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If you're looking for an efficient reliable portable vaporizer - PAX Labs has you covered. PAX offers sophisticated portable vaping devices that are high performance, discrete, top build quality, and simple to use. The PAX 2 has just been put on sale for $149 and the PAX 3 has been put on sale for $199. Learn more about the PAX 2 and PAX 3.

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Pulsar Flow Vaporizer Review – Ergonomic Convection Heating

​Ergonomic, affordable, convection, cooling vapor path - all ​things sure to make the ​Pulsar Flow vaporizer a popular device. ​ The Pulsar Flow ​is an affordable high quality portable dry herb convection ​vaporizer. ​Available in multiple color options with a few unique features under the hood we expect this will be a stong mid price range contender. ​Although we have not had the chance to test this unit yet we will let you ​know about its details and ​features.

Flow Vaporizer

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​Build Quality Notes

​Intended to be one of Pulsars next big sellers the Flow has been built with quality in mind. The herb chamber is lined with quartz to ​help deliver strong tasting vapor while the housing is made of durable material​s.​

An internal 1600 mAh battery powers the Flow. The 1600 mAh battery is better than your average mid range device's power supply. Considering the Flow comes in at around the $100 mark a 1600 mAh battery is pretty impressive.

​Located on the top of the Pulsar Flow vaporizer is a long magnetic oven lid that doubles as the vapor filter and cooling path.​ This lid is made of a durable metal. Overall the build quality and components used make the price seem very reasonable.

Pulsar Flow Vapor Notes

Convection units require a stronger battery to be effective. The Flow ​is ​​powered by a 1600 mAh battery as we mentioned above and it looks like it is a sufficient power source to do the job well. A modest 40 second heat time is needed to allow the convection heating method to do its job before you can achieve a good pull. ​Convection heating is the most efficient way to vaporizer dry herbs and helps to deliver better tasting not burnt vapor. View more convection vaporizers here.

Dry Herb Vaproizer - Pulsar Flow

​Taking a page out of the playbook of popular vaporizer brand 'Firefly' is the long groove like vapor path. As the vapor leaves the heating chamber and heads towards your mouth it is forced to flow in and out of the embossed cooling filter pattern. Honestly, the Flow looks like a less sophisticated version of the popular Firefly 2 vaporizer (seen here). 

The long vapor path assuming it works on par with the Firefly 2 will require a quick wipe down after several uses. If the vapor path works even only half as good as the Firefly 2 it will remove a good amount of unwanted vapor particles from entering your body.

Temperature for the Flow ranges from 356 to 428 with haptic feedback. The one button design makes switching between the temperatures simple and leaves less room for wear and tear on the unit.


​We already commented on the fact that the Pulsar Flow uses an impressive 1600 mAh battery. We expect that this will get you between 10 to 20 sessions. We will again need to confirm this once we have seen this device in action. The small compact nature of the Flow makes it one of the smaller convection vaporizers available. The rounded shape could be comfy or awkward depending on which way you have it positioned in your pocket.

Appearance of the Flow by Pulsar

​Available in a few variations you can get the Flow i​n all black​, silver and black, carbon fiber, and also with a hint of nature with wood grain and silver.

The shape of the unit is similar to that of the Loto Lux which is another high end vaporizer that has recently been released. This teardrop design is comfortable to hold in the hand. The mouthpiece is ergonomic and feels natural to draw from. So we're told. ​The overall design and functionality of the Pulsar Flow is simple​with just one button. There is a row of five LED lights to indicate temperature settings located on the one side.

​Where You Can Buy the Flow

​We suggest you purchase the Flow from Vape-Smart here. If you and a friend both make your purchase at the same time you will receive an additional 10% savings.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer – Powerful Convection Heat Sink

The Boundless Tera vaporizer is a new portable dry herb vaporizer that uses convection heating to vape your loose leaf material. The Tera has a few features that are only available in a handful of other devices. The Tera is the 3rd vaporizer model from Boundless with the other two being the Boundless CFC and Boundless CFX. Convection vaporizers are growing in popularity because of their ability to heat material more evenly and efficiently. In this article we will touch on the new features of the Boundless Tera and how it looks against the best portable dry herb vaporizers in the industry.

