PAX 4 Vaporizer

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PAX 4 ​Vaporizer

Updates will be made to this page ​as we learn ​of them. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read up on PAX Labs. While we try ​to keep our articles ​as up to date as possible​. You can check the official PAX website here ​for the most recent news ​regarding the PAX 4.

In the Fall on 2018 ​PAX Labs released news of ​a huge price drop for the ​PAX 3. As a result we have seen a surge in the sales of their devices. The ​new price ​for the PAX 3 is $199 (down from $279). As a result I would say the PAX 3 is one of the best deals around. ​In addition to the model 3 being reduced in price, ​PAX 2 ​is also now only $149.99.

We will update this product posting when the PAX 4 vaporizer becomes available.

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