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PAX Vaporizer on Amazon or Ebay – Why You Should Think Twice

Amazon and Ebay are two of the largest online marketplaces in the world. It only seems fitting that they would also have a handful of portable vaporizers listed in their results. Portable vaporizer brands are very careful with how they operate their businesses. Vaporizers are adult products and as such a more carefully controlled. When looking to buy a portable or desktop vaporizer on Amazon or Ebay you need to take precautions.

PAX Vaporizer on Amazon

PAX Vaporizer on Amazon

One of the most heavily searched for vaporizer on Amazon is the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers. We know this and so do scammers. If you happen to find a time where their is a PAX vaporizer in the listings you should take it with a grain of salt. Most products on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, and other product posting online marketplaces come from re-sellers. The official PAX Labs company does not officially sell their products on these websites. If you would like to be certain that you are ordering a 100% real PAX vaporizer. You should place your order directly through the PAX Official Website here.

PAX 2 Now Only $149 PAX 3 Now Only $199

Visit PAX Official Website

PAX 3 on Amazon

No matter which country you are looking in the PAX 3 vaporizer on Amazon does not exist from an authorized seller. If you see one you should be careful and to look into the seller and their reviews. You can view some of the best vaporizers on Amazon here - but again, it's always a safe bet to purchase a vaporizer directly from the manufacturer.

PAX Accessories on Amazon

Buying a PAX 3 on Amazon is something you should think twice about. This doesn't mean you can't find some cheap accessories that can pair with your PAX vaporizer on Amazon or Ebay. Amazon has some vaporizer cleaning kits, smell proof containers, protective carrying cases, and grinders. All these you can find online and can feel more confident with your orders.

More on PAX Vaporizers

PAX Labs has been very successful with their recent devices. The PAX original, PAX 2, PAX 3, and PAX Era are some of the industries most popular vaporizers. PAX 4 is something that we look forward to reviewing and as of this date their is no official mention, we hope to hear something in the not so distant future.

PAX 2 Now Only $149 PAX 3 Now Only $199

Visit PAX Official Website

PAX Grinder – Matte Black 3 Piece Aluminum Grinder

A top of the line premium grinder has been released by PAX. The PAX grinder is available in matte black and as you can see from the product image below looks very simple and classy. The PAX grinder is made using anodized aluminum, has a magnetic lid, crystal catcher, and has the PAX logo on the top side of the lid. If you are currently looking for a grinder that will grind your material perfectly for your PAX vaporizer this is the one.

As of Sept/20/2017 - PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

Visit the Official PAX Website Here to Learn More or Buy

PAX Grinder

If you are unfamiliar with how a grinder works we'll touch on that here. A grinder is what you use to grind your materials into smaller pieces. The PAX grinder has been designed to grind your material down to a fine material that is great for use with vaporizers. A 3 piece grinder is a grinder that has 3 compartments - the first is the one with the teeth and where you put in your flower/herb nuggets. You then twist the lid to allow the ground up material to fall into the second compartment below. The second compartment has a screen in the bottom of it that allows very very fine crystals to fall through. The crystals fall through into the 3rd compartment and over time you can let this build up. Crystals are very potent hit and can get you quite enlightened.

A product that you should consider looking into to keep your herb and crystals as fresh as possible is a smell proof container. Smell proof containers are more important if you are buying larger quantities of weed or if you don't plan on using your supply in a timely manner.

The PAX 3 has built in games and works with your smart device using Bluetooth connectivity. PAX is one of the most popular brands in the portable vaporizer industry and continues to be an innovator with each new product they release.

Up until now a PAX grinder has not existed, so this new accessory is a great new addition to the PAX family of products. With the PAX Grinder you can efficiently grate material with the tooth design and threading pattern to get the ultimate grind. You can buy the PAX Grinder by visiting the official website and it costs $59.99 US.

As of Sept/20/2017 - PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

Visit the Official PAX Website Here to Learn More or Buy

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