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How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

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The battery is one of the essential parts in most items nowadays, including laptops, mobile phones, and even vaporizers. According to research, there is an increase in the number of vapers majorly because it is safer than smoke. With this increased number, there are many vaporizers on the market that allow you to charge and recharge after use.

Besides, their portability is one of the reasons why vaporizers are gaining traction. Apart from allowing you to enjoy vaping anywhere you go, they deliver remarkable privacy during vaping.

But imagine the battery running out while you are vaping, it is frustrating since your vaporizer depends on the battery to give you an ultimate experience. You need to learn how to extend the battery life to keep the fun going. An excellent dry herb vaporizer with a long-lasting 510 thread battery gives you the ultimate vaping experience.

That said, here are some of the ways to extend the life of your vaporizer battery.

1. Switch Off the Vaporizer When Not In Use

In the same way that you turn off your other electronic devices like TV or laptop after use to extend their life; you should also use the same rules when it comes to vaporizers. You must turn off your device even when taking the shortest break possible.

Although it’s usual to forget to turn it off, it’s a practice that you develop over time, enabling you to save the battery power. This method is by far the easiest to extend the battery life because you won’t waste any energy from an unused device. Additionally, it will help the battery to maintain its ability to keep power for long. Some devices have the sleep mode feature; but, in sleep mode, the battery continues to drain energy, and this reduces its life over time.

2. Use The Right Charger

You will need to use the original charger of the device to ensure the battery fills up well. An inappropriate charge can affect longevity. With the increased availability of new vaporizers, each has a specific battery built for it. When dealing with any electronic, you should be cautious of explosions. An unsuitable charger can allow high voltage to pass, which ruins the battery. If the charger spoils, buy an original one from a trusted company. You can also consult vaping experts to make sure that you have an appropriate charger that won’t affect your battery.

3. Charge the Battery Properly

The life of a vaporizer battery depends on the way that you charge it. Don’t leave the device charging unattended because it can overcharge and damage the battery. Some experts suggest that you should avoid charging 100% if you want to maintain its lifespan. For example, you can charge up to 90% to avoid any damage and maintain the health of the battery. It is also imperative that you don’t let the battery drain out completely; an empty battery will consume a lot of power before powering up. Drain charging threatens the battery longevity, forcing you to replace it before its lifetime. On the same note, leaving the battery lying down after charging instead of putting back in the vaporizer can break its internal components.

4. Ensure You Clean the Battery

The battery can get dirty from dust or liquid spills, and this makes cleaning an essential thing. The performance of the vape pen decreases when there is dirt on the battery. It will require extra force to function and will drain energy more than usual. You can use cotton swabs to wipe the battery, as well as the points that connect it with the vaporizer. Clean the battery once a week to ensure it remains clean. Getting a dab pen for cheap even with great battery life is now possible with different offers online, so make sure that you get your hands on one and never settle for poor battery performance. 

5. Use It On Regular Basis

When you use the vaporizer regularly, you will have to charge and discharge frequently. This activity will help maintain the performance of the battery while at the same time, give you an excellent vaping experience. If you are a heavy vaper, you can buy extra batteries and use them alternatively and often. If you forget and use one battery only, you will soon wear it down. Try to switch your batteries frequently. Also, watch out not to over-vape in a bid to maintain battery life in a way that may be harmful to your health. One should also ensure that Vape cartridges are of high quality, which restricts battery drainage and provides a smoother experience. 

6. Beware of Fake Batteries

The cannabis and e-cigarette industry is growing by the day. As such, there are many sellers and a variety of products. In short, it is easy to confuse one product from another. When it comes to batteries, you need to be very careful to differentiate fake and original batteries.

Also, don’t mix batteries from different brands. Always match the batteries if you are using more than one to avoid any imbalances in durability and performance.

With time, batteries start to lose their capacity and strength. When your battery wears out, you should purchase a new one and replace them every six months. But make sure to buy from reputable vendors only.

7. Proper Storage

Storage has an impact on battery life. The battery may spoil if you leave it out in the cold or in the car on a hot day. High temperatures lead to loss of capacity, rapture, or leakage. Similarly, it cannot survive under frigid temperatures. You should, hence, place them in a safe place, away from dirt, moisture. Always store batteries in a cool place when not in use. Moreover, at least charge them up to 50-70% before you store them.


A damaged battery affects the quality of your vaping sessions. The tips discussed in this article will help you to extend the life of your battery and avoid frustrations. You don’t want to keep spending on the battery by replacing damaged or fake batteries from time to time. Adhering to these good practices will save you money and make your vaping experience better.

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How to choose a vape pen

How to get the right dosage for vaping CBD

How to choose a vape pen

If you are excited to catch up with the vaping trend and would love to explore it, then learning a few things about choosing a good vape pen can help you make a good investment. Vaping is gaining popularity across the world. While the trend started as an alternative to smoking, it is now catching up with the youngsters with the availability of a wide range of exciting e-juices on the market. Technology has influenced the area to introduce fabulous designs, portability, enhanced features in vaporizers that are starting to please a larger population than before.

Vape pens – The ease way to vape on the go

If you decide to buy a vaporizer, there are tons of choices to explore before you can settle on one. Multiple factors come into play while determining which types will match your requirements the best, for example, the basic design setup of the vaporizers. There are two types of vaping system designs – Desktop or portable. If you wish to install a vaping system at home, the desktop design will be the best fit, whereas if you would like to take it with you everywhere, petite vaporizers such as vape pens can be more useful. Similar choices exist based on heating systems too. Depending on the sample you wish to consume, and its form like in case of oil or wax, you can choose between conduction or convection heating systems.

