February 19, 2017

Ruva Vaporizer Review – Atmos Ruva Weed Vape

AtmosRX has a new fast heating dry herb vaporizer called the Ruva. The Ruva Kit costs less than other comparable performing devices and has some extra features that are hard to find in portable vapes at $130 or less price mark. Atmos is a company known for selling affordable quality devices that can fit any budget. Continue reading our Ruva vaporizer review or if you'd like to get one for yourself you can do so by visiting the official site.

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Ruva Weed Vape

The Ruva Vaporizer from Atmos is a compact dry herb vaporizer that comes with a pretty strong battery. The 1800mAh lithium-ion battery gives you enough power for many vape sessions on a single charge. The heat-resistant rigid rubberized grip keeps the device a nice temperature in your hands. The Ruva has been designed with a magnetic mouthpiece that allows you to quickly empty and reload the device.

Everything about this portable vape is built with quality in mind and more importantly convenience. It has a good size display screen where you are able to set the temperature anywhere from 330 to 430 degrees F. Vibration notifications allow you to monitor the device while it is in your pocket on the go. A quick heat up time and affordable price makes this device a solid buy. Atmos is a highly respected portable vaporizer company and this is a nice edition to their line of portable vaporizers.

Ruva Portable Vaporizer Review Atmos Dry Herbal Vape

The Ruva Vaporizer is packed with features and quality components:

  • Pure quartz chamber
  • Quick heat up time
  • 330-440F Temp Range
  • Micro USB charge with internal battery
  • Rubber grip for heat resistance
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Innovative portable vaporizer vibration notifications
  • Optimized for fast loading
Ruva Vaporizer Review Atmos Dry Herbal Vape

Atmos - Ruva Kit

(Portable Loose Leaf Vaporizer)

  • 1 – Vaporizer
  • 1 - USB charger
  • 1 – Cleaning brush
  • 1 – Packing Tool
  • 1 - User Manual

If you are looking for a vaporizer to vape concentrates such as BHO, wax or butters than this device will not do that. This is a dry herb only (weed) vaporizer. Atmos also has a number of affordabe vaporizers designed for concentrates and some that can do both. But the Ruva vaporizer is meant for just dry herbs. In our Ruva vaporizer review, similar to other 1 medium type vaporizers it is built to do what its meant for well. Some devices attempt to do too much and end up diminishing one while compensating for another.

Prepping the Ruva Vaporizer

When you are going to use the Ruva you need to be a bit cautious. As with all vaporizers the device can heat up and get warm/hot. Start by making sure the batter is charged enough for your session. Next, to load the Ruva you just need to lift off the magnetic mouthpiece by pushing the tip forward, it should come off relatively easy with a tug. Once the mouthpiece is removed you will see the quartz heating chamber, you load your dry herb in here. Make sure not to over pack the oven chamber as this will limit the airflow making it feel less natural and having to inhale much harder to get the vapor. Once you have packed the oven you can put the magnetic mouthpiece back on.

Using the Ruva Vaporizer

To start using the Ruva you will need to hold down the power button for 5 seconds. This is a safety feature to ensure that the device does not turn on in your pocket by accident. But with the Ruva unlike other portable vaporizers if you do turn it on by accident will vibrate letting you know that its been activated. When the Ruva is on you can then press the power button 3 times to begin heating to your chosen temperature. While heating up you will see the temperature level rise on the OLED screen. When ready the device will show the text 'ready'. After 3 minutes the device will show the text 'end of session' and begin to cool down. This is a safety feature and also a battery and material optimizing feature. 

Temperture Controls and Settings for the Ruva Vaporizer

When the device is on you can increase and decrease the temperature using the + and - buttons. You are able to chose any full numbers between 330 degrees F and 430 degrees F. If you prefer to see the temperature in Celsius or switch between the two you hold the + or - button for 3 seconds. What ever temperature you last used is the temperature that the Ruva will automatically heat up to until changed.

For this device being just $129.99 it makes for a great buy. If dry herb vaping is something you plan on doing a lot of than this device will work for you. If you plan on vaping e-liquids and concentrates than you will need another device. If Atmos is a company that interests you, you can see more from them here. Although Atmos is a great portable vaporizer company there is also a number of other companies that also make great products. You can view them by using our menu bar located at the top of this page. Thank you for reading our Ruva vaporizer review, subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive updates on new and innovative products.

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