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Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera Vaporizer Features

Convection Heating

The new Boundless Tera uses convection heating to heat dry herb materials. Convection heating is becoming more important to people who are making their first vaporizer purchase. The alternative is to get a vaporizer that uses a form of conduction heating. Conduction is where you material is heated through surface touch while convection heating is through the pathway that hot air is forced through. Convection heating is something that will make the Tera vaporizer one of the more favorable options on people's lists.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

Heat Sink Chamber

A heat sink is something that we have only seen in one other portable vaporizer. The Ghost MV1 is a new innovative vaporizer that was also released in 2017. The Ghost MV1 uses a heat sink as well. In addition to using a heat sink the Boundless Tera vaporizer looks like it may also be offered with a glass mouthpiece. The combination of a glass mouthpiece and a heat sink will make for a smooth cooled down hit. The Ghost MV1 vaporizer uses this combo and it seems to work very well. The heat sink chamber will use rings that heat up

Wide Range Precise Temperature

Magnetic Mouthpiece

Precision temperature is a feature that makes a vaporizers feel more personal. Using preset temperatures restricts you from finding the setting that works best for you and the strain of material you like to use. The Boundless Tera allows you to choose between a wide temperature range to 1 degree of precision.

Magnetic components are growing in popularity and for good reason. Using magnets allows you to quickly reload the chamber and makes device maintenance very easy. Vaporizers that use twist on screw style components tend to get material stuck in them and also take longer to take off and put back in place.

Dual External Batteries

A feature I personally like is the option to use extra batteries. The Tera not only uses external batteries but it uses two very powerful ones. If you are looking for a vaporizer that will be able to last for a long time, the Tera will do this.

The Tera vaporizer using 2 powerful batteries is also good for another reason. With the power that the Tera has under the hood it is able to reach a good vaping temperature much faster then some of the other convection vaporizers on the market.

Similar Vaporizers / Competition

The main competitors to the Boundless Tera will be the other convection devices. The current top convection vaporizers are the Mighty and Crafty, the Utillian 721, and the Ghost MV1.

How Much is the Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera is looking like it will be around the $200 mark. The devices we compared the Tera to in this article are all priced well over the $250 mark. At around $200 the Tera is priced competitively and should do pretty well.

Build Quality

Build quality of Boundless vaporizers is above average. The Tera vaporizer model will also be of high quality materials. The heat sink itself is aluminum, the mouthpiece is magnetic, and we have heard their will also be a glass version. The batteries as we have mentioned are two powerful external cells.

Vapor Quality

We are currently unable to touch on the vapor quality of the Boundless Tera. When we have had some more insight into the performance of the Tera we will update this section. Convection vaporizers are known to be more flavorful and heat materials more evenly. We hope that the Tera can meet our expectations and optimize the material placed in its oven.

When and Where Can You Get the Tera Vaporizer

The Tera vaporizer by Boundless is to be released any day now. You will be able to get the Tera vaporizer online here.

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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer – New Advanced Vaporizer

Introducing Ghost MV1

Coming from the company GhostVapes is a new type of portable smart vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates called the Ghost MV1. This new portable vaporizer has not yet been released to the public, but we are hoping to see their store open any day now. We know many vape enthusiasts are getting excited about this one. The Ghost MV1 has many innovative features and a compact design for the functionality that it includes. Continue reading below for our initial Ghost MV1 vaporizer review.

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Ghost MV1 Vapes

"The Ghost MV1 is the result of true craftsmanship. All the components were very well thought out in this sophisticated new vaporizer"

Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Concert

Picture credit - GhostVapes on facebook - Concert tour bus

The Ghost MV1's design is very much focused on user enjoyment, ease of use and comfort. The device is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably within your hand, the materials are lightweight and the device is available in multiple finishes. The sophisticated technology combined with the tactile outer casing and soft touch activation button makes the experience very unique compared to other portable vaporizers. The Ghost vape uses haptic feedback that allows for a pleasurable experience with real ease of use.

Visit GhostVapes Official Site to Learn More or Pre Order

As outlined in the first look that was released for the Ghost MV1 we can tell you the following about this cool new vaporizer. The Ghost MV1 is a new benchmark in portable vaporizers that is designed to be beautiful and engineered to perform. The device has a re-moveable chamber for simple and precise loading.  An interchangeable battery (meaning you can take it out and carry extra if you really need to), and the battery is a very powerful one. The Ghost MV1 vaporizer has Bluetooth that enables connectivity to your smart phone or compatible smart devices. The application software is unique to the device and although we don't have many details yet it is expected to be feature rich.