Vape pens have become the undeniable choice among various vape enthusiasts today. One of the primary reasons behind this is its portability. Vape pens are small and concise and come in variable capacities and customizable options. It enables users to enjoy a wide variety of e-liquids and herbs on the go with ease. The increasing demand for vape pens has encouraged a ton of new manufacturers to enter the market. Hence the prices are also falling, and it could be the right time for you to pick out some great designs for use. If you wish to invest in a good vape pen, then here are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

  1. Determine the vape pen size: Size is an essential parameter to use to determine how to choose a vape pen. There are discreet design options you can place in your pocket, and others can be slightly longer with a larger capacity. Based on your aesthetic preference, you can pick between the two. Remember, small designs accommodate mostly oil and wax juices. If you wish to vaporize buds directly, you will need a slightly larger size with higher heating capacity.
  2. Decide what you want to vaporize: Other than just the size, what you want to vaporize determines all the necessary features you need to decide upon before you buy a vape pen. There are pens available to support oils, wax, or dry herbs. Each of these samples requires a different mode of heating and delivery for efficiency. In the case of dry herb heating, the system directly heats the herb and allows the essence to go into vapor. But the vapor, in this case, does not contain a pure form of the extracts. Oils and waxes are a rather clean and efficient way of enjoying the extracts. Some new designs, such as Evo Vape Pen, are compatible with all these samples making it a worthy investment. Shop here to find the product of your choice.
  3. Choose between reusable and one-time modules: Vape pens with preloaded oil cartridges are available on the market. This type of vape pens could be an excellent choice for novice vaping enthusiasts to learn while enjoying the experience. The problem with these is that they are not reusable, and it is not possible to replace the cartridges for experiencing any new extracts. Reusable pens offer the liberty to try any flavors you like and are also a good investment in the long run.
  4. Determine how much you know about vaping: For beginners, it is advisable to stick to preloaded vape pens with simple functionalities of a push button. These pens have pre-determined heat settings that let you enjoy vapors. As you progress, you can explore new designs that offer customizable heat settings. Temperature control over your samples can give you the power to enjoy your vaping sessions just the way you like. These programmable settings enable you to try and find the right fit for you.
  5. Heating method and vaping material: Most vape pens heat the sample using one of the following three methods – conduction, convection, or induction. Convection is the best choice for heating as it does not directly heat the sample. The conduction system is instant but comes with the chance of overheating the vaping material. Induction based systems are very scarce today but show immense potential with the growing market.
  6. Pay attention to the battery: If you would like to have the best portable vaping device, the battery is the main component to evaluate before you decide. The battery life of your device should match your usage to make sure you don’t end up draining it too often. Next is the output. In the case of oil and wax substrates, the heat required is minimum to achieve the best results. Slightly higher input will give you an enhanced experience. But herbs need a higher heating capacity. It ensures you receive the flavors well. Hence match the type of sample you want to vaporize and the battery capacity. 

Rechargeable batteries are the best as they help you reuse the modules as many times as required. Explore temperature control settings of your vape pens to customize the heat setting to suit your experience. Avoid vape pens that get dangerously hot as it could lead to an explosion of the battery.

Stick to your budget. There are vape pen options in overwhelming price ranges, but that doesn’t mean you always have to invest in luxurious systems for the best experience. There are quality vape pen choices in affordable price ranges. Research around to explore the market a little before you narrow down your choices. Be careful while choosing the material of your vape pens. Avoid cheap variations with materials, such as Teflon, as these may cause serious side effects. Do not fall for buying cheap vape pens that are unpredictable. Vaping from these systems can cause catamorphic effects. Currently, the industry is quite vague about the regulations and safety measures. Hence, do not forget to take a few precautions while you are shopping for a vape pen to ensure your safety.

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10 Best Portable Vaporizers This Year | THC/CBD

Atomic 9 Vaporizer Review

Atomic9 Vaporizer

$59 – Best Budget Vaporizer Deal – View

10 Best Portable Vaporizers This Year | THC/CBD

Here you will find popular brands such as Cloudious9, PAX, Firefly, Storz and Bickel, DaVinci, and Arizer to name a few. On this page you will find our top picks for portable vaporizers going into the 2019 Christmas season.





Best Overall Vaporizer Under 200



Best Budget Vaporizer


Atomic 9 Vaporizer Review

Best ​On Demand

​Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Best Overall Vaporizer ​Over 250


Crafty Vaporizer

​​Best Water Filtration Dry Herb


Portable Water Vaporizer

Best Dry Herb Only Under 250

​Arizer ​Air 2

Best Dry Herb Only Under 150

​PAX 2

PAX 2 Vaporizer

Evri Vaporizer Review | Dip Devices | Dab Pen and Vape Pen

Evri Vaporizer Review Dip Devices Dab Pen and Vape Pen

Evri Vaporizer Review | Dip Devices | Dab Pen and Vape Pen

EVRI by Dip Devices is a multi-functional consumption solution. EVRI features a battery that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows consumption of concentrate directly from its container, 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods, and many more on the way. EVRI evolves with consumption. (Note that the cartridge and refillable pod are two sides of the same attachment–cartridge pictured not included with attachment.) 1% of all EVRI sales donated to drug policy reform via and

visit DipStick Vapes here.


Dipper is manufactured for more durability and higher power while EVRI offers more functionality and a smaller device profile.


The Dipper is built for extreme durability, reliability, and easy cleaning. The Dipper has higher power settings, which allow for a robust vaping experience and includes a comprehensive one year warranty.


EVRI’s universal battery offers a platform for unlimited functionality in a small form factor. Customers will never have to worry about their vaporizer battery becoming obsolete.

visit DipStick Vapes here.

Atomic9 Vaporizer Review After 2 Months of Usage | Hybrid Heating by Cloudious9

Atomic 9 Vaporizer Review

Atomic9 Vaporizer Review | Hybrid Heating by Cloudious9

It has been a little over 2 years since Cloudious9 released its innovative portable water filtration vaporizer. The Hydrology9 resembled that of a futuristic lightsaber lava lamp. We are happy to announce that Cloudious9 has just released a new portable vaporizer called the Atomic9 vaporizer. In this Atomic9 Vaporizer Review, I share a few positives and negatives that I have found after using the new portable vaporizer after 2 months of daily usage.

