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The New Firefly 3 | Next Vaporizer of Choice?


Vaping has turned the tables on tobacco manufacturers and they do not like it one bit. Cigarette sales are declining while that of electronic smoking devices is rising. The tobacco industry is shuddering because the makers of vaporizers are encroaching on their market. Although it’s not the not the end all and be all solution to stop smoking, vaping paves the way to eventual quitting.

These days, you see more people holding vaporizers instead of cigarette sticks. Most of them are former cigarette smokers who have curbed the craving for nicotine. They are also jubilant after discovering that vaping is a safer substitute. That is the real upside.

Firefly Vaporizer 3 reasons why its the best

Choosing the right vaporizer

If you are new to vaping, the initial query is usually about the main device. You’ll be overwhelmed by the wide selection of vaporizers available in the market. The portable vaporizers are the most popular with ‘vapers.’ But users have become picky. The vaping device should be able to provide the best vaping experience.

Since the choices are varied, vapers follow a certain set of criteria when choosing a vaporizer. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, people pick the portable vaporizers for their proven performance. Here is a brief summary of the qualities you should be looking for in the device to make the purchase “totally worth it.”

  1. Quality of Vapor

A vaporizer can be rated superior to others if it can produce the best tasting and strongest vapor. How else can you delight in vaping if you can’t derive super vapor quality from the device?

Top tier vaporizers use dynamic convection technology to ensure the flavor is nothing short of phenomenal. Further, an outstanding vaporizer delivers consistent vapor quality whether the load are loose-leaf plants or concentrates. Check out too if the unit has the zero waste feature to
optimize material utilization.

  • Superior build quality and workmanship

Many portable vaporizers can catch your fancy because of stylish designs and outlandish appearance. However, if you examine closely, you won’t miss the poor workmanship quality. A good vaporizer should be durable enough to last as long as 5 years minimum with normal use.

The established manufacturers extend a generous 5-year, 10 year, or life time limited warranty that covers the device and its accessories against defects and/or workmanship except for batteries. A vaporizer is a hefty little investment so it would be a waste if you spend on cheap brands that obviously won’t last and perform as expected.

  • Instant heating features

Heat-up time is what separates the best vaporizers from the second-rate. To illustrate, the Firefly brand is well-known because it uses an all-glass heating chamber. Such instant heat characteristic is unique. It can’t be found in other vaporizers.

Firefly has produced the best vaporizers thus far. Vapers are eagerly anticipating the launching of the new Firefly vaporizer. The vaporizer heats up in no more than 3 seconds by simply ticking the built-in touch sensors. Temperature can reach 400 degrees F in no time at all. You should see the warm glow from the heating chamber when the temp reaches the max.

  • Effortless Cleaning and maintenance

High-quality vaporizers are generally easy to clean and maintain. A user needs minimal effort to clean the vaporizer on a regular basis or after every use. The vaporizer will be in good working condition when there is no build-up of residue.

Sometimes, the lack of proper upkeep will weaken its functionality which can’t be blamed on the manufacturer. Therefore, it is suggested that users perform periodic cleaning, especially within the warranty period to prevent voiding. If you want fresh vapor every time, your vaporizer should be clean.

  • Ease of use

None of the above qualities would matter if the device isn’t easy to use. Again let’s use the Firefly vaporizer as an example. You can’t help but be amazed at its exceptional engineering. All you need to do is place your fingers on the touch sensor to ignite it. No power button, just instant vaping session and relaxation.

On top of that, Firefly vaporizers can be operated using your smartphone. Just download the Firefly app and you’ll have a free hand in choosing 6 heat settings and control temperature as you deem fit.

Firefly Vaporizer Culture

The upcoming vaporizer on people’s lists

Firefly is an established and pioneering brand. There’s really no need to keep mentioning the name because it’s already a by-word in the industry. Firefly vaporizers carry all the qualities of a good vaporizer which are indisputable. In fact, the vaping world is already filling with excitement because the Firefly 3 vaporizer is about to stir the market again.

Some contend that vaporizers shouldn’t cost that much. However, the price is relative. It’s neither cheap nor expensive. But for someone who’s in the market for the most effective vaporizer, the choice will always be the product whose benefits are worth more than the actual cost.

Atmos Vaporizer Brand – Huge Selection

​AtmosRX is a popular brand of portable inhalation devices. The portable vaporizers ​that the Atmos vaporizer brand produces are for dry herbs, concentrates, extracts, and e-liquids. Ranging ing price from $20 to $200 Atmos has a device that will fit any budget. Here we will touch on the most popular devices offered by the Atmos vaporizer brand along with the build quality and performance of each device.

Atmos Vaporizer Brand Devices

​​Dry Herb Vaporizers by Atmos Vaporizer Brand

​Atmos ​offers a wide selection of portable dry herb vaporizers. Vibration notifications, convection heating, and rubberized housing​ are all some of the features you will find in some of the devices offered by Atmos.

Atmos Vicod 5G 2

Atmos Vicod 5G 2

​The Vicod 5G 2 is one of the top sellers from Atmos. Powered by a long lasting 2200 mAh battery you can get considerable use on a single charge. The standard package comes with a flat mouthpiece and a glass mouthpiece. Vicod 5G 2 is a multi material vaporizer that can be used to vape both dry herbs and concentrates. This is one of the best budget vaporizers you will find that performs as well as it does. Learn more about the Vicod 5G here.

