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Sutra Mini Vape Review – New Small Vaporizer

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The Sutra Mini vaporizer is the latest in the Sutra line of aromatherapy electronic devices that have been manufactured to vape both dry herbs and concentrates with material optimization in mind. Sutra has spared no expense in the R&D of the new mini vaporizer and it can be seen in the quality of the vapor it produces as well as the small and sleek casing it is housed in. The Sutra Mini is a powerful little vape that utilizes precision temperature control to make sure you are able to manipulate the temperature settings to get the taste and delivery that you want. The construction of the new product is made from high-grade materials, and a compact layout of the design makes the Sutra Mini one of the smallest portable vaporizers available. Continue reading below to learn more from our Sutra Mini Vape Review.

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Sutra Mini Vape Review

When Sutra was designing the Mini, they had a list of important objectives that they wanted to accomplish. The first objective they wanted to include was to create an ultra 'portable' device. The result in the end has met their goal and the new device stands at just 3” tall by 1” wide. For a device that is required to have an 'oven' a 'battery' an 'airflow chamber' and electrical components  and flow of electric current, this small casing is very impressive. In today's world people are constantly on the go and need to carry around a number of things on their person. The small stature of this vaporizer  takes up very little room in your bag or fits nicely in your pocket.

Similar to their past models, Sutra wanted to ensure that the new Sutra Mini had all the features you would expect in a premium top of the line portable vaporizer. The Sutra Mini by does not fall short here and the new device gives you complete temp options that can be monitored from the devices display screen (OLED). The temperature range is 300 degrees F to 430 degrees F. Most users will be very content with the default temperature of 345 degrees F, and this temperature will give a nice smooth delivery. If you are a vape enthusiast that prefers more vapor volume and likes to inhale a bit more that you can bump the heat setting up to about 410  degreed F.

New Sutra Mini Vaporizer

The Sutra Mini is more powerful than you may think, it has been  built  with a 1600 mAh built-in battery. A built in battery keeps things simple and will supply enough power for many sessions throughout the day. The Sutra Mini like all portable vaporizers by Sutra is made with a high quality of safety in mind.

The Sutra Mini is a complete vape kit that includes everything you need to start vaping either dry herbs or concentrates. The kit includes tools to keep your device in top shape. Included in the box is a cleaning brush, a dab tool, a silicone cap, quartz cup, USB charging cable, and a vaporizer user manual.

You Can Buy the Sutra Mini and get Free Shipping Here

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Sutra Mini Vape

Sutra Mini Vape


9.6 /10

Temp Settings

9.0 /10


8.8 /10


8.9 /10


9.0 /10


  • Small
  • Stylish
  • Temp Range
  • Dual Medium


  • No App
  • Only 1 Color Option
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