Introducing the Atomic9 Vaporizer

The Atomic9 is the 2nd vaporizer in Cloudious9’s growing lineup up devices. This new compact portable vaporizer is designed with hybrid heating. It uses a mixture of conductive and convection heating to heat dry herbs. The patent-pending ‘dual-layer’ heating makes sure that your materials are used effectively. It is unusual for convection vaporizers to come in smaller sizes due to the size of the battery required to heat with this oven method. The Atomic9 vaporizer, however, can do this without such a large battery, which has resulted in a very cost-effective portable convection vaporizer. Along with the release of the Atomic9 Cloudious9 has also released news of the Tectonic9 Grinder.

2 Months of Usage with the Atomic9 Vaporizer

I received the Atomic 9 about 2 weeks ago and have been using it almost daily since that time. There are some positive things I would like to share about this portable vaporizer and some negative things that I would like to share as well.


First and foremost I would like to say that the value in terms of cost is one of the best I have seen. For a low price of $59 the Atomic9 works very well. The price compared to quality and performance is definitely the greatest strength of this device. It works just as good as some of the top devices which cost upwards of $300. The Atomic9 is pretty easy to clean and takes about a minute to unclog the vapor path. Using the vaporizer is very simple, you just click the only button 3 times and it will begin heating up and turn green after about 20-35 seconds in my experience. A few other positives are the quick heat-up time, the small size, and the overall quality.


The negative criticisms I have about the Atomic9 are me being a bit nitpicking. I personally think that vaporizers should beep or vibrate when they have reached the desired heating temperature. This missing feature makes me miss 1 or 2 sessions because I turn it on and get slightly distracted and since the Atomic9 only stays on for 2 minutes at a time, by the time I remember I turned it n it cycled through and vapes my herb without me using it. Not including the components required to make this happen, I’m sure it helps to keep the costs and price as low as they are.. but this is one of my negative points I’d like to share.

Another negative point is that the kit does not come with an oven clearing tool or air path chamber cleaning poker. I have to use a safety pin or something similar each time I want to clear the herb out and unclog the air path. Again I’m sure not including this tool allows for the price to be kept at $59, but something that would be useful for sure. A final negative, in my opinion, is the pop-up herb funnel that allows you to scoop dry herb into the oven chamber. I say this is negative because it’s easier to use your hands and pretend like this component does not exist. It is a neat idea, but not something I personally use.

2-month overview

After usage of 2 months with the Atomic9, I can confidently say that this device holds its own in terms of value. Dollar for dollar in comparison to other devices on the market the Atomic9 is one of the best devices you can get.

The Cloudious9 Mega Bundle

Looking for the ultimate portable vaporizer bundle package? Cloudious9 has a deal where you can get the Hydrology9, Atomic9, Tectonic9, and the leather carrying/protective case for the Hydrology9.

Cloudious9 Bundle Package

Visit Cloudious9 Here

Below is more general information on the Atomic9 vaporizer.

Features of the Atomic9 Vape

6 Adjustable Temp Settings

Made to be effective right out of the box. The Atomic9 has six preset temperature settings in the range of 356F to 428F. This range is perfect to get quality rips that deliver an enjoyable herbal taste.

Atomic9 by Cloudious9

Full Cleaning

Residue build-up can get sticky! The biggest issue with most portable vaporizers is that they are a big hassle to maintain after a few weeks of use. The vapor paths start to get more narrow the oven lid doesn’t close as well, and there are areas that you can’t get to properly clean and restore your device to working condition. The Atomic9 has been designed to help fix this issue. All areas that typically get residue/tar build-up are accessible or detachable to give a quick clean.

Retractable Dry Herb Loader

Fumble and waste your precious herb no more! The Atomic9 boosts an easy loader that makes repacking the oven chamber quick and easy. This is a unique component similar to the built-in oven stir stick that we saw with the Hydrology9.

Rapid Vapor Cooling Chamber and Magnetic Mouthpiece

When dealing with smaller vaporizers that have the heating components very close to the mouthpiece and your lips an often downfall is that the vapor will remain too hot as it enters the user’s mouth. The Atomic9 has been thoughtfully designed to cool down the vapor as it enters your mouth. Built into the magnetic lid is a cooling chamber that helps to lower the temperature while providing a rich tasting vapor.

Atomic 9 Hybrid Vaporizer

Hybrid Dual Layer Heating Tech

It wouldn’t by a device from Cloudious9 if it didn’t have some sort of new innovative technological components built into it. Following in the footsteps of the Hydrology9 the Atomic9 utilizes both convection and conduction heating. This patent-pending heating method makes this a unique new portable vaporizer.

How to Use Atomic9 Vaporizer

Anodized Aluminum Casing

For a very affordable budget vaporizer, the Atomic9 spared no expense with its quality of the material. The design is built to be strong and withstand some serious collisions. The shell is made of an anodized aluminum casing.

Atomic9 Vaporizer

Why the Atomic9 is a great portable vaporizer

  • ‘Dual Layer’ heating technology

  • Hybrid convection quality vapor path

  • Six easily adjustable temperature settings from 356 to 428

  • Retractable dry herb loading component

  • Compact sized design

  • Quick vapor cooling down the chamber

  • Simple one-button user control

  • Simple to clean and maintain

  • Heats dry herb in 30 seconds

  • Magnetic mouthpiece

  • Durable just like the Hydrology9

Visit Cloudious9 Official Site to learn more.

Biiig Stiiizy Vaporizer Oil Pen

Biiig Stiiizy Vaporizer Oil Pen Review

The growing portable vaporizer and vape pen market has been off the hook these past few years. Popular portable oil vaporizers like the Pax Era, Quant Wave, and Kandypens Rubi are being greeted by the new and improved Stiiizy vaporizer oil pen called the Biiig Stiiizy.

