versatile and has a specific feature that most will be happy to hear about. The KandyPens take on a refillable thin liquid vape pen uses an 'open based system' opposed to a locked in pod system. By this I mean to say that with the RUBI you are able to easily fill the pods with your own e-juice and own CBD or THC liquids.

Leak Proof Design

​I think one of the reasons why some of the other pod systems were built as enclosed systems was the fact that they did not have a good way to allow an open based system while keeping it leak proof. KandyPens has created a very simple 'door' or 'slot' that you just press into place and remove easily to solve this issue. I'm sure another reason for the enclosed system of other devices is to keep you ordering their pods as a money grab, but you don't have to worry about that with the RUBI.

​Under the Hood (Specs)

​A ceramic coil is the heating element that is surrounded by a Japanese cotton around the coil with a stainless tube inside. The coil itself is 1.6 Ohm with a 8.5 watt battery giving 3.7 volts. 

Weighing just half an ounce the RUBI is one of the lightest vape pens you can find. The thin design makes it extremely pocket friendly and portable. This to me is one of the most portable wax pens available. The battery is pretty small and will not last as long as most of the big pens will. On a single charge you will get around 30 to 50 rips on average. The battery does however charge very quickly at about 30 minutes.

​RUBI Vape Cost

​The KandyPens RUBI can be purchased for under $50. This is a solid deal in my opinion as the product is well built and produces descent vapor. You can use it with both THC/CBD liquids and flavored vape juices. The low price point, small size, sleek look makes it a winner in my books.

​Visit website here.

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Hash Oil Pen – THC Vape Pen Reviews

Cannabis vaporizers are designed to be used with the various mediums that cannabis naturally exists in or that has been manufactured to by human efforts. Dry herb (flower) vaporizers are the most commonly used cannabis vaporizer at the current time, but lately we have seen tremendous growth in the concentrate cannabis niche. Liquid concentrates and solid concentrates are growing cannabis mediums that more cannabis enthusiasts are beginning to try.

Among the many names that concentrate vaporizers go by, there are - Shatter Pens, Dabs Pens, THC Oil Pens, Hash Oil Pen, Pens for wax and so on. A Hash Oil pen can come pre filled with THC liquid inside of it already, where you can than either dispose of it or in many cases order additional cartridges. Let's check out some of the cannabis industries best Hash oil pens.

Hash Oil Pen

What is Hash Oil

Cannabis oil or hash oil is extracted THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) from cannabis. More so THC oil is the extracted matter of the female cannabis flower/plant. Hash oil is typically extracted using a solvent and through a high-pressure force or by a process of washing the material in isopropanol. Cannabis oil is normally between 60% and 90% THC. Hash cannabis oil is highly potent in THC levels as you can see when compared to loose leaf cannabis that is typically between 12% and 25%.

When You First Get a Hash Oil Vaporizer Pen

First off when you first get a vaporizer a best practice that should always be undertaken is to plug it in and let it charge fully. After you do this you should turn it on and let it run without actually loading it or inhaling from it. This will burn off any excess chemicals or liquids that may have gotten onto the parts while it was being constructed. Of course you should also read the manual and sign up for the manufacturers warranty which is likely a sign up on there official site.

Using a Hash Oil Pen

A Hash Oil Pen is a type of vaporizer that uses concentrated cannabis. Concentrated cannabis is much higher in potency meaning the levels of THC are high. You do not need to go to town and inhale to many times with these devices. A hash oil pen can be hit just a few times and deliver enough cannabis to get you were you need to be. If you continue to inhale and inhale you will be really just wasting your material. Hash oil density can vary and it can be either more of a liquid or a bit more solid. There are various vaporizer that you can get for the different mediums. There are dabbing vaporizer pens known as dab pens - here is one of the best dab pens you can get. There are also prefilled hash/thc pens such as the one from heavy hitters here.

THC Oil or Hash oil makes more of a mess than typical dry herb buds. If you are using a concentrate vaporizer you will need to stay on top of the maintenance of the device to ensure that it remains clean and unclogged. Vape cartridges with more liquid substance are more manageable it terms of keeping your device clean since there is no loading of the material, its simply replacing a cartridge when one runs out. Most dispensaries have a few options to choose from and also carry waxes and hash oil. Next time your at your local dispensary just ask or have a quick browse at there selection.

