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iVape – Could an Apple Portable Vaporizer be in the Works

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It appears that Apple Inc has applied for a patent involving new technology for a type of vaporizer. Could this be a move by Apple to to enter into the rapidly growing electronic inhalation market for either a recreation or medicinal device? A portable vaporizer is one of the few products that people carry around with them all the time. Similar to how people don't go very far away from their cell phone or pack of smokes, people keep their portable vaporizers close by. If an Apple portable vaporizer is underway, it would be another good indicator of where the booming portable vaporizer market is heading. With new laws in favor of cannabis, the portable vaporizer is set for another boom.

Apple portable vaporizer could look a bit like the hydrology 9 vaporizer

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Apple Portable Vaporizer Rumors

Apple could very well be using the vaping technology as a small part of a larger unit. Perhaps they are making an all in one device to cater to the many portable needs of our daily lives. Perhaps Apple is rolling out the old mobile phone/projector/vaporizer super device. Why shouldn't your phone also be a vaporizer. If you want to travel light and need a way to take your medicine everyday... your iVape would be a great solution to accomplish this (this is all hypothetical, except the patent - that parts true).

Apple definitely has the technology to make a fantastic vaporizing device, but the odds of apple using this patent technology to make an adult product seems slim. It would be the first product made by apple that was directed towards adults only. If this technology was used to build an e-cig device, Apple could be seen as encouraging the use of nicotine, which I doubt they would do either. There are many people who use portable vaporizers with just e-Juice and like the taste of flavored vapor in there mouths. But for the most part, portable vaporizer users are vaping either cannabis or e-Juices containing nicotine. The more likely outcome for the reason why Apple has inquired about a patent for vaporizer technology is for things like cooling down components of a computer, or to be applied in the agriculture, or healthcare industries in some other fashion.

So is Apple making a portable vaporizer? That is yet to be determined, but the iVape seems like it would be a pretty good guess at what they'd name it if the were. Who would be next to enter the rapidly growing portable vaporizer market? Should we expect the Microsoft Portable Vaporizer? Google Portable Vaporizer? Coca Cola Portable Vaporizer? Famous celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have already entered the market with the Double G Series, you can read more on that here.

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