How Does The Biiig Stiiizy Work

To use the Biiig Stiiizy, you need to do just two things – place the pod into the battery and inhale. Yes, it’s that simple. No buttons, just use it until it runs out of juice and then reload. The Biiig Stiiizy like the original Stiiizy has an automatic draw detection system that heats up the coils as you take your hit.

Biiig Stiiizy

Vapor Quality of the Biiig Stiiizy

This is a bit of a tricky thing to measure as an all encompassing answer since it really depends on the type of oil that you are vaping. When and doubt just go with a high quality oil so that your not let down. Some less quality oils are not the greatest so if you want to get teh best results spend a bit more on your oils.

Manufacturing Product Quality

The Biiig Stiiizy comes as just the battery mod component which is a quality made product. The pods are sold separately so you will need to pick up some from a local dispensary that sells the.

Biiig Stiiizy Oil Vape

Portability of the Biiig Stiiizy

The Biiig Stiiizy pods are compatible with both the original Stiiizy and the Biiig Stiiizy. The new larger Stiiizy has a longer battery life which makes it more portable. The size of the Biiig Stiiizy is still pretty small even though its the larger of the two models.

Overall Vaporizing Experience

The Biiig Stiiizy is an improved version of the original model. The first versions performance and battery life were not the greatest. This has been given attention and the new version performs better and has a longer lasting battery. The no button design makes using the Biiig Stiiizy very simple and there isn’t much you can do wrong when trying to use it. At a price of around $35 this is a pretty good device.

Visit the Official Stiiizy Site


Quant Wave Oil Vaporizer Review

Quant Wave Oil Vaporizer

Features of the Quant Wave Vaporizer

Vape users want an efficient delivery of oil extracts. The extensive testing with Quant Wave has resulted in up to three times the vapor production in comparison to other vape oil devices.
Power + Ceramic Atomizer
The Quant Wave uses a built in 410mAh battery that delivers ample power to the wickless ceramic atomizer. Users of the Quant Wave achieve longer session durations, with full body flavor.
Fast Charging & Pass-through
With pass through charging you’ll never have a time when you can’t use the Quant Wave. Pass through charging means the device can be plugged in to charge and be used at the same time. You get a full charge in about 25 minutes.
Simple to Use
The pods designed for the Quant Wave are made to work with multiple temperature options. This is because there is also a wide selection of oil formulas that can be vaped with the Wave pods. The Wave is plug and play and there is no temperature adjustment by the user required.

 Quant Wave Oil Pod Vape

The Quant Vaporizer Wave pods use wickless ceramic atomizer technology that is proprietary. The pods are designed to work with thick distillate formulas.

Quant Wave

The design of this innovative oil pod system has results in large flavorful hits. The oil pods for the Quant Wave are disposable. The size of the pods are .5 grams and 1 gram. The pods are designed to showcase the oils and the brands that bring the vape and pods together.

Quant Wave Oil Pods

The pods and the oil vaporizer have been calibrated to function with many vicosities of oil. THC oils, CBD oils from different cannabis brands have boiling points that are compatible to work with the Quant Wave Pods.

You can also create your own branded Quant Wave devices. This is a unique feature that allows you to make cool promo products for your employees, investors, and customers of your brand.

Quant Wave Portable Oil Vaporizer Pod System

We find this to be a very interesting option provided by Quant that if we get the demand for these new oil pod vaporizers that Vaporsmooth may offer a branded version of our own!

You can visit the official Quant website here.

Custom Vape Logo Make Your Own Brand of Vaporizer

FIREFLY VAPORIZERS Buyer’s Guide 2019 | Firefly 2 Firefly 3

Firefly Vaporizer Culture


Buyer’s Guide 2019

The vaporizer industry is all set for a massive boom now that the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana has been given the ‘green’ light in 29 states including D.C and also in other countries such as Canada. In truth, even prior to the legalization, the market is already experiencing significant growth. Many people are sensibly shifting to vaping in lieu of traditional tobacco cigarettes

In 2017, the portable vaporizer and e-cigarette markets have topped $9.5 billion. Based on projections, this figure can exponentially increase in the next decade. This bodes well for brands like Firefly Vapes which has already established a solid presence in the industry and garnered a weighty market share.

According to a published report by Cision PR Newswire, the industry is forecasted to be worth a staggering $61 billion by 2025. Other data had estimated the value to be between $32 billion and $47 billion for the same period. Even if only the lowest calculations are realized, vaporizer manufacturers would see the dawn of a golden age.

Hence, several vape makers are coming up with variants of contrasting quality. Our objective is to provide detailed information about the best choices as well as the subpar vapes in the industry. This comprehensive Firefly Vaporizing review will zero in on the brand’s most popular products and see how they compare with its peers like DaVinci and Pax that are among the top players.

Firefly Vaporizers: Who are they?

Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson founded and established the Firefly vaporizer company in 2012. While it might appear fairly recent especially in a blossoming industry, the pair has been around for quite some time already.

The profiles of both Williams and Robinson are not characteristic of the so-called ‘stoners.’ Williams rose from the ranks in Apple Inc. where he was involved in designing the Mac OS Software. On the other hand, Robinson worked in Silicon Valley where he also had a promising career in technology.

Recently Released Vaporizer

Being health-conscious smokers, the two men tried out many vaporizers. From there they saw the tangible potentials of the vaping industry. Williams admitted they were awed by the ‘pioneers’ or the early inventors of vapes.

However, they noted that the available models were more the results of ‘scientific experiments’ rather than portable, hi-tech devices. Firefly Vapes, up to the present day, have not been ‘officially’ crafted and intended for weed users.