Silver Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Ghst Vapes

Picture credit - GhostVapes on facebook

The Ghost MV1 is easy to clean and built to medical grade standards. The innovative design helps to ensuring purity of vapor and is built for on demand advanced convection heating. Intelligent temperature controls help to regulate a truly unique user experience, while a heat recovery system optimizes your battery through saving power. The intuitive device is able to keep constant temperature that never changes. One of the most exciting new features that we are seeing for the first time in this new vaporizer is the high performance 'heatsink' that helps to achieve a cooler smooth hit every time. The Ghost MV1 has been built with all components in mind and has been designed to prevent material degradation allowing for multi use sessions.

GhostVapes MV1 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer - Newest Innovative Vaporizers

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is a new powerful vaporizer that looks like it will be a solid competitor in the vape industry. The Ghost MV1 is a top of the line premium vaporizer that costs just under $300. This vaporizer has a large list of features and new technology that makes it stand out in a device packed vaporizer market. Every month there are new portable vaporizer companies popping up and every now and then there is one that makes some noise. In just the last few months we have seen rise to the Dipper Vape Pen and the Hydrology9 Water Vaporizer. The Dipper is a new multi-purpose dab pen that converts into a oven packing pen as well, and Hydrology9 is a new type of water vaporizer bong. Another new portable vaporizer that we will see in the next little bit that people are excited to try is called the Loto Lux Vaporizer which uses induction heating - the first portable vaporizer ever to do so.

Visit GhostVapes Official Site to Learn More or Pre Order

Smart Vaporizer - New Innovative Portable Vaporizer Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Video Review

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the Ghost MV1 is top notch. Ghost Herbal Concepts Ltd has made it there goal to bring to market the very best product. The MV1 is made with mostly custom made parts and is designed very intuitively. The shape of the device and the way it is meant to be held is for ergonomic purposes. The entire device can be taken apart which is key for two reasons. The first being that you can easily clean and maintain the unit. The second benefit to this is in the case that a component stops working - instead of replacing a whole unit it will be easy to get a replacement part.

The MV1 is built to be tough and stylish, it is made with a lightweight alloy chassis with a tactile outer casing. The exterior can be ordered in a few different color options and also with different finishes.

Vapor Quality

We have not had the chance to test the device out ourselves yet, but we have seen it in action as you will find in the video a bit lower on this page. Have a watch yourself - the video is by Bud the VapeCritic and it seems to rip pretty good. You can set the device on a higher temperature if you want to take a quick powerful hit or you can put it on a lower temperature to savor more taste.


The Ghost MV1 is a 3 in 1 vaporizer that is designed to work with all forms of cannabis. If you are looking for a device that will work for both dry herbs and various concentrates this is perhaps one of the best options.


The MV1 vaporizer packs a pretty serious punch. The battery pack is not your typical off the shelf part - it has been engineered specifically for this device. The battery pack has embedded technology on a computer chip that helps to manage the connection and current between itself and the rest of the vaporizer. The battery capabilities are said to out perform any other portable vaporizer  the market.

Ghost MV1 App

The Ghost Vaporizer App looks like it is going to be an important feature for anyone who ends up purchasing the unit. The app will give you more control over the device and has some features that make it safer than pretty much any other vaporizer that exists. With the app you are able to lock the unit - this creates a 'gun in the safe' environment and keeps the device out of harms way to under age people. The App also has features that allow you to locate it if you misplace it, similar to the lose you iPhone feature.

The obvious features that the Ghost Vaporizer App will include are more precise temperature controls, product updates, session information, and sharing features where you can get compensated for your shared experiences with the device.

Ghost MV1 Accessories

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer will definitely have a growing list of accessories that can be purchased to work along side the device. Currently available is a cleaning kit, a crucible kit, packs of glass stems, a fast charger, and a battery pack. These are all basic extra parts and accessories and we suspect that there will be a few other to come along shortly. The Ghost mouthpiece is easily removable so there will likely either be a Ghost Wip that takes the place of the glass mouthpiece or a Ghost wip that attaches on to the existing glass mouthpiece to connect it to a water piece.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Coupon Code

We are currently unaware of any coupon codes that will be available for the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. When any coupon codes become available that we know of we will update this section asap. Many times while a company is launching a new product they will include one of the accessories as a coupon offer. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe the Ghost will come with a cool first ## customers coupon offer. The Ghost seems like it has some heat behind it so even without an initial coupon code you may want to place an order as soon as the store opens as there may be a wait time for this product.

