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Recently Released Vaporizers – Newest Vaporizers Coming Soon

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There are tons of great vaporizers that you can buy today, many of the best vaporizers that exist are long time industry staples. The vaporizer industry continues to get more competitive with new and innovative companies bringing to market new devices. Here you can browse some of the newest recently released vaporizers or the newest vaporizers coming soon.

Recently released vaporizers - vaporizers coming soon

Seen in the Image Above* New Firefly 2 Zebra Vaporizer - Visit Firefly Here

Vaporizer News - Price Drop

The most popular brand of portable vaporizers has recently seen a huge price drop. PAX Labs has reduced the price of the PAX 2 to $149 and the PAX 3 to $199. You can learn more by visiting the official PAX website here. This price drop we hope will be followed by news of the PAX 4.

Recently Released Vaporizers - Newest Vaporizers

With so many vaporizer manufacturers popping up out of nowhere and an already large existing product base it can be easy to overlook some of the industries new hidden gems. Here we will have a look at the recently released vaporizers that have caught our attention. New vaporizers are exciting and many contain a new feature or new type of technology never before seen in existing vaporizers. Have a look at the full reviews to see if one of these new vaporizers is right for you.

XMax Vape Fog Vaporizer

XVape Fog

XVape / XMax has released their new convection vaporizer called the XVape Fog. Using convection heating and costing under $200 this is one of the most affordable portable convection vaporizers currently available.

Utillian 721 vaporizer for herbs

Utillian 721

Utillian 721 is a portable convection heating vaporizer that uses forced hot air opposed to conduction. The Utillian 721 has been compared to the Crafty in terms of build quality and vapor production. You can learn more about the Utillian 721 here.

Prohibited 5th Degree Dabber Attachment

Prohibited 5th Degree

A new line of vaporizers from Prohibited are being released. This new vaporizer is a multi vaporizer that has a wide range of versatility. The 5th Degree Vaporizer works with dry herbs and concentrates. Can be equipped with an e-rig attachment, and a straw suction attachment.

XLux Vixen Vape Vaporizer Pen Waxes

XLux Vixen

Something for the ladies! A new wax concentrate device called the XLux Vixen has been released by XVape / XMax. This little unit is more powerful that it first may seem. If you are looking for a fashionable discrete vaporizer for waxes than look no further. Learn more about the XLux Vixen.

Arizer Air 2 vaporizer news

Arizer Air 2

Arizer is the largest Canadian vaporizer manufacturer. Arizer has brought several very popular vaporizers to market. The Extreme Q, Solo 2, and Air are a few of the most popular vaporizers in the industry. Read more about the Arizer Air 2 here.

Portable Water Vaporizer

Hydrology 9

The Hydrology9 vaporizer is a new vape released in May of 2017. The Hydrology 9 has 5 pre-set temperature settings and uses a fairly large oven. The Hydrology9 is easy to maintain and keep clean. There are some hidden easter eggs with the Hydrology9 such as LED party mode and lava lamp style lighting. You can learn more in our in depth Hydrology 9 review here.

Portable Water Vaporizer

New Firefly 2 Nature

The Firefly 2 is the portable vaporizer that many people choose to go with. It is considered to be the vaporizer for Apple lovers. It is sophisticated and simple. The Firefly uses touch sensors to activate the heating elements and works very good with both dry herbs and concentrates. You can learn more in our New Firefly Vaporizer - Nature and Wood Versions.

New DaVinci Vaporizer

Hera 2

The Hera 2 is a new vaporizer that was just released. The Hera 2 is a touch screen vaporizer that also has a dual hybrid oven. The Hera is a compact vaporizer with a powerful computer processor chip. If you are looking for a vaporizer that you can mix your materials and make smoothies or salads with than the Hera 2 allows you to do just that. Read the full Hera 2 Review here.

New DaVinci Vaporizer


The Dipper is still a pretty new vaporizer and although it has been available to purchase for most of 2017 it still appears that the company is getting into the swing of things and has not yet marketed it to the mainstream vape world. The Dipper is a immediate head turner and a very unique portable dab vaporizer. The Dipper is going to be a big hit once DipStick Vapes gets the product more ready for mass distribution. Read the full Dipper Vaporizer Review here.

AirVape OM Vaporizer Buy

AirVape OM

This new device is a very compact and very affordable vaporizer from a company known for making quality affordable luxury products. The AirVape OM is definitely worth taking a look into. Read full AirVape OM review here.

AirVape OM Vaporizer Buy

Ghost MV1 - Now taking orders

Coming from Ghost Vapes is a new premium vaporizer that could very well be one of the top portable vaporizers released to date. The Ghost MV1 has a lot of features that were very well thought out such as the heat sink technology, non wavering temperature, minimal draw resistance, Bluetooth connectivity and so on. Read full Ghost MV1 review here.

AirVape OM Vaporizer Buy

Loto Lux Vaporizer - Now taking orders

A vaporizer that is the first of its kind - the Loto Lux Vaporizer. The Lux from Loto Labs is a highly anticipated vaporizer that uses induction heating technology. Induction heating uses electromagnetism which is said to be much faster, more powerful, more efficient, and cleaner than other heating methods. Read full Loto Lux Vaporizer review here.

TBR Vaporizers Coming Soon

To be released vaporizers coming soon. Here are some portable vaporizers that we have caught wind of that may be of interest to you. The vaporizers are currently not available as of the last time we updated this post. We will do our best to return to this post and always keep you updated on the latest devices and news coming to market. It s exciting to keep an eye out and see what new technology is being worked on and what new vaporizers could become the next big thing. Here are some of the newest vaporizers coming soon.

Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera - Coming Soon

Coming soon is the new portable vaporizer called the GoFire. The GoFire is a new vaporizer that is designed for micro dosing. Micro dosing allows the user to monitor their usage and repeat a systematic process designed to deliver the same doses time and time again. The GoFire will look to capitalize on the growing market for medical concentrates. Read full Boundless Tera Vaporizer review here.

Enovap Vaporizer

Enovap Ecig - Coming Soon

The Enovcap Vaporizer / Ecig is a new portable vaping device that brings AI (artificial intelligence) into the world of vaporizers. Read full Enovap Vaporizer review here.

GoFire Vaporizer Smart Vaporizers

GoFire Vaporizer - Coming Soon

Coming soon is the new portable vaporizer called the GoFire. The GoFire is a new vaporizer that is designed for micro dosing. Micro dosing allows the user to monitor their usage and repeat a systematic process designed to deliver the same doses time and time again. The GoFire will look to capitalize on the growing market for medical concentrates. Read full GoFire Vaporizer review here.

New Haze Square Vaporizer Release

Haze Square Vaporizer - Coming Soon

Haze is a company that aims to create innovative and versatile devices. The new Haze square is a 4 oven chamber device that works with dry herbs and concentrates. The Haze Square has a dial on the back that allows you to seamlessly switch between each of the four ovens while the device is in use. Read full Haze Square Vaporizer review here.

We will add more new vaporizers to our two lists above as we find them or as the coming soon vaporizers are released. You can enter into the review articles for each of the vaporizers above to get a better understanding of what they each have to offer and possible release dates. Cheers, and happy vaping!

Vaporizers by Price

You can use the menu on our site to narrow in on the type of vaporizer you are looking for. Some of the top devices to mention are - for desktop the Volcano, the VapeXhale EVO, and the Arizer Extreme Q. Some of the already existing top portable vaporizers are the Hydrology9, Firefly 2, and Crafty.

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