April 24, 2021

DotMod DotAIO SE Review


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DotMod DotAIO SE Review

I recently switched to an AIO device by Dotmod – DotMod DotAIO SE. It uses one 18650 battery and features four power levels to settle on from. It comes with a 0.4-ohm adjustable mesh coil. I loved this coil as I’m an enormous fan of mouth to lung action, and this coil provided me with the perfect MTL style vaping. This mod supported type C charging, and that I was given a kind C USB charging cable alongside the mod. I also received a little Ultem drip tip. This drip tip allowed me to modify to mouth to lung sort of vaping. I also received a spare ceramic coil inside the packaging.

The mod is really great. I purchased the golden colour version of this device. It is available in other exciting colours too. It featured a simple to press the hearth button. This fire button is sort of large and provided me with a pleasant click. It also featured a brief 510b drip tip that I used for my direct-lung coils. I loved the small area on the mod that you simply can use to ascertain the liquid levels.

This slit was also helpful in maintaining the airflow. The one thinks that I notice is that they supply you with a sticker that’s available in several colours. The colour depends on the device you have. This sticker is often stuck on the airflow slit. I tried it, and it helped tons in making my pull tighter and channelled the air downwards where it can pass out from a little slit.

Another feature that I loved about this mod was the metallic battery door. This door was easy to get rid of, and that I was ready to remove my batteries whenever I wanted. It also helped in preventing any battery rattle during my travelling. The mod also featured a small button that helped me in controlling the wattage levels. It provided me with the choice of 4 wattage levels to settle on from. This was a simple way of adjusting the wattage. The other side of this beautiful mod featured another metallic door.

You can easily pull it out, and inside you’ve got the small transparent tank. I really loved the small ergonomic design of this tank. It featured a little fill port protected by a lid. The tank was ready to hold about 3mls of e-liquid, which was great on behalf of me. I also loved the tiny airflow controller that was present at rock bottom of this tank.

The airflow is often adjusted easily by rotating this airflow ring. Moreover, another convenient thing about this tank was that the coil wasn’t threaded inside the tank. I was ready to remove it easily just by pulling it out. It featured a 0.3-ohm mesh coil that can operate at a wattage range of 20W to 35W. I found this coil highly effective for direct lung vaping.

The device was easy to use. Pressing the start button five times turns it on or off. Once the device was on, a light-weight blinked round the fire button. This little light indicator was quite cool and included different colours. This light indicator also indicates four different power levels. I set the device at the very best power, and it provided me with about 30 to 35 Watts of power.

Now i will be able to wish to share my vaping experience with this DOT AIO device. First of all, i might wish to mention the airflow on this device. In my opinion, the airflow works great, but the positioning of this airflow isn’t very convenient. It has airflow slits right the body of the mod. I personally wish to hold my mods tight and using the thumb to fireside. So once I hold these DOT AIO mods, the airflow covers behind my finger. So it had been not good on behalf of me and made a weird distorted noise whenever I vape.

I constantly need to move my fingers to take care of the airflow, and it had been quite annoying on behalf of me .

Therefore I prefer that the airflow vents should be present at rock bottom or the edges of the mod. Other than that, I didn’t have any issues regarding this device. I first tried this device with the mouth to lung ceramic coil and experienced a reasonably nice vape, but still, I personally prefer the Nautilus coils rather than these ceramic coils.

I also tried the black version of those mods that accompany a 0.3-ohm mesh coil. My experience was really nice. I really loved the very fact that they provided additional drip tips for mouth to lung and direct lung sort of vaping.

I have used many 510 drip tips, and every one of them work beautifully with this mod. The build quality of this device is immaculate, and that they really did an excellent job with the graceful paintwork. Another pro that I might wish to mention is that the tank. It really is a simple and effective tank. It is easy to replace and refill.

The type C charging port is additionally a plus for these mods. I witnessed faster charging compared to the opposite mods that I even have used. I also liked the facility adjustment button; that straightforward button provided four different power levels to settle on from.

The LED light indicator is additionally a professional for this mod. I literally love everything about these DOT AIO mods. I really enjoyed my vaping experience and loved the dense smoke production. It provided me with the simplest flavour that I ever had. I really loved the mouth to lung mode. I will definitely keep using these devices in the future. Learn more here.

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