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4 Key Reasons Vaping Helps Cigarette Smokers Quit

Vape enthusiasts and manufacturers certainly get their share of unfavorable coverage from the press, the anti-smoking lobby and health alarmist groups around the world, but is any of the brouhaha grounded in studies or scientific research? Numerous independent surveys show that plenty of ex-smokers move on to personal vaporizers (APVs) and feel healthier because of it. From 2014 to 2017, the number of US adults who’ve kicked the cigarette habit by turning to vapes has soared to over 9 million.

Despite some public criticism, vapes could become the answer frustrated smokers have been looking for

There are many reasons vaping helps smokers quit for good; the first being the obvious benefit of a vapor-based alternative to the smoke and tar of conventional cigarettes. But there are practical and therapeutic considerations as well.

Using data from surveys by vape manufacturers and medical researchers, the average vape enthusiast is estimated to use 3ml of e-liquid or “vape juice” per day, with competitive vapers using up to 5ml a day. While pack-a-day smokers can spend anywhere between $2,650 to $4,900 a year on cigarettes (accounting for all major and premium cigarette brands), the yearly cost of vaping even expensive e-liquids at a rate of 5ml a day comes to no more than $2,000. This gives even the most gourmandizing vape enthusiast a minimum yearly savings of $1,400—which is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

While cigarettes reliably provide a taste of the calendar year’s tobacco harvest, vapes are an entirely different story. According to Vice Network, there were 7,700 different e-liquid flavors as of June 2014. Favorites range from fruity flavors like lemon and mango to dessert-based vape juices like cinnamon swirl and cookies ‘n cream. There are even e-liquids based on popular alcoholic cocktails and margaritas, each with a matching scent. The vibrant diversity of vape juice flavors ensure there’ll always be something for everyone, and more than enough e-liquids to browse for vape veterans looking for something new.

If the staggering selection of nicotine e-liquids aren’t enough, there are also cannabidiol vape juices on the market providing even more variety for vapers. Most CBD e-liquids get their flavors and matching scents from terpenes, which provide a range of remedial effects for symptoms of anything from stress to clinical depression. Because terpenes are little more than the essential oils of plants, they offer tremendous therapeutic benefits with no harmful side effects or addictive qualities whatsoever. And with the legalization of cannabis around the world, CBD vape juices are now part and parcel of the vaping scene.

Affordability, enjoyability and variety might not be the top selling points in every smoker’s book. For many cigarette devotees and aficionados, the taste of tobacco goes hand in hand with a hit of nicotine. Still, vapes could certainly not have come at a better time; providing anyone interested with a healthy and exciting new alternative to see them through the process of kicking combustibles to the curb once and for all.

IQOS Vaporizer – Quit Smoking Device

A new type of vaporizer called the IQOS vaporizer has been designed that is a cross between a vaporizer and a cigarette. The IQOS vaporizes inserts that have actual dried tobacco in them which removes the need for combustion. If you are new to vaporizers you may find it helpful to read our comprehensive vaporizer guide to learn what type of device might be be suited for your needs. To learn more about the IQOS vaporizer continue reading our review article below.

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What is the IQOS Vaporizer and How Does It Work

The IQOS vaporizer is an interesting concept that will definitely cater to some people more than others. It is not a 'vape' since vapes are designed to vape liquids and its not a normal vaporizer with a oven chamber that you load in your own dry herbs, tobacco, or concentrates either. The IQOS is designed to work specifically with tobacco inserts that look very similar to a normal cigarette. We can't say that the IQOS is a healthier alternative legally but without using combustion one can assume that less harmful chemicals are extracted from the material being heated.

Components and Build Quality

Looking at the build quality of the IQOS tobacco insert system it is pretty well made. The system includes the charging box, the battery and heating system, and the inserts that go into it.

To use the IQOS you take one of the cigarette style inserts and you place it into the top of the battery heating mod. The insert stick out a bit and this is the part where you place your lips on and it acts as a mouthpiece. This cigarette like insert feels like the filter does with a normal cigarette. I think this was an important feel to accomplish in the product to help people who are having difficulty quitting smoking. The more the entire process resembles a traditional smoking experience the easier and more natural it will be for some people to commit to the change and enjoy the experience.

The IQOS vaporizer is a simple easy to use device that maintains a temperature of around 350°C and automatically turns off after 6 minutes of use. You can turn it back on to continue using it if your session is not complete. You will be able to continue inhaling until the taste and vapor is no longer present.

IQOS Battery and Portability

The battery that is built into the actual mod and heating chamber is pretty small and will likely only get teh average user about 1 session, at which time you will need to place it back into the larger part of the system which will charge it back up for another session. The bigger battery box is able to recharge the smaller mod/heating chamber about 20 times before it itself needs to be recharged.

IQOS is about the same size as a pack of cigarettes and a lighter so ultimately you are carrying the same sized dimensions around with you. If you know that you will only be needing one insert than you can just carry the mod/heating chamber with you, but the insert I think should really only be put in place before use or it could get damaged.

Overall Thoughts on the IQOS Vaporizer Kit

The IQOS vaporizer is an interesting concept and one that I think will benefit some people more than others. Overall the build quality is pretty good and the draws you get are very similar to that of a traditional cigarette. Having said that, I personally am a fan of normal vaporizers since they can be used for a much longer period of time and do not require inserts nor a external battery charging system. Regular dry herb vaporizers can be used with tobacco leaf already, so this might be something worth looking into.

If you are wanting to check out some of the newest vaporizers you can read our article on that here. One of the most popular vaporizers on the market is the PAX brand of portable vaporizers.

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