November 12, 2017

Crafty 2 Vaporizer | The Best Even Better

​Released in 2014 the Crafty vaporizer took the rains of best overall portable vaporizer for many years. The convection and conduction hybrid heating and top build quality has made it a tough competitor to beat. Coming in at almost 4 years old now we are starting to see some solid contenders in the portable convection ring. With the recent price drop of the Crafty 1 we speculate that the Craft 2 vaporizer could be just around the corner.

Crafty 2 in 1 Vaporizer

​What Ma​de ​Crafty the Best

​With hundreds of portable vaporizers to choose from what is it that makes the Crafty stand out from the crowd? When it comes to cannabis ​vaporizer users vapor 'taste' and 'quality' is ​most important. This is where the Crafty shines. The Crafty uses convection heating primarily with a bit of help from conduction as the unit preheats. The overall build quality and design allows for comfortable use and a durable product.

Storz and Bickel was one of the first portable vaporizer manufacturers to pair a vaporizer with a Bluetooth application. Through the Crafty app users are able to adjust the default heat settings and take more control over their vaping sessions.

Overall the Crafty is considered the best portable vaporizer because of its size, build quality, draw resistance, efficiency, and flavor. The Crafty 2 vaporizer will have to keep all these attributes while improving on some of the devices shortfalls.

Crafty 2 Thoughts - The Best Even Better

​The Crafty is not without a few shortfalls. A few aspects of the original can definelty be improved upon. Listed below are a few things that we  hope to see in the Crafty 2 vaporizer.

Battery Life and Charging

​The current version of the Crafty gets around 45 minutes of usage. This may have once been sufficient and a quality that made the Crafty stand out from other portable vaporizers. However, in recent years we have seen devices com out with far superior batteries and much longer usage time. 

The Crafty 2 we hope will give users at least a 60 minute plus usage time and charge much faster then the current version.

​Build Quality

​Built of a durable plastic material with rigid grooves the Crafty has a very unique design. Both the Crafty and the Mighty are able to stay a comfortable temperature in your hands in both hot and cold temperatures. When you are vaping with the Crafty it never gets to hot. The Crafty 2 could possibly be made out of a more durable material, but if not this wouldn't be a big deal. The proven design of the Crafty seems to hold up very well.

​Software Application

​The Crafty app has  number of useful features. Including the ability to remotely power on the Crafty, extend the automatic shutoff time, find your lost device, and adjust the temperature settings.

Storz and Bickel continues to update the Crafty app to make it better. As technology evolves the Crafty goes with it. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS devices, including new smartwatches.

App technology is playing a more prominent role in portable vaporizers. The term smart vaporizers is now a category that describes the most advanced new devices that are connected with mobile devices. ​Although the Crafty app has come a long way it has really just touch the surface of what is possible. A portable vaporizer app should help to optimize a users material, it should have the ability to deliver micro doses, and record and analyze users data.

​Vapor Path

​The vapor path used by the Crafty is already pretty good. Your vapor is delivered through a contained pathway that does not come into any contact with the devices electronics. A new feature that we are starting to see in some of the newly released vaporizers is a 'heat sink'. This is one new feature that I think might be included in the new Crafty 2.

​Multi Material Capabilities

​​Wax and liquid concentrates are growing in popularity. ​It is likely that the new Crafty will include upgraded accessories for this purpose. Dry herb is still the most widely used cannabis medium, but the demand for CBD waxes and oils is on the rise. If the Crafty 2 does not get optimized more for thinner oils than maybe down the road Storz and Bickel will introduce their own vape pen.


​When the new Crafty 2 becomes available it is likely that it will cost somewhere around $350. The recent news of a price drop for the Crafty down to $279 makes us believe that we could get news of the Crafty 2 sometime in the near future.

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