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Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid Review

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid offers you a specially formulated all-natural industrial hemp CBD product that contains no illicit substance and no synthetic cannabinoids as verified by independent third-party laboratories. This vape liquid is one of Diamond’s smoothest, most relaxing vape liquids available to consumers on the market today. Combine that with the added benefits of all-natural CBD, and you have a product designed to make you feel like you are swimming through the air.

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid Review

Diamond CBD All-Natural Industrial Hemp CBD

Aside from the sweet flavor of Relax Vape Liquid, some people say that industrial hemp CBD may help in relieving pain and with mental clarity also. All-natural industrial hemp CBD is one of nature’s wonders, and the Relax line of products is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this all-natural substance. Plus, when it comes to quality, Diamond CBD starts at the beginning. Diamond CBD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the hottest stocks on the market today,  PotNetwork Holdings (POTN), always has the latest in high-quality industrial hemp CBD products. Their process includes only Non-GMO organically-grown plants and the best raw materials. Their supercritical CO2 extraction process retains all naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant, making sure only the best products make their way out and to the public.

Plus, unlike other CBD brands, you already know that Diamond CBD’s team of chemists and scientists do what it takes to ensure that no synthetics are in these products. In fact, they back up this guarantee through independent, third-party analysis of all of their brands. A brand name in the CBD business, Diamond continues to establish itself and its product lines as the number one entity in the market. With a focus on research and development, Diamond CBD not only promises quality throughout the entire process of development and distribution, but they are also trying to shift the mainstream conversation about CBD towards a more medical-based model.


Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is a specially-formulated product designed very specifically for the vaping crowd who is looking to relax. Available in quantities of 12 ml, this product is easy to use – just a few drops from the dropper into your vape and you are ready to go. After only a few puffs you will start to feel a sense of calm and relaxation as your stress and anxiety begin to melt away.

A Sweet, Delicious Relaxing Sensation

  • Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid comes in two very sweet, very delicious, but not overwhelming flavors that are guaranteed to keep your stress levels at bay:
  • Relax (Vape Liquid) 12ml – Jungle Juice – A strong, bold flavor that combines the best and sweetest berries you love while still remaining quiet and relaxing.
  • Relax (Vape Liquid) 12ml – Strawberry – The sweet, juicy fruit flavor of strawberry combined with Diamond CBD’s well-known brand of all-natural industrial hemp CBD.

In fact, the all-natural industrial hemp CBD is really what gives Relax Vape Liquid its name and its defining quality. Known for its possibility of helping with stress and anxiety, as well as for its purported calming effects, CBD turns any quick vape session into a relaxing moment. Many have laid claim that CBD had some positive uses if inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD oil that you will find in this vape liquid may affect different parts of your system. Some even say it may help provide a boost to your cognitive functions.

What’s In The Bottle

Taking a look at Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid, you will notice that it is the perfect size bottle to take traveling with you wherever you go. All you need to do is take the dropper and add the liquid to your vape, and you are ready for the most calming, relaxing vape session ever. Looking inside the bottle, however, we see the product contains:

  • Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) – As stated an extraordinarily safe and continuously-researched extract.
  • USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin
  • Artificial Flavoring – for that delicious taste and smell

As you can see, there is not a huge list of chemicals associated with Relax Liquid Vape, another reason that you can, well… relax.

So, What Can Relax Vape Liquid Do For Me?

More than just giving you a general feeling of relaxation, Relax Vape liquid can possibly offer you a number of benefits, all of which are related to the use of CBD:

  • It can perhaps help to relax and calm your entire body from head-to-toe
  • Some say it is excellent as an everyday supplement to help promote stress reduction
  • Still, some say that it helps tension caused by stress and anxiety
  • It has the possibility of relaxing your mind and helping with mental alertness due to less stress

The Bottom Line

What you should remember is that Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is part of the company’s line of all-natural CBD products. They are Non-GMO and contain no THC, no illicit substances, and no synthetic cannabinoids whatsoever. It has all been verified repeatedly by third-party independent lab testing.  Each report has come back showing that their products are clean, safe, and reliable for you to use. It is an excellent thing to see in this day and age; a level of openness and transparency rarely found in businesses of this caliber.

However, no matter what you do, you should always remember to be on the lookout for CBD products that can show they have absolutely no illicit substances or no synthetic cannabinoids in them. You also want to make sure they are verified by independent third-parties. Diamond CBD is a leader in the CBD industry and can make this guarantee easily.

Diamond CBD Relax Vape Liquid is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most popular items available from the entire line of Diamond CBD products. With one of the highest concentrations of CBD available, you will immediately begin to see results from this product. Many customers claim that Diamond’s products have helped them to reduce stress and anxiety, have helped them with joint and muscle pain, have helped to relieve inflammation, and have helped them to feel more relaxed. Of course, you have to try it for yourself to see what it can do for you.

History of Marijuana in Holistic Medicine | Medical Marijuana in History

As the overwhelming arguments for medical marijuana mount, the political pushback against the responsible dispensing of cannabis and medicinal weed oils persists. But it might surprise those who support the anti-marijuana lobby to learn how long and storied pot’s place in history actually is. 

A Few References to Marijuana in Ancient times

History is replete with references to cannabis use in throughout human civilization. Here are just a few mentions:

  • In ancient India, Hindus used to drink Bhang, which is a sort of milky drink made from cannabis plants. The worshippers believed that Shiva would drink Bhang to maintain a state of meditative bliss. It was also used to treat nervous disorders.
  • Around the 1st century A.D., Pliny the Elder wrote in reference to marijuana, “The root boiled in water eases cramped joints, gout too and similar violent pains. It is applied to raw burns, but is often changed before it gets dry.”
  • During the Egyptian campaigns, soldiers identified cannabis as a medicinal plant and brought it back to Europe to study its applications for medicine.


It wasn’t until the last hundred years or so that there’s been mass governmental efforts to control the distribution and use of cannabis in medicine.

Which Cultures Have Used Cannabis Medicinally?

While there’s no comprehensive accounting of the use of marijuana in holistic medicine throughout history, we can find many examples of great cultures and civilizations where cannabis has been used to treat pain, skin conditions, anxiety, and a number of other ailments with reported success. Among the different ancient cultures that documented cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes are:

  • Ancient China – As far back as 10,000 years ago
  • Sumeria – 5,000 – 4,000 B.C.
  • India – 2,000 – 1,400 B.C.
  • Scythia – 7th century B.C.
  • The Greek Empire – Around the 3rd century B.C.
  • The Roman Empire – Approximately the 1st century B.C.

When Did the Medical Marijuana Pushback Occur?

After about a century and a half of being legal in the United States, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was signed into law. While it didn’t outlaw medical marijuana, it made it illegal to sell or dispense cannabis without reporting it to the IRS. This law was replaced by the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, when despite significant evidence to the contrary, marijuana was listed as a Schedule I drug (high potential for abuse with no recognized medical value).

Looking Ahead at the Future of Marijuana in Holistic Medicine

There are currently 29 U.S. states that recognize the value of medical marijuana, as well as the District of Columbia. The Federal Government, however, hasn’t changed the schedule-level of marijuana and even dispensaries in states that have legalized medical cannabis are operating under the constant threat of being shut down.

Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, some doctors aren’t proponents of holistic medicine and the applications of medical marijuana, cannabis oil, or vape for dry flower. Do yourself a favor. If you think medical marijuana could be useful to your healthcare, research the physicians in your area who prescribe it to their patients.

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