August 1, 2017

Support Local Artisans – Custom Made Wooden Vaporizers

There's a lot of really great vaporizers out there and many of them are created at a local level by a group of artisans. Here you will find the different vaporizers that are in part custom made which also include organic material such as wood. Some vaporizer also contain many custom made components and accessories such as glass blown water pieces  and cases. If you are a supporter of Custom Made Wooden Vaporizers and Local Artists than you may wish to learn more about some of the following devices.

Handmade Wooden Vaporizers

Magic Flight Vaporizer

Magic Flight

Magic Flight vaporizers are designed by a group of artisans in California USA. If your looking to support a great group of people doing what they love to do while making great products in the process, pick yourself up a Magic Flight Vaporizer. Learn more about Magic Flight vaporizers here.

Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Sticky Brick

Sticky Brick vaporizers are handcrafted in the USA. The Sticky Brick smoking devices are modular components that are magnetically stuck together and do not use any electrical components but a torch to create a convection style hot airflow. Learn more about Sticky Brick vaporizers here.

Milaana Vaporizer RBT

RBT Rasta Buddha Tao

RBT - Rasta Buddha Tao vaporizers are made with walnut, maple, or cherry wood in the USA. The Rasta Buddha Tao Milaana is a dry herb mech mod (as far as I can tell) that seems to be sold out quite often. Coming soon from RBT is the wood 510 tank called the splinter. If your looking for a very unique vaping experience have a look at this brand. Not the most fancy website yet 😉 but defintly check these guys out here.

VapMan Vaporizer Swiss Vaporizer


The VapMan is a very unique vaping device that can be used as a portable torch powered vaporizer or with the plugin desktop device. The VapMan and all its components are made in Switzerland. Learn more about the VapMan here.

Firewood Vaporizer Wooden Vaporizer Custom Made

Firewood Vaporizers

The Firewood vaporizers are custom made in the United States and the device is on its 4th model - being improved with each new design. It is powered by a Lithium Ion 18650 cell battery. The Firewood 4 vaporizer has a glass and stainless steel vapor path and uses convection heating. You can learn more about the Firewood vaporizer here.

DynaVap Torch Powered Vaporizer

DynaVap Torch Powered Vaporizers

Not your typical vaporizer - the DynaVap vaporizers are torch powered quick hitters. DynaVap vaporizers are manufactured in the Wisconsin, USA. You can mix and match the different components to build the DynaVap you like best. You can choose a specific mouthpiece and mid piece. Learn more about DynaVap here.

Eds TNT wood vaporizers

Eds TNT Vaporizers

The Enano and the California Wood base and other accessories from Eds TNT are manufactured in the USA. The Enano itself can be used with devices such as the Arizer Solo which is made in Canada and the base of the device which you see in the picture to the left or above on mobile is a plugin heating element. Learn more about Eds TNT vaporizers here.

Lotus Vaporizer torch powered

Lotus Vaporizer

The Lotus vaporizer is manufactured in California, USA. The Lotus vaporizer is powered by the use of a torch lighter. You can learn more about the Lotus pipe weed vaporizer here.

If you have a device in mind that you know of please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can send us an email an and we will do out best to look into your submitted device as soon as possible. Remember this page specifically is for vaporizers that are in part custom made and have wood included in the design. We hope you found a new cool device to look into from the listings on this page and that you enjoyed our article on 'support local artisans - custom made wooden vaporizers'. You can subscribe to our e-newsletter below to get email notifications on new devices and industry news.

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