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Check out the top selling portable vaporizer by PAX Labs. The PAX 3 is a compact portable vaporizer for both dry herbs and wax extracts.

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Portable vaporizers and vape pens come in ​all kinds of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some even look and function like the name itself implies, a ​pen that not only resembles a pen but also writes. If you're looking for a discreet vaporizer or a vape pen that looks like a pen ​and writes ​we have ​listed a few strong options for you below. 

​Best Discrete Vaporizers and Vape​ Pens






Most Discreet Vaporizer

​PAX 3



​Best Budget Discreet Wax Vape Pen That Writes

​CloudV Wax Pen


​​Most Discrete Vaporizer Overall



​Smart portable multi material vaporizer.

The most discreet vaporizer is hands down the PAX 3. The PAX 3 is a very durable and compact multi material vaporizer that comes in a wide range of color options (including black). The PAX devices can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand, it heast up very fast allowing for quick sessions, and the vapor production can be ​set to special modes. Learn More.

Discrete Vape Pen PAX 3 Modes

The most impressive feature of the PAX device is its ability to control the way vapor is produced. There are a number of different modes you can set the device on. One of these modes is called 'stealth mode' for discreet vaping. The stealth mode will start at a lower temperature and gradually get hotter throughout your session. The PAX will also only heat your material as your raise the device to take a hit and go on light standby mode when you lower it. The PAX 3 is an advanced​ portable vaporizer that brings new technology to the industry.

​Best Discrete Wax Vape Pen That Writes

​CloudV ​Vape Pen

​​Portable ​wax and liquid vaporizer pen that writes.

​​A great little wax pen that is considered to be very discrete. The CloudV Wax Pen ​not only vapes cannabis material but it also writes! The CloudV uses a 510 thread and is designed for both wax concentrates and liquids. ​They styles available are black and white. You can buy the CloudV Wax pen for just $​35 here at Vape-Smart. ​

​Best Premium Vape Pen That Writes

XVape Muse Pen that writes

​​XVape Muse

​​Portable ​​concentrate vap​e pen that writes.

​​​​The XVape Muse is a premium portable discreet vape pen that ​writes. The XVape Muse comes in either a stainless steel or black​. The XVape Muse is actually a vape pencil since it uses a graphite pencil tip. This device used to be set at $169 but has recently been put on sale for $99.​

Best Discrete Makeup Vaporizer

XLux Vixen Vape Vaporizer Pen Waxes

​​X​Lux Vixen

​​Portable ​​concentrate vap​e pen that ​looks like makeup.

​​​​​A new discrete vaporizer pen for wax concentrates is available from XVape / XMax called the XLux Vixen. The Xlux Vixen is targeted toward the fashionistas with a make-up stick appearance.

Best Discrete Ma​scara Vaporizer

INDVR Vaporizer Lip Stick Vape

​​​INDVR Mascara Vape Pen

​​Portable ​​concentrate vap​e pen that ​looks like mascara.

​​​​​​Another option is the INDVR vaporizer company which has a few discrete vaporizers that look like ordinary products. They have a portable vaporizer that looks like lipstick, one that looks like mascara. You can learn more about the lipstick and mascara versions here.

​​Our #1 Best Choice For Vape Pen That Resembles a Pen and Writes

Vape Pen that Writes

​Our ​top choice for a portable vaporizer that looks like a pen and also writes is the CloudV wax pen. This device is affordable, small, powerful, and vapes concentrates pretty well. We found that the CloudV wax pen is the best option currently available for an affordable device that vapes and writes​.​ At only $29 this is a novelty item that is sure to get some good use and some good laughs.

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