The tech dudes decided to collaborate and endeavored to develop a dry herb vaporizer. They envisioned a vaporizer for smoking that would have the similar effect of the iPhone for music. Robinsons and Williams turned their backs on what could be illustrious careers to venture into the vaporizing market. Their infatuation for vaporizers turned to passionate desire and the pair eventually succeeded.

Creating the Firefly Vape

The industrious pair began work. On January 2011, after two years of painstaking efforts, their creation still did not meet their specific quality and safety standards. Robinson said the butane’s reliability was suspect and that “you couldn’t just hand it to your grandmother.” They scrapped the original plan and went back to the drawing board.

In the ensuing work, they switched to an electrical power source in place of butane. The main goal was to find a top-grade heating coil that would guarantee the purity of air inside the chamber. They experimented with several metals that would serve as the chamber’s inner walls.

Nature Inspired Firefly Vaporizer

Nickel and/or chromium alloy was the standard coil predominantly used then. However, both men developed allergies from the nickel/chromium alloy. They were forced to try a new material where at first it seemed like a faulty move. However, it turned out to be a masterful stroke of luck because it was to become an industry “game changer.”

The testing phase for the new material was a protracted one. They ran the model vape for ten seconds while powering it for five seconds. The process was repeated nearly 50,000 times. The creation eventually performed to their expectations.

The prototype was then presented to Aaron LaCascio who is one of the world’s top distributors of vape distributors. Mr. LaCascio was astonished by the ingenious product. By the end of 2013, the OG Firefly Vaporizer was finally released.

The vaping world welcomed the device which instantly earned special recognition as the best vaporizer on the market. Currently, there are two models available, the Firefly and the Firefly 2. This article will review both models in detail.

The original Firefly vaporizer hit the stores in December 2013 and came with a price tag of $269. Some were thought that the price of the revolutionary device was not as expensive. The Firefly 1 was exceptional in more ways than one but it did encounter a few issues which were promptly corrected in its second incarnation (today it is run via the specialized Firefly App).

Key Features of the Firefly Vaporizer

The original Firefly vape is basically a portable convection vaporizer wherein your dry herb is heated in roughly seven seconds. In our Firefly vaporizer review, the most notable thing that caught our attention is that it had little resemblance to the standard vape device. At the onset, Robinson and Williams wanted their vaporizer to appear sleek and sexy. Therefore it is understandable why the design of the Firefly is a complete departure from the old-school vaporizers.

They reaped success with the mobile phone-like appearance of the initial Firefly models. While it is a portable sturdy device, its weight of 278 grams is a tad heavier compared with the industry average. The extra weightiness is due to the stainless steel heat sinks which are needed to dispel excess heat. Further, it allows the unit to stay cool during and immediately after each vaping session.

The Firefly also comes with a host of accessories which includes a travel bag that lends extra space for other items. Buyers also get five replacement screens, five cleaning picks, a multi-sided brush, and several cleaning wipes. We found the bag irresistible as it allows you to discreetly store your vape device. Meanwhile, the brush’s design is excellent to make cleaning effortless.

When it comes to functionality, the vape makes use of a glass heating chamber which can hold up to approximately 0.15 grams of dry herb. By today’s standard capacity, that is a bit on small side yet it still allows you to have 5-8 hits per vaping session.

In the case of the heating element, the temperature reaches around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The instant heat is ideal because the unit’s efficiency increases with no herb wastage during extended heating up or cooling down sessions. When you’re using the Firefly 1 vaporizer, the device produces a visible warm glow. This would indicate that the maximum temperature has been reached. Apart from the signal that the vape is ready to use, the light is a marvelous sight at night.

Firefly Vaporizer 3 reasons why its the best

One snag with the original Firefly vape is the removable battery which can only be used continually for no than 45 minutes per charge. That time frame is no longer consistent with the current trend. There were also complaints by some users that they could hardly finish three full chambers of bud on a single charge.

The solution is to buy spare batteries and exchange them whenever necessary. However, this is so much of an inconvenience. But the charging time of 45 minutes is a positive factor because it is remarkably faster versus industry standard.

How to Use the Firefly Vaporizer

Starting from the top, a pair of very powerful magnets holds the lid of the Firefly Vape. You’ll be distressed at first by how much force it requires to open the lid. We were a little upset too with the absence of instructions in the manual which stated that using the Firefly is as relaxed as installing the battery, plugging it in, charging it, putting in your herb, pressing the power button, and finally vaping.

Actually, you’ll be somewhat frustrated doing this. Once fully charged, you turn the power switch on (green LED light appears) which is located the right-hand side of the vaporizer. The heat button is on the opposite side and once pressed, the device will hit 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. Regardless of the length of time you hold down the heating button, the Firefly will heat for a maximum of 30 seconds continuously. The vapor is thicker the longer you hold the button.

The chamber is visible once you remove the lid and we discovered that it’s better to build a mound over it when loading. Avoid the herbs touching the steel otherwise cleaning becomes tedious. For best results, make sure you use only finely ground herb.

The ease of maintenance is one of Firefly’s endearing aspects. We highly recommend that you clean the device after every session. Since the window on the cover as well as the stainless steel stays warm for an extended period, it keeps things more unsolidified and therefore easier to wipe down. A paper towel is enough to remove residue but you can also use the double-sided cleaning tool for the same purpose.

We noticed residue forming on the window and areas around the chamber after several heavy sessions using the Firefly. When the heating element has cooled down, we removed the build-up with alcohol. Based on many user testimonies, the device would have to be thoroughly cleaned after 15 sessions.

Firefly Vaporizer: Vapor Quality

During the conduct of our actual OG Firefly vape review, we preheated the chamber for six seconds then held the power button for the 30-second maximum.  It led to better vapor quality. You benefit from a great draw and decent vapor quantity if you do perform this ritual. Also, to fully optimize the contents, shake the Firefly after drawing as a way to move and keep the herbs in place to the last strand.

