July 6, 2021

SOLO 2 vs CFX | Portable Vaporizer Comparison

If you’ve decided to purchase a portable vape, but don’t want to spend on a pricier vape like the mighty, keep reading to find out more about the Boundless CFX vs. The Arizer SOLO 2

Boundless CFX vs. The Arizer SOLO 2

You have decided to buy a portable herb vaporizer  but need to decide which vape is for you. There are some primary considerations that you’ll want to account for as you explore your options. The CFX and SOLO 2 offer the best vapor quality at the price point. Anything cheaper will generally give you inferior output and will be harder to dial in and anything that will give you better vapor will cost alot more. These two vaporizers provide the happy medium of vapor quality and price. 

Dimensions and Weight

The Arizer Solo 2 has dimensions of 4.49” x 1.77” x 1.38.” Essentially, this portable vape is bigger than a credit card but smaller than a smartphone.It is also cylindrical and has a large glass tube that protrudes from the top when you use it. 

Boundless CFX vs The Arizer SOLO 2

The Arizer Solo II comes at a weight of 7.4 ounces. For reference, a roll of nickels or a baseball weighs around 7 ounces. Meaning, the Arizer Solo II is slightly heavier than a baseball. 

The Boundless CFX is a bit larger when looking at dimensions and weight. The Boundless CFX has dimensions of 4.7″ x 2.8″ x 1.2″.

The weight of this vape is 12 ounces. For reference, one stick of butter weighs 4 ounces, so three sticks of butter would weigh 12 ounces. That’s around one and a half sticks of butter heavier than the Arizer Solo 2.


The Arizer Solo 2 has a 3500mAH lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts about 3 hours, which is equivalent to approximately 20 sessions. Therefore, it takes 3 hours to charge your Arizer Solo 2. 

The Boundless CFX uses a 2500 mAH lithium battery. The Boundless charge lasts around 1.5 hours or 10 to 15 vaping sessions (if used continuously). It takes 2 to 3 hours for this device to fully charge. 

Important note: while it is recommended that you do not use the Boundless CFX while charging, you can use the Arizer Solo 2 while the device is charging.


The  Arizer Solo II has a stainless steel heating chamber and the Boundless CFX  ceramic. Ceramic is a very conductive substance. This is one of the reasons it’s such a popular material for heating chambers on portable vapes. 


Ceramic is considered to be safer than aluminum. Ceramic is a neutral material. Because of this, it’s touted to provide a good flavor that is more clean and pure than other options. 

The Arizer Solo 2 has a borosilicate glass tube. This tube is also called an aroma tube. This tube is a massive reason that people who use this portable vape report an excellent vapor quality. You have a stainless steel chamber feeding into an all glass tube. About as pure as it gets. 

The herb chamber on the Arizer Solo 2 is made of stainless steel, and so is the body of the vape. The body of the Boundless CFX is made of food and medical-grade materials with a silicone coating on the outside.

Chamber Size

When you’re loading the chamber on your portable vape, it’s important not to overload it. When using a conduction vape, you can pack the chamber a little tighter. However, convection chambers need room so that air can pass through the chamber.

If you want a more extended vape session, you may want a device with a bigger chamber. For example, the chamber on the Arizer Solo 2 holds 0.2 grams of herb while the Boundless CFX doubles this size to 0.4 grams.


When looking at heating for these two devices, both use a hybrid heating style. Meaning they use both conduction and convection.. Conduction helps the unit heat up faster, while convection helps it heat more evenly. That being said the SOLO 2 is mainly conduction heating and it is kind of cheating to call it a hybrid as the glass hits the heating element instead of the herb. 

The Arizer Solo II can heat up to its max temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit in around 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the Boundless CFX is a little quicker, heating up in 20 seconds. 


An important thing to note when discussing heating for the Boundless CFX and the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer  is the temperature options. The Arizer Solo 2 has a temperature range of 50 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees. The temperature is displayed on an LED display. 

The Boundless CFX ranges from 37.8 degrees Celsius to 221.1 degrees. It also comes equipped with an LED display that shows you the temperature. The LED screen on both of these devices means that there is no guesswork when it comes to knowing if your device is heated to the correct level. 

Both of these devices can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Herb or Concentrate

The Arizer Solo 2 is a purely a dry herb vaporizer and while the Boundless CFX Vaporizer can accommodate oils and extracts (with it’s concentrate pod) it is primarily an herb vaporizer as well. 

Vapor Quality 

The better taste and texture will come from the SOLO 2. The stainless steel chamber and all glass vapor path give you maximum purity and flavor. This vapor will be a mistier finer vapor as well. So for herb purists the SOLO 2 is a great vape. 

For those who want to really kick out some clouds and fire for effect , the CFX is the better choice. It will not give you the flavor of the SOLO 2 but you will feel the herb more and much quicker and the device is alot more closer to smoking than the SOLO 2 would be considered with the thick milky clouds. 


The SOLO 2 with it’s large glass stems is an absolute pain to put in your pocket and head down the road. You will also need to worry about breaking the glass if trying to store it for hopping on the bus or train. It can be carried around the house with ease , but not an ideal vape for camping. 

The CFX wins handedly in needing a vape to throw in your pocket and cruise. Even if you are partaking in activities such as snowboarding the CFX’s quick heat up time and durable outer silicone casing make it able to withstand the elements and taking it with you on the go is an easy task. 

Warranty and Price

While vaporizers such as the Mighty Vaporizer come in at  350 dollars, these two portable vaporizers come at a lower price for the budget-conscious. The Arizer Solo 2 and Boundless CFX are similar in price, with the Boundless CFX costing slightly more. 

When purchasing the Arizer Solo 2 through, To The Cloud Vapor Store, the current cost is $164.99. This cost includes free priority shipping and a 60-day trial period. It also provides lifetime trade-ins for store credit, a 2-year warranty, and a free To the Cloud Grinder.

In the box, you will get your Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer and 2 Borosilicate glass aroma tubes. You will also get a glass ground connection, stirring tool, wall charger, carrying pouch, sample lavender, and instructions. 

When purchasing the Boundless CFX through, To The Cloud Vapor Store, the current cost is $179.99. The Boundless CFX also comes with free priority shipping, a 60-day trial period, lifetime trade-ins for store credit, and a free To the Cloud Grinder. 

However, the Boundless CFX comes with a 3-year warranty versus the 2-year warranty offered by the Arizer Solo 2. In addition, you will get your Boundless CFX Vaporizer, wall charger, USB charger, cleaning brush, stir tool, and instructions in the box.

Safety Features

The Arizer Solo 2 has an automatic shut-off. The automatic shut-off is set to 10 minutes. However, it can be adjusted to anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in one-minute increments. 

The Arizer Solo 2 also has a delayed power to make sure it doesn’t accidentally get turned on. There are three settings for this at four, six, and eight seconds. The default is set to six seconds. 

The Boundless CFX has a sleep mode. To prevent overuse, after six minutes, it will enter a sleep mode. Then, to resume use, you only need to hold the power button for three seconds.

Quick Comparison

Breaking all that down, both the Arizer Solo 2 and Boundless CFX are great products with unique features.

If you are all about the flavor with its glass borosilicate aroma tube, the Arizer Solo 2 may be the better option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bigger chamber and more versatility in dry herb versus concentrates, the Boundless CFX may be the better option. Finally, if you want longer battery life, then the Arizer Solo 2 will last longer.

Both devices are comparable when it comes to vapor quality. But each has a different take on that quality. The CFX is going to give you more clouds and will feel more like smoking  and the SOLO 2 mistier finer vapor with better flavor. 

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