Atmos Ruva

Ruva Portable Vaporizer Review Atmos Dry Herbal Vape

​A safe, simple and affordable dry herb vaporizer is the Ruva. Ruva by Atmos is designed for dry herbs only. The Ruva is compact and pocket friendly. Housed by a rubberized finish it is ablte to keep it cool and comfortable in your hands. Equipped with vibration notifications this is one vaporizer that won't be left on in your pocket by accident. The magnetic mouthpiece allows for easy maintenance and quick loading.

Atmos Aegis

Aegis Vaporizer Review Convection Portable Vape Atmos

​Okay, the Aegis is kinda shaped like a penguin and isn't my favorite vaporizer visually, but it has its reasons. Aegis by Atmos is an ergonomically designed convection heating vaporizer. This means that it is designed for comfort and practicality. Convection heating is where the material is vaped by forced hot air opposed to surface heat. With the use of convection heating you will receive a better degree of tasts and vape your materials more evenly then with conduction devices.

Atmos Boss

​Shaped like a futuristic space pen the Atmos Boss is one of the most popular selling devices offered by AtmosRX. The Atmos Boss is a multi purpose vape pen that is designed for both dry herbs and wax concentrates. This little pen is powered by an impressive 1200 mAh battery. You can learn more about the Boss here.

Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump

​Equally as powerful as the Atmos Boss, the Jump is optimized for only dry herb material. Powered by a 1200 mAh battery this is one of the longer lasting vape pens available. The built in battery is charged via micro USB charger.

​Wax Vaporizers by Atmos Vaporizer Brand

Atmos ​Kiln RA

Portable Concentrate Wax Vaporizer Pen

​Kiln RA is a wax concentrate kit that has become very popular. Collaborations and stylized kits are also available for purchase. The Kiln RA uses a ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic housing - a material that works well with concentrates. A unique ceramic heating disc atomizer keeps your wax from burning to the point of combustion and helps to deliver strong taste. The Kiln is a trust worthy device that you will get consistent good use out of. This unit is one of the most popular and highest rated of all the Atmos vaporizer brand devices.

Other Wax Devices from Atmos

​The Atmos Forge is another wax device offered by Atmos, as is the Q3. Although these are both affordable options the most popular wax device is the Kiln shown above. Also mentioned above is the Vicod 5G and the Boss which are capable of vaping wax and dry herbs.

Atmos ​Oil Vaporizers

​Atmos Nano Liquid THC Oil Pen

Cheap Cannabis Liquid Vaporizer

The Atmos Nano Vaporizer for Liquids is an affordable and easy to use device that costs just $16. The Atmos Nano has no buttons making it very easy to use. It comes with a USB connector to recharge it and the little thing produces big hits.

​A step up from the Nano is the Atmos Optimus V2 for oils. The Optimus is a bit more powerful and uses a 900 mAh battery. You can learn more about the Atmos oil pens here.

Atmos ​3 in 1 Vaporizer

​Atmos Complete Kit

AtmosRX Complete Kit 3 in 1 Vape Pen Cheap Vapes for sale

​Built for dry herbs, wax, and liquids is the ​Atmos Complete. The kit you see above is the most affordable 3 in 1 vaporizer I have found to date. ​Atmos vaporizer brand has some of the lowest priced yet effective pens on the market.

Atmos E-Liquid Vaporizers

i40TC-J Mini Kit

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit - Complete Package

​A great starter kit for those looking to get involved with flavored e-liquids. The i40TC-J is a complete setup powered by a long lasting 1500 mAh battery.

Atmos has a unique site layout that allows you to mix and match components to build the device that suits your requirements. You can choose a specific tank system and a specific battery mod to power it. With the options they have available you can build a truly custom device.

Atmos Tank Systems

Atmos Studio Rig Attachment

Atmos Studio Rig for Mods

​A portable e-nail attachment available with Atmos custom threading or the standard 510 thread. Using water filtration and able to work with most any vape mod the Studio Rig is one of the coolest vaping attachments available. Designed to deliver a true dab taste the Atmos portable nail takes your mod to the next level.

KilnRA Wax Attachment

​The ceramic ring atomizer and ceramic housing with the 510 threaad makes this your new best friend. If you want a heating attachment for wax concetrates to pair with your mod this is a reliable option. KilnRA is one of AtmosRX best selling kits, and with the option to purchase the heating element as a stand alone component it makes it that much better.

​Atmos Dry Herb Atomizers

​Who says your favorite battery mod can't do it all? The Atmos dry herb atomizer heating chambers allow you to vape loose leaf with your box mod. Greedy and Greedy M2 are two components offered by Atmos to bring dry herbs and vape mods into the same ring.

Atmos Mod and Vape Pen Batter​ies

Box mod from atmos - top vape mods

​An essential part of your vape setup is a reliable and safe battery mod. Atmos offers a number of popular mods that range in price, functionality, and power. Seen in the image above is a standard box mod battery.

Atmos MR50 Mod Battery

​Vaporizer pen battery replacements is a popular reason many people look to the Atmos vaporizer brand. Atmos has affordable high tech batteries that fit pretty much any device. Seen in the image above, the Atmos MR50 is just one example of the type of pen batteries they offer.

Atmos ​E-Liquids

​Herbal formulas, premium vape juices, USA made e-liquids and even Japanese made E-liquids can be found on the Atmos website. The newest vape juice that has ​been added recently is the Salt Lake brand. Available in fruit, menthol, strawberry, tobacco, and tropical ice.

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