November 14, 2017

New Davinci IQ | Special Edition Release

​The IQ is on of the most compact dry herb vaporizers currently available. It has been 1 year since its initial release and to celebrate the company has introduced a new Davinci IQ special edition. Hopefully olive lime green is your color because that's what it comes in. I know 'olive' dies sound to enticing but by looking at the device in the image below it actually looks pretty good to me. Here at Vapor Smooth we currently have the Davinci IQ ranked as the 'most compact' best portable dry herb vaporizer.

New Davinci IQ

​​​Davinci is one of the long time favorites when it comes to portable vaporizers. ​The Ascent is on of the top selling wax ​devices while the IQ is one of the few options ​available that offers app connectivity.

New DaVinci Vaporizer the IQ

​The Davinci IQ is one of the most iconic vaporizers by design. Since the release of the IQ there have been many copy cats that have released similar looking devices. It is more than just great looks that makes the IQ one of the top selling dry herb vaporizers though. Under the hood the IQ is one of the most sophisticated smart vaporizers available.

​Smart Technology in the New Davinci IQ

​The app that pairs the IQ to your smart phone or tablet is one of the most useful of all the vaporizer apps. Built with smart path functionality the IQ is designed to gradually increase between to selected temperatures over the course of your session. This creates a set it and forget it mode where you don't have to worry about the temperature throughout the course of your session. ​

​​Davinci Collectors Edition Kit

​Davinci IQ is already available in copper, stealth black, gun metal silver, and blue. The new olive version makes a total of 6 options to choose from. Colors aside though, Davinci has also released a new collectors edition accessories kit. The collectors edition kit is a box of goodies that you can get for an extra $100. Shipped in a Davinci branded blonde wood crate you will receive the following:

  • Glass spacers - these are designed to fit perfectly inside the IQ's oven allowing you to pack different amounts for smaller sessions. The glass spacers work well because the glass does not take away from the natural flavor of your herbs, while allowing even airflow.
  • Aromatherapy herb tins - one of the most unique features of the IQ is the flavor chamber where you can store either extra weed or other herbs. This chamber allows you to experience a new taste each session to keep things interesting. You can mix herbs together and pair them with different strains to get truly unique experiences with the IQ. This is something you can't get with any other portable vaporizers. The collectors edition contains a few different tins of aromatherapy herbs to try out.
  • Soft carry case - included in the collectors kit is a case that helps to protect your IQ and make it easier to travel around with. The case has room and compartments for the zirconia mouthpieces, glass spacers, and of course some material.
  • Glass herb jar - the collectors edition comes with a stash jar that is air tight. For those of you who have been keeping your herbs in zip lock bags its time for an upgrade.
  • Davinci cap - I nice looking Davinci branded hat is included in the wooden crate.
  • Lanyard and bracelet - a silicon arm band (bracelet) and a lanyard are included in the kit as well.

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