A dense cloud will appear if you can draw for up to 10 seconds on the second hit. Most users can average about eight hits per session but our team managed to have ten. On the overall, we can say that the vapor quality is superb and during that time, only the desktop units can outperform the device.

Overall Thoughts on the Firefly 1 Vape

When the Firefly 1 vape was first released in December 2013, it deserved to be considered as one of the best portable vaporizers around. More so, the convection model was remarkably efficient as it only heats your herbs while you press the power button. Other vaporizers then took up to 60 seconds to heat and pales in comparison to the almost instant heating up time of Firefly 1.

Firefly Vaporizer

Apart from the first few uses, it came through as presented – the Firefly is as easy as charging, pressing a switch and holding down a button after loading the chamber. With no external batteries or extra pieces, it exemplifies ‘portability.’ The 5-year warranty also gives customers the needed peace of mind. The lightning fast battery charging time of 45 minutes is a bonus plus the fact that the Firefly is definitely easy to maintain and clean.

Almost five years have elapsed since the original Firefly was introduced that it now looks outdated when ranged with the newer models particularly its successor. Price-wise, the $269 price is stiff considering that the short battery life of 45 minutes is a deal buster. You can purchase better-performing vaporizers today for less than $100.

The Firefly was the best of the lot during its heyday but has been dethroned by the Firefly 2. The app for this next generation Firefly vape is absolutely amazing. The software for vaporizer control is the newest game changer much like its predecessor when it was launched back in 2013.

Read on to learn more about the Firefly 2 and see if it richly deserves the higher price versus the original vape device.

The Complete Firefly 2 Vape Review

We had our doubts about the hysteria surrounding Firefly 2 before its formal entry into the scene. For one, the $329.95 price tag seems not too far-out for the majority of weed lovers.  Next, the price would be out of reach for most vapers. Nonetheless, our review findings confirmed that the frenzy was valid after all. If you think you deserve to own the best vaporizer in town, the expense is worth every dollar.

When Firefly 2 hit the stores, some cannabis and tech publications endorsed the new vape device and persuaded people to purchase the product. Some of the biggest names released glowing reviews:

“The sleekest thing I have ever owned.” – New York Times.

“A+ Vapor, A+ Flavor, A+ Efficiency.” – The Vape Critic

“One of the most perfect vaping machines.” – TechCrunch

The positive reviews kept piling up and the list became even longer. Shortly thereafter, we learned why.

Key Features of the Firefly 2 Vape

Like the original, the Firefly 2 is also a portable convection vape for dry herb. But what’s different from its predecessor is that you can also use wax and other concentrates such as butter and rosin. The specs have changed like the weight is 55% lighter and the size is 33% smaller than the Firefly 1. But the real takeaway is that this device is way more powerful and the heating up time is a hell of a lot faster.

Unfortunately, the device is made in China even though Grade A quality materials are used. That was obvious the moment we scanned the box and its contents. (But take note that as of this writing, the defect rate of the vape is very low). Despite the lesser weight and smaller size compared with its predecessor, the Firefly 2 is equally durable.

In terms of the physical makeup, the product’s main body is made of magnesium alloy and not aluminum which explains the drop in weight. It also translated to a far lower rate of thermal conductivity for the unit. With the magnesium alloy, the exterior of the device stays cool during sessions even while there is a searing heat of 400+ degrees Fahrenheit inside.

Furthermore, the entire vapor oven, not including the removable signature Firefly 2 mouthpiece, is lined with Gorilla glass which is nearly indestructible unless you have serious intentions of destroying it in whatever way possible.

The Firefly 2 was first released on February 2016. During this period, the heating time of most vaporizers was at 60 seconds. But for Firefly 2, you can start vaping after only three seconds. That’s the quickest you can get to an instant hit.

The Firefly makers didn’t see the need to alter the design or make significant aesthetic changes because the original vaporizer was nearly perfect in those aspects.

With regards to the vape accessories that come with Firefly 2, the package contains a pair of swappable batteries, a cleaning kit with two plastic toothpicks, a multi-sided cleaning brush & alcohol wipes, concentrate pads, and a USB charging dock.

The feature where Firefly 2 completely deviates from the original is in the temperature settings. While Firefly has a single temp setting, Firefly 2 boasts of six heat settings which allow users to customize their preferred highs. The device uses a 50-watt heater and a bowl made from borosilicate glass. One of the six temp settings is reserved in case you desire to butter or wax as concentrates.

The heating element will warm herb or wax up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a believable lightning speed of three seconds. It takes a mere five seconds to reach 420 degrees. When using concentrate, the heating element could hit 500 degrees. But an amazing attribute of the new Firefly model is that the glass chamber transfers almost no heat at all. To reinforce this fact, we were able to keep our finger in the chamber for almost 10 seconds while at the same time holding down the trigger, before we sensed any risk of getting burned.

Here is the full list of Firefly 2’s five dry herb temperature settings:

  • 340 °F
  • 360 °F
  • 380 °F
  • 400 °F
  • 420 °F

As mentioned in the earlier review, a major issue against the first Firefly is the distressingly short battery life. The Firefly team made sure it was resolved in the new model to make up for that flaw. This time, Firefly 2 has a removable 770mAh lithium-ion battery. Thus, the three full chambers on a single charge in the original have been improved. The Firefly 2 vape is capable of up to eight sessions of at least eight draws each. Keep in mind that the battery life is lower when you use concentrates.

An issue with the Firefly 2 vape stuck with our team during the review. We noticed that the battery has to be installed in the device to charge it. What this means is that a second battery should be hand. This issue can be a turn-off to some.

In case battery #1 expires during the session and you switch to #2, you have to wait until the end of your session before you can charge battery #1. On the positive side, the battery is 100% fully charged in just 45 minutes and incredibly about 80% in a short span of 20 minutes. Either way, it compensates for the battery issue we found out.

