March 3, 2017

Convection Vaporizer

Before you decide which portable or desktop vaporizer you are going to get, it is important to understand the difference between a convection vaporizer and a conduction vaporizer. Learning the difference will allow you to way the pro's and con's of each and make a more educated decision on your purchase. A convection heating method will optimize your session to improve taste and get the most out of your desired vaping medium while helping to prevent tar and carcinogens from entering your body. We have listed the best portable convection vaporizers by category below.

Convection Vaporizer

​Best Convection Vaporizers





Best Overall Portable


Best Portable Dry Herb Only Under 200

​Utillian 721


​Best Portable 3 in 1

​Haze Dual V3


Best Budget Portable

​Atmos Aegis


​Best Portable Multi Material Under 200

​XVape Fog


Best Overall Desktop Convection



Best Budget Desktop

​Extreme Q


Best Overall Portable Convection Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

​​Crafty by Storz and Bickel

Smart ​multi material convection vaporizer.

Crafty is made by German vaporizer manufacturer Storz and Bickel. The makers of the world renowned Volcano Desktop vaporizer. The Crafty is perhaps the best portable vaporizer under the $300 mark.

Best Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Under 200

Utillian 721 vaporizer for herbs

​​Utillian 721

Portable ​dry herb convection vaporizer.

Seen in the image below is the Utillian 721 vaporizer that uses convection heating to heat your dry herbs. The Utillian 721 has been compared in performance to the Crafty from Storz and Bickel but you can get it at a fraction of the price. Utillian devices are made with quality components and deliver strong tasty vapor flavor.​

Best ​3 in 1 Convection Vaporizer

New Haze Vaporizer Review

​Haze Dual V3

Portable 3 in 1 convection vaporizer.

​The Haze convection vaporizer has 2 ovens that can be loaded with different canisters. You are able to vape dry herbs, concentrates and liquids. This is a 3 in 1 vape that is designed to be very versatile with its vaping capabilities. The standard package you can buy comes with 2 oven conduction screens and 2 oven convection screens. Included with the package is a dry herb canister and a concentrate canister.

A feature that some people view as positive while some would disagree is the replaceable batteries. This is a good feature because it allows you to have extra batteries on hand in case the one you are using dies. It is a feature that some people don't like because it is an extra thing that you need to worry about. Some people prefer internal batteries where you just plug your charging cable right into the device itself.

The Haze Dual V3 is on the high end of the portable vaporizer price scale and will set you back about $260. Other vapes in this price range are the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ which do not have as much functionality but both contain software that can be paired with a smart device.​

​​Best Budget Convection Vaporizer​

Portable Convection Vape Review

Atmos Aegis

Portable convection vaporizer.

Aegis by Atmos is one of the most affordable portable loose leaf convection vaporizers money can buy. Don't let the price fool you though, this vaporizer performs quite well. 

Best Multi Material Convection Vaporizer Under 200

XMax Vape Fog Vaporizer

​​XVape Fog

Portable ​multi material convection vaporizer.

Coming from XVape / XMax is the new XVape Fog vaporizer. This is one of the most affordable convection vaporizers on the market.

Best Overall Desktop Convection Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

​Volcano by Storz and Bickel

​Desktop convection vaporizer.

The Volcano by Storz and Bickel is regarded as the best performance desktop vaporizer. This one does not come cheap however. The Volcano costs roughly 500 to 600 dollars US.

Best ​Budget Desktop Convection Vaporizer

Desktop Convection Vaporizer

​Extreme Q by Arizer

​Desktop convection vaporizer.

​The best priced convection desktop vaporizers are the Arizer V-Tower and the Arizer Extreme Q. Costing less than half the price of the Herbalizer and the Volcano and producing very similar results the Arizer desktop vaporizers are some of the best selling convection vaporizers on the market. For thos of you who will be doing a lot of vaping at home the Arizer desktop models are worth checking out.

Pros and Cons of a Convection Vaporizer vs a Conduction Vaporizer

Convection Vaporizer


  • Efficient and Even
  • More Accurate Temperature Control
  • Lower Risk of Combustion


  • Slower Heat Up Time
  • Usually More Expensive

Conduction Vaporizer


  • Simple Device Design = Cost Less
  • Faster Heat Up Time​


  • Higher Risk of Combustion
  • Required to Stir/Mix Material
  • Wasted Material​

You can think of convection as if you were cooking something in the oven opposed to a frying pan. Conduction is where your material is in direct contact with the heating element and a convection vaporizer is where hot airflow is used to heat your material. Just thinking about these two styles you can tell that the conduction style will require you to stir up your material so that it is heated more evenly, while convection will pass through and heat everything as even as possible. You can learn more about convective heat transfer here.

Vaporizers are all about efficiency and saving you money. Over the span of just a few months a vaporizer will save you enough money in material used to have paid for itself. Vaporizers help to reduce future health care costs that may be required if you were to continue using a combustion method to intake your desired material. Using a convection vaporizer over a conduction vaporizer will also add to these benefits. You will optimize your material even further and be able to evenly vape the material placed in the oven.

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