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Frost Pipe – Ice Pipe Maker

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Frost Pipe Ice

If your looking for the coldest possible hit.. whats the best option? Recently a product was released that allows you to freeze water into the shape of a pipe. In the video below you can see the size and shape of the frozen pipe. Allowing your smoke or preferable vapor to run through an icy path is sure to give a smooth hit. Here are VaporSmooth we are all about getting that smooth hit. Another device that is great for a smooth delivery is the Hydrology9 Vaporizer. You can learn more about the Hydrology9 Here.

This product is pretty cool.. but it should be designed a bit differently. The current design is pretty wasteful of water, since you shouldn't consume the ice that has been used to filter out tar and carcinogens from the material being lit on fire. So the device should be made with a tube design that is the airflow, and the ice will still make the draw feel nice and cool. If there is a design where a thick glass tube wouldn't crack from the water expanding that could be the coolest way. Than you can still use the water for ice cubes and even drink it. If your interested in learning more about the Frost Pipe you can visit their site here.

Ice Bong

Also the Ice Bong should work in a similar fashion, you have a mold that still includes a glass tube or inflatable tube that keeps the ice/water clean from toxins. After the Ice Bong allows you to drink the fluid. You can fill the Ice Bong with a mixture of your choice, it can be a frozen alcoholic drink, it can be a slushy, or it could be just plain water. If you are looking for a super refreshing way to consume your cannabis than the Hydrology9 is worth a closer look. With the Hydrology9 you can add almost frozen water which will create a more chilled effect. The Hydrology9 is a new liquid filtration vaporizer that you can get by visiting Cloudious9's official site.

Ice Bong, Frost Pipe Vaporizer Connector

To add to the Frost Pipe and the Ice Bong to make them a healthier alternative you can use them with a vaporizer instead of using a flame. As we know combustion = tar and carcinogens that can be harmful to your body. Using a vaporizer with the Frost Pipe or the Ice Bong will make these two cool ideas even better.

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