July 20, 2018

DaVinci Miqro | The New DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci Miqro – Big Hits ‘Can’ Come From Small Things In The Vaping Universe

Whenever a new gadget or device is introduced to the marketplace, it usually creates excitement and curiosity. Consumers are easily drawn to an updated and highly-advanced version of a previously hot item. The same holds true in the vaporizing industry when a vaporizer brand like DaVinci releases a new product or slashes prices.

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Portable cannabis vaporizers are becoming the device of choice for people who are wanting a healthier alternative to smoking with a flame. Manufacturers in the portable vaporizer space are introducing new features that were not available until recently. Smart vaporizers with app connectivity and safety features are now a reality. Many cannabis users are switching to vaporizer products as they remove the need for a lighter and are convenient to use.

The Miqro is the newest hand-held portable vaporizer from Davinci. It is a smaller version of the popular Davinci IQ – one of the most popular vaporizers around.

The Vaper’s Choice

The name DaVinci is synonymous with vaporizers. The brand has established an illustrious reputation much like the painter Leonardo in his time during the Renaissance period. The DaVinci vaporizers like IQ and Ascent have earned the same distinction in the 21st century.

Without getting ahead of the Davinci Miqro, it would be good to give a background as to why there is so much hype around this new device. First, if you ask vaporizer users which particular vaporizer is among the best, the DaVinci IQ will surely be highly-recommended along with the PAX 3. You can see a comparison of the Miqro vs the PAX 3 here.

One would not typically think of a vaporizer as being a smart device, however, the new portable vaporizers being released today are equipped with Bluetooth technology. DaVinci vaporizers have an app that you can download on your android or IOS devices. The Miqro also has the Davinci signature Smart Path technology to get a smooth clean hit.

Davinci Older Vaporizers

The DaVinci Ascent preceded the sought-after IQ model. This product of the renowned vaping company is nearly-perfect already. Besides its size, portability, and storage capacity, the Ascent was developed for extended vaping use. The longlasting battery life is the reason why vapers love this product. You won’t run out of juice before you get your vape on.

DaVinci used the highest quality materials in the two premium products. Both have divine craftsmanship. A user gets great flower flavor and consistent vapor quality. The temperature settings and control features have progressed with each new model and now can be set precisely to your preferred temperature.

Other products pale in comparison to even the basic features of DaVinci vaporizers. Add the Bluetooth app integration and high-tech amenities of the IQ and you get a more powerful, efficient, and reliable vaporizer that only the PAX 3 and Crafty+ compete with.

The DaVinci vaporizers are undeniably the greatest finds. Hence, the greater expectations on the DaVinci Miqro are not surprising at all.

The key takeaways of the new DaVinci vaporizer

Let’s cut to the chase and highlight the prominent features of the DaVinci Miqro:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Inimitable zirconium airflow system for a delightful flavor every time
  • Flavor stands out with the ALL-ceramic air path
  • Adjustable oven pearl and built-in lids to conserve and not waste herbs
  • Rechargeable/replaceable 18350 battery for enduring vaping sessions

You can learn more about the DaVinci Miqro here.

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