How to use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

There are some slight changes in Firefly 2 in terms of actual usage. A dual capacitive touch sensor on both sides of the vaporizer is now embedded to replace the power switch. The danger of the unit being accidentally switched on has been eliminated because the buttons can only be activated by your fingers.

If you want to see the battery, put your thumb at the arrow on the bottom of the unit then press down. In order to pull it out, put your finger beneath the lip at the top of the battery and putting it back in is just as easy. Removing the mouthpiece was quite irksome as it requires a bit of wiggling and getting used to it.

Take note that without the power button, the Firefly 2 is constantly in standby mode. For temperature control, you can install the Firefly 2 app which connects to the device via Bluetooth. It is swift and cool to use. It also tells you the battery time remaining. You have the liberty to choose which button controls the heater; left, right, or both. A detailed discussion about the app can be found below.

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Another issue is the oven size, which just like the original can only pack around 0.15 grams of dry herb. To ensure the contents are heated evenly, you can stir or mix your herbs every few hits. The default temperature setting for herbs is 400 degrees which are a perfect starting point. If you desire more vapor, you can increase the temp to 420 degrees or lower it to experience a smoother and long-lasting session.

The Firefly 2 carries the same efficiency as the original. Your herbs are burned or cooked only when the heating button is pressed and drawing begins. Once you let go of the button, the device halts cooking the herb. Hence, even if the chamber size is small, you can maximize your herbs up to the tiniest part. When both sensors are pressed, the means you can start drawing from the mouthpiece.

We did plenty of experimentation to determine how to get the best of your weed. The best way is when you do long and slow draws. Also, when you hold down the buttons for 30 seconds, the device goes into standby mode.

Firefly 2 is one of the vaporizers that is easiest to clean. After continuous sessions of no cleaning, a build-up on the window will form but it won’t affect the vape’s performance. It is an advantage that there is no screen in the bowl. You can soak a power towel in a bit of isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Just make sure to wipe down the vapor on the lid as well as the body. Your stress-free cleaning is done!

The Firefly 2 offers a limited 2-year warranty after purchase against defects in material and workmanship. In case your Firefly 2 doesn’t work, contact the Firefly team by sending an email at

Using Concentrate

When you purchase the Firefly 2, it comes with three concentrate pads if you opt to vape wax or e-liquids. Just take one pad and place it in the chamber then add the e-liquid or wax. We used a few drops of oil or 0.1 grams of wax and found it sufficient to have a satisfying session.

If you’re using concentrates but you want to preheat the device, hold down the heat button for 30 seconds before letting go then proceed drawing the usual way. Holding down the button for a few seconds before taking a hit will result in a denser cloud of vapor.

Using the Firefly 2 app

The Firefly 2 app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Pairing the vaporizer to your phone is as easy as activating the app itself. Touch one of the sensors to awaken the device and the app takes over to do the rest.

After the download is completed, you gain control of the six heat settings. You can now select your preferred activation option too. The battery charge indicator will tell you accurately the remaining power available.

The Firefly 2 power tuning option allows you to adjust or set the base temperature up to 111%. Hence, if you set the device to the 420-degree setting, the resulting temperature will be around 466-467 degrees. This is the best way to for the device to emit the densest clouds of vapor although you run the risk of combustion. We found fitting to set the temp setting to a maximum of 105% to ensure better vapor with minimal risk of combustion.

Vapor Quality

With a hefty price of $330, you would naturally expect the Firefly 2 to deliver extraordinary vapor clouds. In this aspect, the device resoundingly passes the test. Using the power tuning option produce even better clouds than before and the flavor is at par with desktop vaporizer standard. Slow draws lead to more satisfying vapor and if the 111% setting won’t trigger combustion, the cloud emissions are unlike any other which you can’t derive from other vaporizers on the market.

Normally, the flavor slightly dissipates at the highest temperature settings but at lower settings, you can taste the richness of the flavor. Perhaps it was an oversight that no stirring tool was provided as there’s a need to stir the bowl every 3-4 draws. Lastly, the 500-degree concentrate settings allow for potent draws and give out the incredible flavor.


The Firefly 2 is without a doubt better than its predecessor. The brand magnificently removed all the drawbacks of the first incarnation while maintaining the things that made it earn its lofty position in the market. The Firefly 2 offers real portability because of its lightness and slimmer design. More importantly, the battery life has delightfully been extended.

Firefly 2 charges incredibly quickly and the temperature settings and control are the best thus far in the portable vaporizer industry. The five settings for your herbs is already a mean feat but the addition of the special concentrate setting makes it stand out even more. Further, the app and the power tuning update heightened the sense of control.

We see only three main downsides – the small chamber, charging the battery outside the device, and the awfully high price. Nonetheless, it’s bang for your buck if you love your herbs and vaping.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Battle of the Firefly Vapes

What Are the Main Benefits of the Firefly 2?

  • Exceptional vapor quality regardless of whether you use herbs or concentrates.
  • Ideal for long or short sessions.
  • The battery charges to 80% in just 20 minutes.
  • Two removable batteries are included.
  • The mobile app enables you to choose between the six heat settings and also monitors battery life.
  • The power tuning option adds an extra 11% to the unit’s temperature so you can have a tailored smoke.

What Are the Downsides of the Firefly 2?

  • Very expensive for a portable vaporizer.
  • Small chamber capacity.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve when trying to use it at first.
  • The finish can scratch. For example, if you have it in your pocket, your house keys could damage the surface.
  • The draw resistance is a little high.

The Firefly vs. the Firefly 2

Only two years have passed since Firefly was launched and Firefly 2 arrived. So here’s a rundown of the upgrades in the newer model.


Firefly 1 is already a winner with its stunning and sleek appearance which bears resemblance to a cell phone. No one would even assume it’s a vaporizer. But the device was too bulky for some users. The company made a major makeover with the second model. The Firefly 2 came out considerably lighter and smaller. You can purchase covers in stunning and vivid colors like red, blue, black, and gold.

