May 11, 2020

PAX Labs’ New Era Pro Smart Vaporizer | Elevated Cannabis Experience

New PAX Era Pro Vaporizer Smart Pods

PAX Labs’ New Era Pro Smart Vaporizer | Elevated Cannabis Experience

As always, PAX Labs have made another breakthrough with the new PAX Era Pro. Providing the best and smartest portable cannabis vaporizer, PAX Labs have leveled up their technology, transparency, and control. And now, every user can get their hands on this sophisticated technology easily. Once again, with the high-level safety and direct control in the consumer’s hands, the Era Pro sets a gold standard for quality and most brilliant experience. 

But what is it about the Era Pro that makes it so good. Well, today, we will take a look at its features and provide an overview of the product. Only then, the consumers will understand how the New PAX Era Pro provides a whole new experience. 


Named as Pro, the New PAX Era Pro is certainly a product that has lined up a series of unmatched features. Whether it is the charging method or the vaping experience, every aspect of the vaporizer is enhanced. And now, the consumers even have more control over it. Even though the design is quite similar to the traditional Era, still, there are several upgrades in the model that are remarkable. 

Like usual, you can put the vaporizer in your pocket and take it out whenever you want. The improved design with laser-cut slits generates better airflow. And the consumers even get a variety of choices in colors. You can buy the New PAX Era Pro in silver, jade, and red color as you like. 

Features of New PAX Era Pro:

Here are the features that make the new PAX Era Pro quite extraordinary and superior to other portable concentrate vaporizers available in the market. 

1: Smartest Vape Technology:

The New PAX Era Pro is built with classic excellence of the previous model. With the on-demand draw and closed-loop temperature control feature, next-generation features make the vaporizer much smarter. It has haptic vibration, 50% improved Bluetooth range, and significantly longer battery life. Other intelligent features added in the technology of Era Pro are introducing NFC enabled pods that can work with seamless efficiency. 

With this device, the vape experience is automated. Users even get access to a mobile application for Android devices. 

2: Refined Industrial Design:

Like we said earlier, the design of New PAX Era Pro is sleek, elegant, and discreet. This device represents premium craftsmanship and has aesthetic value as well. The luxe anodized aluminum shell chamfered end cap, and the laser-cut side slits ensure maximum portability. 

3: Temperature Perfection

ExpertTemp™ automatically adjusts all pods to the optimal temperature, set by the company’s extraction partners for all specific cannabis oils. Whether a higher temperature for more vapor or a lower one for maximum flavor is preferred, you can alter the temperature, personalize it and forget it. PAXSmart pods memorize the selected temperature for each future session. Classy sensors determine temperature several times a second, offering consistent hear in to draw smoothly, whether in the sun or the snow. 

4: Information Access

Coupled with a PAXSmart-enabled pod, PodID™  offers unprecedented info in a quick manner, which includes oil content, flavor profiles, strain info and potency, and state-regulated test outcomes, enabling you to consume with great confidence. Taking it to the next level, PodExplore provides curated content, which is directly from PAX’S extraction partners, demonstrating the oil’s origin story directly from the source. 

5: Dose Control

Every individual, session, and pod is different. Therefore, the company has added technology that determines variables to enable you to comprehend better, personalize, and control your sessions. With better and new Dose Control, they don’t merely time the draw, but even determine the energy utilized to produce vapor, enabling you to select your desired dose and get haptic feedback when done. Currently, with PAXSmart, Pax Era Pro pods don’t forget your preferences for every future session. Isn’t it great? Of course, yes!!

Pax Era Pods for Pax Era Pro

6: Outstanding Safety Features & Standards

Pax Era Pro has a built-in lockout feature to bring control over who and when using the device. Moreover, the product is made at IS0-certified facilities adhering to cGMP and is acquiescent with FCC, CE, SIG, IC, CONEG, WEEE, and BT SIG standards. The closed-loop system of the product offers a broad range of top-notch oils, extracted by those who are chosen after careful diligence and examined for transparency in state-regulated labs. 

7: Cost & Where to Buy

Pax Era Pro costs $69.99, and you place your order for it through and/or at licensed retailers in legal regions where PAX products are sold to the individuals who are of legal age.

About PAX Labs:

PAX is a brand that is known globally for its premium quality cannabis vaporizer technology. They have won awards for the devices they manufactured. Whether it is the flower use or oil concentration, they have revolutionized the consumer experience entirely. Through their innovation and product design techniques, they assure quality, predictability, and safety at the same time.


Picking the best vaporizer can be a tough job, but consumers want to make sure that they pick the product, which gives them a premium vaping experience. And fortunately, New PAX Era Pro fulfills all the requirements. The manufacturers re-imagined the product and came up with a technology that enhances the cannabis experience to a whole new level. From the dual pressure sensors to custom heating coils, every aspect of this vaporizer is in-comparatively brilliant. Increased safety, an intuitive experience, and access to information about the cannabis vape category, New PAX Era Pro is a product we have listed that delivers it all. 

Keep in mind that PAX doesn’t produce, manufacture, or sell cannabis. So, if you want to make certain that you have an amazing vaping experience, use high-quality cannabis. Only then you will be doing right by New PAX Era Pro. 

Want one for yourself? Buy it directly from PAX Labs official site here.

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