December 14, 2017

What Herbs Can You Vape | Vaporizing Legal Herbs

Vaporizing is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Cannabis is the most common herb associated with vaping but there are many different types of herbs that you can vape. The herbs listed below are all legal and will provide you with a an array of health benefits from improving digestive issues to enhancing spiritual knowledge!

Popular Herbs to Vaporize

​Popular Herbs to Vaporize

Vaporizing Chamomile -  190 °C

A herb that has been used for centuries. It is often brewed as tea and is known to help calm an upset stomach and as a sleep aid. Vaping chamomile gives the user a similar calming and soothing experience.

Green Tea -  190 °C

This caffeinated herb does wonders to give the user an energetic burst. Green tea also has anti - aging properties and an increase in focus.

Eucalyptus -  130 °C

There are many known health benefits to eucalyptus. This herb is an anti - inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and can be used to relieve colds and sore throats. This plant has a distinctive smell and taste which can be enjoyed through vaping.

Peppermint -  170 °C

This refreshing herb can be used to relieve headaches, improve digestion, enhance alertness, among others. Another bonus of vaping this herb is that it leaves you minty fresh!

Lavender -  130 °C

This popular herb not only has a great taste and herb but has many benefits. Lavender relieves  headaches, promotes healthy skin and hair, supports brain function, improves mode and reduces stress.

Catnip -  120 °C

Felines love this herb, and you should too. Although it makes cats go wild, it is a mild sedative that can induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and can help ward off a cold or flu in humans.

Sage -  190 °C

Used for centuries by Indigenous populations for its cleansing properties, this herb is great for vaping. It has shown to regulate menstrual cycles, relieve sore throats, and improve brain function.

Lemon Balm -  190 °C

Part of the mint family, this herb can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, and improve digestion. Vaping lemon balm can be used while camping as it is a natural mosquito repellent!

Ginseng -  180 °C

An integral part of Chinese medicine, ginseng has a multitude of uses. It can be used to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. It is no wonder that this herb has been used for centuries!

Valerian Root -  200 °C

This herb is most commonly used to treat sleep disorders and has been called “natures valium”. If you are having troubles sleeping, vaping this herb will really help you get some Zzz’s.

Yerba Mate -  190 °C

A popular herb in in South America, it is often brewed in tea for its stimulating effects. Yerba mate can increase mental and physical alertness giving you a quick burst of energy every time you vape!

Thyme -  190 °C

Often used for taste while cooking, thyme has other uses as well. Combining thyme with marijuana has been said to increase the effects of marijuana. It also has antimicrobial properties which can help keep your lungs healthy with every puff.

Rosemary -  130 °C

Another popular cooking herb can also be vaped. It can relieve headaches, increase mental focus, and has antimicrobial properties. It can also increase circulation in the body which can relieve an array of different problems such has joint and muscle pain.

Passionflower -  160 °C

This herb grows naturally over North America and has been used by Indigenous people to treat many different issues. It can be used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, and is effective in relaxing the user.

Blue Lotus -  130 °C

This product is often used in perfumes because it smells incredible. You can vape blue lotus and call it aromatherapy as it can be physically and mentally relaxing, and relieve depression and anxiety.

Lemongrass -  140 °C

Traditionally used in Vietnamese cuisine, it also has many benefits when vaped. It can relieve muscle pain, can be used as an antidepressant, and can protect you against fungal and bacterial infections. Lemongrass can also be used as a natural pesticide.

Damiana -  190 °C

This plant is comes from Mexico and Central America and was used by the Indigenous people as an aphrodisiac. It also can be used strengthen the nervous system, and treat anxiety and depression.

St. John’s Wort -  130 °C

This versatile plant is popular in the treatment of depression, sleep disorders, infections, and anxiety. It is important to note that St. John’s Wort has been known to render hormonal birth control ineffective.  Remember to be cautious when vaping this herb if you are a female on birth control!

Marshmallow -  170 °C

The marshmallows we roast over the fire were named after this plant for its white, fully petals. This herb helps relieve sore throats, reduce inflammation in the body, and aids in digestive disorders.

Clove -  125 °C

Clove has been used as a pain - reliever for some time now. This tasty herb is great for treating aches and pains. It can also be helpful for digestive issues.

Morning Glory -  190 °C

This herb contains a compound called Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is chemically similar to LSD. Although it is not a psychedelic drug, Morning Glory can be used during meditation to enhance spiritual connection. This herb also helps ease depression and anxiety and put the user in a better mood.

Rose Petals -  170 °C

This flower is most commonly associated with romantic gestures but did you know it can also be vaped? The petals of this flower can improve asthma symptoms, bronchitis and congestion. It can also help increase circulation and reduce stress.


Vaping these herbs on their own will be enjoyable, but mixing them could be even better. Mixing these herbs will give you multiple different benefits and can you will never get bored as there are numerous combinations of different herbs you can vape.

Don’t forget to buy certified organic herbs for your vaping needs. The last thing you want is to be vaping pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These negative chemicals will outweigh the positive effects of vaping.

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