Cheap Hash Oil Pens and CBD Oil Pens

What is an Oil Vape Pen? Oil vape pens are vaporizers designed to be used with liquid concentrates. Concentrates such as Butane Hash Oil (BHO) for example. Here we look at the best oil vape pens on the market today and the ones that will give you the most value and pleasure for their cost. We found that the Optimus V2 Kit from Atmos is the best choice when taking into consideration overall price, device functionality, quality of material, battery power and charging as well as overall vaping consistency and experience. Our second choice is the PIQ Kit for its great price and value.

#1 Optimus V2 Kit $54.95 US

#2 PIQ Kit $21.95 US

#3 Ole Vape Kit $34.95 US

Vape Bright - Pre Filled CBD Vaporizer Pen

The Vape Bright CBD vaporizer comes pre filled with CBD oil. This is a very simple solution and perfect for anyone wanting to try CBD proucts. CBD, unlike THC does not get you high. CBD is a compund found in THC that many people are trying for a wide range of illnesses and diseases. A notable reason that many people are using CBD oil is for anxiety. You can look more into the Vape Bright pre filled CBD vaporizer here (you can use coupon code VSMOOTH to save 10% on any purchase made from them).

Whats the best type of oil for my oil vape pen?

After you've purchased one of the best oil vape pens, you need to make sure you are using the best kind of oil concentrate. There are 3 main types of cannabis that are turned into the oil you will use for your oil vape pen. Knowing the effects of these 3 types of cannabis will make or break your vaping experience. If you are a seasoned vet when it comes to cannabis you will already know how your body is affected by the 3 types and which one you prefer in certain situations.

About Cannabis Vaporizers

A vaporizer started out being a device for humidifying materials that have therapeutic traits outside of cannabis. Thanks to legalization laws, increased use, and positive changes in the marijuana industry, we now have cannabis vapes that come in many different types and styles. The cannabis vaporizer industry is booming with success and as the name suggests is a device that is used to vaporize marijuana. A vape pen is a portable device that can be used while on the go. Continue reading our article to learn more about Cannabis Vaporizers. You can also read up on Cannabis on Wikipedia here to learn more.

Quattro Heavy Hitters 4 in 1 Vaporizer

Coming from the company Heavy Hitters is a device called the Quattro vaporizer. This THC oil concentrate vaporizer allows you to combine 4 vaporizer pens into one to get truly massive hits. The Quattro works immediately as you inhale to take a hit.

Quattro Heavy Hitter Vaporizer

Image source (twitter @heavyhitterstcp) -

Quattro Vaporizer

A super unique device that brings 4 vape pens together that you can hit all at once or as a combination of any of the 4 pens. Included in the package you get are different mouthpiece designs that will block 1, 2, or 3 of the pens to limit the size of your hit. For the brave souls, there is the wide open hit all 4 at once mouth piece. The sides of the case that combines the 4 vape pens has holes that allow the whole unit to stay cooler and not get to hot, and also allows you to see the amount of concentrates left in each vape pen.

Quattro Vaporizer 4 in 1 Vape Pens THC Juice

Image source (twitter @heavyhitterstcp) -

One of the best perks about the Quattro Heavy Hitter is that you can mix and match the strains to get a nice herbal blend. You can mix 4 of your favorite strains or go heavy on one over the other. The Quattro produces some pretty big clouds, especially for a cannabis vaporizer.. perhaps that is because you are hitting 4 vaporizers at once. As you inhale the bottom of the Quattro vaporizer lights up which helps to indicate which pens inside are currently functioning.

Quattro Vaporizer by Heavy Hitters - SilencedHippie Demonstration Video

THC Vape Juice and Best E-liquid Brands

Portable vaporizers are on the rise! and with them comes an insane variety of vape juices. Here we will take a look at some of the best e-liquid marketplaces and what companies are making the best blends of e-juices. Depending on the type of vaporizer you use and your desired effect will help to determine what brand and flavors are right for you.

Vape e-liquids and oils differ and can contain THC, CBD, Nicotine, or just flavored vapor juice. THC vape juice is also different from CBD vape juice, and again nicotine vape juice is different as well. We will touch on each of these as well as the best brands in the industry.

THC Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice ​and CBD vape additive is a type of liquid that comes from the hemp plant that does not contain the phsycoactive effects that are derived from the THC compound. CBD is the second most abundant compound found in the hemp plant and is one of the 85 that exist in cannabis plants. You ​browse products from the top CBD brands here.

Nicotine/Flavored Vape Juice

A rapidly growing industry both in the UK and in North America is the use of regulated and mechanical mods to vape flavored vape juices. Similar to an electronic cigarette, vape juices can contain traces of nicotine. You can order your vape juice with a percentage of it being nicotine and you can increase or decrease your dosage.

