August 18, 2020

How To Use Bongs – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Use Bongs

How To Use Bongs – A Beginner’s Guide 

The popularity of Bongs is increasing each day especially among the youth who are finding different methods of smoking. Bong comes in the form of a glass contraption. It might become difficult for you to understand its mechanism in the first place. However, when you are well-acquainted with using this device, you wouldn’t find the process of smoking a bong so difficult. In simple words, a water bong cools and filters the smoke for you so that you can enjoy the process of inhalation very smoothly. 

A water bong is considered to be the cleanest, smoothest, and healthiest way of smoking. At the same time, bongs are very easy to clean and maintain. If you are a fresher and never know the details about the mechanism of the bong and smoking with the same, the below-listed details about this device will help you know it better. 

Here is how you can use a bong. 

Different Parts Of A Bong: 

Just like any other smoking equipment, a bong, too, comprises of different parts. The mouthpiece is known as the opening of the bong. It is situated at the end of the tube. This is where you will be going to put your mouth. Another part of a bong is called a chamber. This is the area where all the smoke will gather and then inhaled. The bowl holds the herb that you are going to smoke with a bong. A bowl is also referred to as slide. Next, a downstem is known as a small tube. This tube connects the bottom of the bowl to the water present in the bong. The smoke so formed is then traveled to the water using this downstem. 

These are the basic parts that you will find in any bong. You can explore different types of a bong at the stores near you. You can also buy good-looking and good-quality bongs from online platforms. Bongs from bigdadysmoke are gaining immense popularity because of their aesthetics as well as amazing quality. These bongs are affordable and easy to use. Thus, being a fresher, you can easily use these bongs. 

How To Use A Bong: 

  1. The first step is to fill this device with water. The water should be able to cover downstem. After this, remove the downstem and fill the chamber with water such that all the holes in the downstem are covered well. Do not add more water to the device. This is because the more water you put, the harder your lungs will have to work to smoke the substance.

  2. The next step is to add some ice to this product. Using ice in the bong is not obligatory, however, it is highly recommended for an amazing smoking experience. Ice makes the smoke colder, thereby making it easy for you to inhale the same.

  3. Pack the bowl after filling ice into the same. You must make sure that the bowl is clean and free from any residue. Do not use a bowl that is dirty and clogged up, this will intrude the flow of air into your device. Blow the bowl and then check if you can blow up air through the other side.

  4. The next step is to back the bowl with your substance. You can use a variety of substances such as tobacco, marijuana, cannabis. or any other material for smoking. Do not pack the bowl very tightly as the air would not be able to pass through your equipment. The quantity of herb should always be reasonable. After this, place the bowl back into the downstem of the bong.

  5. Once you are done filling the herb and preparing the device, start taking a hit. Hold the device very securely so that it doesn’t fall or drop. Always keep your bong on a flat surface. Do not wrap your mouth around the mouthpiece. It is suggested to push your lips gently inside the tube instead. It is important to seal the whole opening with your mouth.

  6. Take the lighter and hold it up on the edge of the bowl. This step shall be carried out whilst inhaling at the same time. As you begin to inhale, you will pull flame into the bong. Once the bowl has caught enough flame, remove the lighter. However, you must not stop inhaling. For the freshers, it is recommended to inhale very slowly until you get used to the same.

  7. Breathing deep, inhale the smoke, and then remove the bowl simultaneously. When you remove the bowl, it will allow the fresh air to enter your device. This will further push the smoke into your lungs. Upon filling your lungs with smoke, exhale immediately. Get rid of the remaining smoke before you pass on the bong to the next member in the group.

  8. You must not breathe into the top of this equipment. This would cause the water to bubble and might as well flood the bowl. This will ruin all the contents inside your bong. 

Using a bong is very simple. If you enjoy smoking, it is very necessary to develop a good understanding of this device. Knowing how to use this product will help you handle it very well without indulging in the manhandling of the product. Alongside this, it is also very important to clean your device after using it. You can wash it with water. After washing, dry your device and then keep it safe away from the reach of children. Before inhaling any substance using a bong, it is important to know that you must not abuse the substance. Always use the herb in a moderate quantity and never get used to the same. Find the best product for smoking now. 

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