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Liquid Gold Vape Liquid Review | Diamond CBD Vape Juice

Liquid Gold Vape Liquid made by Diamond CBD is a premier-branded, top-of-the-line, all-natural industrial hemp CBD product, developed and distributed by one of the most reputable companies in the industry today. Available in different strengths and flavors, this product offers you an array of CBD options in an easy-to-use dropper bottle that makes vaporizer refills quick, simple, and easy. Moreover, Liquid Gold Vape Liquid contains the maximum amount of CBD with no illicit substances or synthetic cannabinoids, as independently verified by third-party laboratories.

Liquid Gold Vape Juice CBD Diamond

Diamond CBD All-Natural Industrial Hemp CBD

At the core of Liquid Gold Vape Liquid is the company itself, Diamond CBD. A known commodity in the CBD landscape, Diamond CBD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the hottest stocks on the market today, PotNetwork Holdings (POTN), always has the latest in high-quality industrial hemp CBD products. With a focus on research and development, over the past year the Diamond CBD put together a first-rate team of researchers, chemists, and other scientists to not only ensure quality from the very beginning of their development and distribution chain but to shift the mainstream conversation about CBD towards a more medical-based model.

Diamond CBD guarantees that their products contain nothing but first-rate all-natural industrial hemp CBD with no illicit substances or synthetic cannabinoids. Furthermore, they back up this guarantee through independent, third-party analysis of all of their products. When it comes to quality assurance, they begin their process with Non-GMO organically-grown plants and only the best raw materials. Their supercritical CO2 extraction process retains all naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant, once again making sure they just sell you the best products.

As with all Diamond products, you know that you are purchasing only the most exceptional CBD when you buy Liquid Gold Vape Liquid. You are guaranteed that it comes from a company that maintains excellence through transparency.

Smooth and Delicious Vaping Flavors

Easy to use and full of all of the benefits you have comes to expect from only the best CBD products on the market today, Liquid Gold Vape Liquid is available in a range of quantities. You can purchase a small on-the-go bottle filled with as little as 1 ml, or you can stock up with larger 16 ml bottles. Moreover, with three delicious flavors available, you are bound to find one to call your favorite:

  • Liquid Gold Strawberry – Liquid Gold Strawberry gives the sweet, juicy fruit flavor of strawberry combined with Diamond CBD’s well-known brand of all-natural industrial hemp CBD. Far from overbearing, the sweet hint of strawberry can turn a quick vape break into a relaxing moment that brightens up the day. Liquid Gold Strawberry is available in quantities of 1 ml, 5 ml, 12 ml, and 16 ml.
  • Liquid Gold Watermelon – Liquid Gold Watermelon is for those of you who prefer a fresh and inviting hint of watermelon in your vape. Similar to the strawberry flavor, it is not overbearing. Liquid Gold Watermelon turns every vape session into an exciting, warm summer day; making you feel relaxed and refreshed all at the same time. Liquid Gold Watermelon is available in quantities of 1 ml, 5 ml, 12 ml, and 16 ml.
  • Liquid Gold Jungle Juice – Liquid Gold Jungle Juice is a bold combination of berries for those of you who like a little bit more power when it comes to your vape flavors. It is a strong, but laid back and relaxing, vape flavor that is guaranteed to turn every vape session into a conversation starter among friends. It is the most exciting of all the Liquid Gold flavors. Liquid Gold Jungle Juice is available in quantities of 1 ml, 5 ml, 12 ml, and 16 ml.

An Entire Line of Vaping Products

Liquid Gold is so much more than just all-natural industrial hemp CBD vaping liquids. Under the brand, Diamond CBD has also developed a unique line of vaping products to complement the liquid. These products turn the Liquid Gold brand into your one-stop shopping spot for all of your CBD vaping needs. The Liquid Gold Line includes:

  • Liquid Gold Vape Additives – The Liquid Gold Vape Additives are a great addition to your vaping experience. All you have to do is mix the additive with any of your favorite liquids for an amazing vaping experience. These additives are made from all-natural agricultural grade hemp.
  • Liquid Gold Vape Pens – Sometimes you just do not want to throw down all of your money towards the entire vaping experience. Liquid Gold Vape Pens are a great pre-filled, single-use option good for up to 200 puffs. As the liquid, they are available in delicious fruity flavors such as strawberry and jungle juice.
  • Liquid Gold Vape Tank – Available in strawberry and jungle juice, the Liquid Gold Vape Tanks make it extremely easy to enjoy CBD wherever you are in the world. They are ready-to-use and fit all standard vape battery packs.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a vape liquid that is not only relaxing and satisfying but also comes with a guarantee of quality, then you will want to look no further than to Liquid Gold Vape Liquid. This all-natural CBD product line comes from a company that knows the CBD world inside and out, and one that takes the CBD industry very seriously. The entire range of Liquid Gold Vape products is easy and convenient to use, with no mess and no hassle. You can take them anywhere and quickly turn any situation into a great vaping session.

Liquid Gold Vape Liquid made by Diamond CBD is one of the most flavorful all-natural CBD vape lines on the market today. If you are looking for a simple way to jump into the vaping game, then starting with Liquid Gold is your best bet. Remember, always look for products that can prove they have no illicit substances or no synthetic cannabinoids in them, preferably verified by independent third-parties. Diamond CBD is a leader in the CBD industry and can make this guarantee easily.


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