Many traditional smokers have begun using portable vaporizers to ease themselves off of tobacco and nicotine. There are countless varieties of vape juices from menthol and tobacco flavored, to tropical and dessert flavored vape juices. You can follow this link here to learn more about vaping e-liquids and the best vape juice brands.

THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice may be more commonly referred to as BHO (Butane Hash Oil) which is a kind of concentrate derived from the hemp plant. THC vape juice contains a higher percentage of THC then typical dry herbs. Many vape enthusiasts prefer to vape THC e-liquids and concentrates because they do not have to vape as much to achieve their desired effect. You can pick up THC products/concentrates such as BHO, Waxes, Edibles, and Dry Herbs from visiting a local cannabis dispensary.

One of the most reasonably priced THC liquid vaporizers is the PAX Era. You can pick up this device for around $29 and it can be used with a very wide range of THC concentrates.

Premium E-Liquids from the UK

Europe and North America are both seeing rapid growth in the portable vaporizer industry. The vaporizer industries in the two locations are growing in two different ways. In North America it is the cannabis industry that is accelerating the growth of portable vaporizers, and in the UK it is e-liquids and vape mods that are gaining steam. If you are looking for some of the best premium e-liquids from the UK we will point you in the right direction.

The demand for portable vaporizers has never been higher and due to the demand for both herbal vapes and liquid vapes we are seeing more and more innovations and new devices entering the global markets. You can get vape pens that are fairly cheap that are able to vape all 3 mediums that typically get vaped. These 3 mediums being dry herbs, concentrates such as wax, butter and shatter, as well as e-liquids.

Vaporizer Pen Reviews

Vape mods, tank systems, atomizers, clearomizers, mech mods, regulated mods, variable voltage devices are all increasing in popularity and with them is the rise of premium e-liquids from the UK. One of the best shops to get you premium e-liquids from is InfiniteVapour. This shop is based out of Bradford UK and comes highly recommended by its many returning customers. They offer a wide range of e-liquids and also e-cig starter kits for those just getting into the vaping culture.

Some of the most popular blends and flavors of e-juice are tobacco, mint, menthol, fruit flavors, and variations of hot and cold drinks. If you are keen on purchasing from one of the most popular brands of premium e-juices you will be happy to know that they carry one of the largest selections from any UK supplier. You are able to order ejuices from the comfort of your home and receive your package in as short as a few days. Here are some of the brands carried by InfinitiVapour: Cosmic Fog Vapors, Charlies Chalk Dust, Cuttwood, Button Junkie, Element Dripper Series, Element Traditional Series, Vampire Vape Liquid, KILO E-Liquid, Ruthless E-Juice, Infinite Vapour E-Liquid, HOF E-Liquid, Penguin, Clutch Vapors, FAR E-Liquids, Tonix E-Juices, and Nasty E-Liquid (pay no attention to the name of this last one, as its actually pretty tasty).

The vape culture in both North America and the UK is interesting to watch evolve and both locations are starting to purchase both cannabis products and e-cig products. What started in one location has quickly spread to the other and vis versa. The cannabis industry is booming with new laws and new regulations being passed in many American States and also in the great white north aka Canada. Canada is a country that aims to make cannabis legal across the entire nation by July 2017.

If you are new to the vape world and are confused about some of the terms laid out in this article we will break some of them down for you here. A ‘mod’ is the bottom part of a vaporizer that houses the battery. The top part is known as the ‘tank system’. The mod part will be either a regulated mod or mechanical mod. A ‘regulated mod’ is a mod that is designed to be safer for the user and will stop getting hotter once it reaches a specific temperature. Some regulated mods will be more advanced than others and may incorporate many heat settings while others will be programmed with just a few. A ‘mechanical mod’ is a mod that is self run that can be a bit more dangerous. It is recommended to only use a mech mod if you are familiar with them and know what you are doing. A mech mod does not have the components that regulate the flow of electricity and can get very hot and overheat.

The tank system of e-liquid vaporizers is made up of an atomizer (which is the heating element) and the clearomizer or cartomizer which is the cylinder that holds your eliquid. Vape mods and tank systems are usually interchangeable and you can upgrade your device and play mix and match. This allows you to be original and creative, you can have a certain vape setup for a particular mood that you are in or even for specific occasions. Some may be more portable than others while some may be more powerful and produce more smoke.

