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THC Vape Juice and Best E-liquid Brands

Portable vaporizers are on the rise! and with them comes an insane variety of vape juices. Here we will take a look at some of the best e-liquid marketplaces and what companies are making the best blends of e-juices. Depending on the type of vaporizer you use and your desired effect will help to determine what brand and flavors are right for you. Vape e-liquids and oils differ and can contain THC, CBD, Nicotine, or just flavored vapor juice. THC vape juice is also different from CBD vape juice, and again nicotine vape juice is different as well. We will touch on each of these as well as the best brands in the industry.

THC Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice or more commonly known as CBD oil CBD tincture is a type of liquid that comes from the hemp plant that does not contain the phsycoactive effects that are derived from the THC compound. CBD is the second most abundant compound found in the hemp plant and is one of the 85 that exist in cannabis plants. You can learn more about CBD (Cannabidiol) here by reading our article on the best CBD oil.

Nicotine/Flavored Vape Juice

A rapidly growing industry both in the UK and in North America is the use of regulated and mechanical mods to vape flavored vape juices. Similar to an electronic cigarette, vape juices can contain traces of nicotine. You can order your vape juice with a percentage of it being nicotine and you can increase or decrease your dosage. Many traditionally smokers have begun using portable vaporizers to ease themselves off of tobacco and nicotine. There are countless varieties of vape juices from menthol and tobacco flavored, to tropical and dessert flavored vape juices. You can follow this link here to learn more about vaping e-liquids and the best vape juice brands.

One of the most recognized and widely used online e-liquid marketplaces is the V2 marketplace. The V2 vape juice store online delivers to many countries around the world in a timely fashion. You can visit the V2 market place through the following links:

  • Visit the V2 e-liquid market place here
  • Visit the V2 Platinum e-liquid products here
  • XEO e-liquid here
  • Zig Zag e-liquid here
  • Black Note e-liquid here
  • Vape Bartender e-liquid here
  • Cosmic Fog e-liquid here
  • Charlies Chalk Dust e-liquid here
  • Ripe Vape e-liquid here

THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice may be more commonly referred to as BHO (Butane Hash Oil) which is a kind of concentrate derived from the hemp plant. THC vape juice contains a higher percentage of THC then typical dry herbs. Many vape enthusiasts prefer to vape THC e-liquids and concentrates because they do not have to vape as much to achieve their desired effect. You can pick up THC products/concentrates such as BHO, Waxes, Edibles, and Dry Herbs from visiting a local cannabis dispensary.

CBD Tincture – Wellness Hemp Oil

One of the most beneficial compounds found in cannabis is Cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD compound has a wide range of benefits that can be used to help treat many of today's illnesses and diseases. Unlike THC, CBD does not have the psychoactive effects that give you the 'high' feeling, but it still provides all the same health benefits. It is because of this reason that CBD tincture has become a very highly sought after product.

CBD Tincture

How Much CBD Tincture Do You Need

It only takes a very small quantity to test and start seeing if CBD tincture is something that you may benefit from. With only a few drops (only a few milligrams) you can begin to see the health benefits. If you are a person suffering from anxiety and smoking or vaping cannabis (THC) only makes things worse than you may be able to use CBD to positively impact cognition and anxiety. This is something that can have huge implications on a persons life, by taking a natural plant compound and feeling at ease and at peace with your surroundings and being able to talk and act more comfortably. CBD is something that can help many people and those with anxiety is just one example.

When you first start to use  CBD tincture it is best to start with small doses to see how little is able to work for you. By using only the amount required you will be able to save more money and make the most out of each tincture bottle. Since CBD tincture is not psychoactive you do not need to take more for a increased 'high' effect. Taking a larger dose of CBD will help with strong inflammatory effects while again not creating any type of impairment.

CBD Oil or CBD Tincture

If you have tried CBD tincture and it did not work out for you, perhaps you should give CBD oil a try. Feedback has been that CBD oil is much tastier and helps with more major effects. Below you can follow one of the CBD oil products or you can read more on the best CBD oil here.

Best CBD Oil Hemp Oil

Vape Bright - New CBD Pre-filled Vaporizer with Replaceable Cartridges

CBD Vaporizer

The Vape Bright CBD vaporizer is an easy to use solution for CBD oils. This is a very affordable solution that comes with the vape bottom (the battery) and the vape top (the pre-filled cartridges). You can learn more about this device here.

Do Your Research - Buy From Trusted Brands

Like any product it is important to know that what you purchase is made from a reliable and trusted source. When dealing with cannabis products there are many people who try and make their own products at home or in an un-certified lab. A compound / tincture such as CBD oil should be made with caution and needs to be tested to ensure that it is free from things like heavy metals and other contaminants. Be sure to do your research before buying a specific brand.

It is recommended that  you understand where the company grew or purchased the hemp they use to make their CBD tincture.  You should know if the hemp is grown locally or if it comes from an overseas source. No matter where is came from was it grown organically or was is made with GMO's? Does the packaging or product information give you a high degree f insight into things like this? does the material on the site not on the packaging inform you as to how much CBD percentage actually exists in the product? Things like this are important to know and especially if you are trying to treat or receive some benefits for some more serious illnesses and diseases.

A highly recommended company and one that has received note worthy reviews is the online source at HealthyHempOil.com - you can visit their site here to browse their CBD Tinctures and other CBD products.

CBD Timcture - Medical CBD Vaporizers

What Is CBD Tincture Comprised Of?

CBD tincture and other derived CBD products are considered safe and is a legal product to both buy and sell in most places. CBD formula typically includes hemp extract, spearmint extract, ginger rhizome extract, natural honey, water, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavor. As  you can see the ingredients that are required to provide a finished simple tasting and quick dissolving after taste is fairly straight forward and simple to produce. It is really quite amazing that such a simple set of ingredients can be used to help so many situations.


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