There were also changes in the materials used too. The Firefly 2 is now made of lighter magnesium alloy which is the main reason for the device’s lightness. Firefly 1 made use of stainless steel and borosilicate glass while the heating chamber is made of ceramic superalloy.

Ease of Use

Forthrightly, Firefly is a lot easier to use mainly because it’s not as high-tech as the successor. Using it is very elementary – load the chamber, press a side button and let the herb heat up. When the temp hits 400 degrees Fahrenheit in around five to seven seconds, you’re ready to vape. For increased vapor production, simply hold down the button.

Using the Firefly 2 is a bit complicated given the six temperature settings (five for dry herbs and one for concentrates). You download the app to gain control of the temperature. The brand-new Power Tuning permits you to add 11% to the existing temperature for a better burn. The remaining battery life can also be viewed this time.


Users complained about the low battery life of the first Firefly model where a 100% battery charge can be used up in less than 45 minutes. The company heeded the calls for longer battery life. The battery life of the Firefly 2 has doubled. It takes around 45 minutes for the installed batteries in both models to charge to full capacity.


Both the Firefly and Firefly 2 are not exemplary when it comes to portability and for varying reasons. The Firefly 1 is bulky and too heavy when carried inside your pocket. While Firefly 2 is much lighter and smaller plus it’s made with high-quality materials, you’re not confident if the device can endure the usual wear and tear or maybe a heavy fall.

For Firefly 2, you have to preset the temp to your preferred specs before moving about. You’ll have trouble changing settings on the app especially in crowded places.

Vapor Quality

The original Firefly produces excellent vapor with great quality. However, it’s a hit or miss thing with just one temperature setting. You’ll have to hold down the power button for various lengths of time to until you get the best results.

That won’t be a problem with the Firefly 2 since you have greater control of the temperature with the six settings. There is rich vapor flavor on the lower settings and incredible vapor production on the highest settings. The power tuning only aids you to create the biggest clouds ever. But the danger of combustion is ever present whenever you set the power tuning to the maximum temp setting of 111%.

Chamber Size & Heating Up Time

The chamber size in both devices is relatively small and the brand might lose out to rival vaporizers with a bigger room for herbs. However, the speed of the heating up time in Firefly and Firefly 2 is what makes them truly attractive to vape users.

The maximum of seven seconds to heat your herb in the Firefly 1 is a marvel but the three seconds waiting period before vaping in the Firefly 2 is uniquely outstanding.


Comparing the two Firefly products is already moot and academic considering the manufacture of the Firefly 1 has been stopped. But there are second-hand devices which you can still buy.

The Firefly 2 has assumed the lead product role as it outperforms the original version in nearly all departments. The issue of battery life in the first has been corrected. There is better vapor production with the multiple temperature settings. The cool and fully-functioning app and new accessories are great additions. Last but not least, the use of vape concentrates is a novelty.

Firefly 1’s edge is the price but we are convinced that the extra $60 added to the cost of Firefly 2 is more than justified. Our primary goal is to educate readers and help them choose the best vaporizer in the market. Our final take is that Firefly 2 is undeniably the best you can find.

Firefly 3 – When is it coming?

With the huge success of the Firefly 2, people can’t help but ask if a third version is forthcoming. But perhaps the more pressing question should be, “When will the Firefly 3 be released?” On our part, we are clueless as to whether a third installment is in the works although we will be astounded if there isn’t.

The expectations will be higher in case there are plans to release a Firefly 3 vaporizer. If we are to anticipate its coming, what we can do at the moment is analyze where Firefly 2 shined and which aspect needs improvement.

In any case, the fast battery charging is a plus factor. The 3-seconds heat up time is superb while its lightness and smaller built makes it a wonderful product. In short, you can expect the brand to maintain these salient features.

But what we envision for the new model is a larger oven. Currently, 0.15-0.2-gram capacity is distressingly insufficient. You can purchase dry herb vaporizers with a holding capacity of 0.6 grams or more at cheaper prices. Maybe the company can make inserts to the Firefly 2 or make a higher lid to instantly increase oven capacity.

We see that the battery life can further improve too. The eight sessions per 100% charge are fairly good. But because of continuing technological advances, smaller but more efficient batteries might be produced similar to how electric-car maker Tesla Inc. is doing things. Firefly can pioneer the innovation in this aspect.

If there are sensational upgrades, it would be the app, temperature control, and power tuning options. More can be embedded to elevate to bring the Firefly 3 to a higher plane. The inclusion of temperature control to measure the precise degree is already a basic feature in some rival devices.

Should the new device have the above-named upgrades, Firefly 3 would fetch in the vicinity of $400. The good thing about that is that price of the Firefly 2 might be reduced.

Conclusion on Firefly Vapes

We come to the end of our comprehensive Firefly vape reviews. The original model truly gave the industry the much-needed lift. A vaporizer need not look like an electric blender anymore. Firefly was a cool, sleek and perfectly-crafted device that resembles a cellphone and users can derive a satisfying vape experience.

However, Firefly eventually lost its allure and the makers knew that major changes are needed. Thus, they diligently worked on revising the first model and eliminate the flaws. In 2016, the second installment imposingly became the gold standard in portable vaporizers. The Firefly 2 proved its worth and matched the hype that came with it.

The issues concerning the short battery life, bulkiness, and the lack of temperature control were promptly addressed. Firefly 2 can definitely compete head-on with any vaporizers available in the market. The adding of the app and the power tuning update resulted in a stylish portable vaporizer. What more can you ask for if the vaporizer fits snugly in your pocket and allows you to have more control over vapor quality and production?

The company can still inject improvements on Firefly 2 in a few areas. We are certain the company will again resolve the issues in the event a third model is due for release. At any rate, Firefly and its founders have a penchant for high quality and perfection. We can expect nothing short of a stellar and best in the universe vaporizer. You can bet on all your marbles on that.


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