Regardless of what type of vaporizer mod you get you will need to fill it with an e-liquid. E-liquids can contain nicotine and many people use them to help slowly ease themselves off of it. You are able to choose from a range of percentage of nicotine all the way down to 0%. If you are looking for a new way to help quit smoking cigs than this may be a possible solution for you.

Thanks for reading our article on premium e-liquids from the UK and hopefully you find a flavor and brand that you enjoy. Feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter below by providing your email address to stay updated on the newest and most innovative new devices entering the portable vaporizer market for both cannabis and e-liquid products.

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Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg G Pen – Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

New G Pen Elite Vaporizer

The New G Pen Elite - Now only $149.95. The newest and most powerful edition to the double G series is the G Pen Elite, a compact durable high performance dry herb vaporizer. Read a full review on the G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review.

Visit Official Site of the G Pen Elite and G Pen Series Here

Snoop Dogg G Pen Double G Series

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, two of the biggest icons in cannabis culture have perfected the art of the portable dry leaf vaporizer along with Grenco Science. The "G Pen" is an ultra light, smooth, and affordable vape pen that has quickly become a staple in the industry. The G Pen is part of a series of portable vapes called the Double G Series. The most popular being the Snoop Dogg G Pen for Ground Material, followed by the G 'Slim' models for ground materials and e-liquids. All models of the G Pen have shown great levels of success and vape enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming releases to the Double G Series.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg G Pen - The Double G series - It was only a matter of time

Snoop and Wiz Khalifa are both very active and recognized by the cannabis community on a global level. Wiz Khalifa has his own strand of cannabis called Khalifa Kush 'KK' which was made in partnership with RiverRock Cannabis. Wiz Khalifa used to purchase around $10,000 in cannabis each month and now gets his herb for free through 'The Cookie Company' that sponsors him. Snoop Dogg may very well be the largest icon in the cannabis community, rivaled only by the great Bob Marley. Song after song, film after film, interview after interview, Snoop Dogg is doing what he does best, smoke the ganja and bump the tunes. It has been reported that in 2013 Snoop was smoking around 80 blunts a day. That's a lot of weed. That's how much avid pot smokers smoke in 1 to 2 months. The point we are trying to make is that Snoop and Wiz were meant to have their own portable vaporizer.

Wiz Khalifa G Pen - Grenco Science

Wiz Khalifa with the G Pen

With cannabis becoming legalized in more and more locations across North America and the World, the vape industry is getting ready for yet another boom. Places such as California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have led the way and passed laws allowing Cannabis to be used for recreational purposes. Many places in the world allow cannabis to be used legally for medicinal purposes and often do not enforce the use of recreational cannabis. Canada is set to pass new laws in the spring of 2017 that will hopefully coincide to that of California and Washington. The Cannabis Culture is growing at a faster rate than ever before.

With new regulations and less laws being enforced the cannabis industry has room to grow. More people are trying cannabis for many reasons. Some for recreational use and others in attempt to heal them self from an illness or disease. There are many diseases and illnesses that people use medical marijuana for such as: PTSD, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, glaucoma, HIV, chronic pain, alzheimer's, and cancer. There have been major advancements in the cannabis industry, including vaporizers. Today's vaporizers are more efficient, longer lasting, and safer to use. This allows patients to freely enjoy their medicine while living a more active lifestyle.

The cannabis industry has been on the rise in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Many cannabis users have yet to experience the benefits of using a portable vaporizer. Using a portable vaporizer is the healthier alternative to using the combustion method. The main benefit being that it heats your material at a lower temperature than that of combustion, by doing this you are removing the tar and carcinogens that would otherwise be transferred into your body. Cannabis and tobacco users alike can benefit from the use of the Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa G Pen Series.

​The Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg G Pen collaborating with Grenco Science is a heavy hitting team, especially when the focus is on a product that the three are so passionate about. The G Pen is priced very competitively at only $19 to $75. The quality offered by the G Pen is comparable to other industry vapes that cost well over $200. With such an appealing price tag, celebrity backing, and quality made products it is easy to see why the G Series is so successful. Grenco Science has had a number of famous collaborations in the past including collaborations with Burton, Zed's Dead, Taylor Gang, and The Game to name a few. Although the vape industry is packed with quality devices, there are no vaporizers more iconic than the Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg G Pen Series.

Grenco Science Portable Vaporizer G Series

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Newsletter & Giveaways

Vaporizer and CBD brands give us free products to giveaway to our newsletter subscribers!

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