Where To Buy the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is not yet available to purchase, but the Ghost MV1 will cost $295 US. You can head over to GhostVapes and sign up to their mailing list to be notified of any news and updates related to the launch of the Ghost MV1. You can also follow GhostVapes on facebook here. The information made available online about this new device was originally posted by VapeCritic - Bud. Bud has been reviewing portable vaporizers online for quite a while, his site was started back in December of 2011 and since this time many people who are looking for the right vaporizer to buy have turned to him for advice. His input in the new Ghost MV1 should be a sign that this vape will be a big hit. Recently some new photo's were posted showing a less shiny version 'satin gray' of the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. Personally I think the less shiny version looks a lot better and looks more durable. Something about the shiny versions seems plastic and cheap - but this could just be in pictures and could be the exact opposite in person, this goes on personal preference and is like getting a flat paint job on your car or a shiny one.

Ghost Vaporizer MV1

Picture credit - GhostVapes on facebook - July 4th photo

Visit GhostVapes Official Site to Learn More or Pre Order

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Convection Vaporizer

Before you decide which portable or desktop vaporizer you are going to get, it is important to understand the difference between a convection vaporizer and a conduction vaporizer. Learning the difference will allow you to way the pro's and con's of each and make a more educated decision on your purchase. The purpose of using a vaporizer is to improve your health relative to the alternative combustion method. A convection heating method will optimize your session to improve taste and get the most out of your desired vaping medium while helping to prevent tar and carcinogens from entering your body.

Convection Vaporizer

​Best Convection Vaporizers





Best Overall Portable



Best Portable Dry Herb Only Under 200

​Utillian 721


​Best Portable 3 in 1

​Haze Dual V3


Best Budget Portable

​Atmos Aegis


​Best Portable Multi Material Under 200

​XVape Fog


Best Overall Desktop Convection



Best Budget Desktop

​Extreme Q


Best Overall Portable Convection Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

​​Crafty by Storz and Bickel

Smart ​multi material convection vaporizer.

​Crafty is made by German vaporizer manufacturer Storz and Bickel. The makers of the world renowned Volcano Desktop vaporizer. The Crafty is perhaps the best portable vaporizer under the $300 mark.

Best Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Under 200

Utillian 721 vaporizer for herbs

​​Utillian 721

Portable ​dry herb convection vaporizer.

Seen in the image below is the Utillian 721 vaporizer that uses convection heating to heat your dry herbs. The Utillian 721 has been compared in performance to the Crafty from Storz and Bickel but you can get it at a fraction of the price. Utillian devices are made with quality components and deliver strong tasty vapor flavor.​

Best ​3 in 1 Convection Vaporizer

New Haze Vaporizer Review

​Haze Dual V3

Portable 3 in 1 convection vaporizer.

​The Haze convection vaporizer has 2 ovens that can be loaded with different canisters. You are able to vape dry herbs, concentrates and liquids. This is a 3 in 1 vape that is designed to be very versatile with its vaping capabilities. The standard package you can buy comes with 2 oven conduction screens and 2 oven convection screens. Included with the package is a dry herb canister and a concentrate canister.

A feature that some people view as positive while some would disagree is the replaceable batteries. This is a good feature because it allows you to have extra batteries on hand in case the one you are using dies. It is a feature that some people don't like because it is an extra thing that you need to worry about. Some people prefer internal batteries where you just plug your charging cable right into the device itself.

The Haze Dual V3 is on the high end of the portable vaporizer price scale and will set you back about $260. Other vapes in this price range are the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ which do not have as much functionality but both contain software that can be paired with a smart device.​

​​Best Budget Convection Vaporizer​

Portable Convection Vape Review

Atmos Aegis

Portable convection vaporizer.

Aegis by Atmos is one of the most affordable portable loose leaf convection vaporizers money can buy. Don't let the price fool you though, this vaporizer performs quite well. 

Best Multi Material Convection Vaporizer Under 200

XMax Vape Fog Vaporizer

​​XVape Fog

Portable ​multi material convection vaporizer.

Coming from XVape / XMax is the new XVape Fog vaporizer. This is one of the most affordable convection vaporizers on the market.

Best Overall Desktop Convection Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

​Volcano by Storz and Bickel

​Desktop convection vaporizer.

The Volcano by Storz and Bickel is regarded as the best performance desktop vaporizer. This one does not come cheap however. The Volcano costs roughly 500 to 600 dollars US.

Best ​Budget Desktop Convection Vaporizer

Desktop Convection Vaporizer

​Extreme Q by Arizer

​Desktop convection vaporizer.

​The best priced convection desktop vaporizers are the Arizer V-Tower and the Arizer Extreme Q. Costing less than half the price of the Herbalizer and the Volcano and producing very similar results the Arizer desktop vaporizers are some of the best selling convection vaporizers on the market. For thos of you who will be doing a lot of vaping at home the Arizer desktop models are worth checking out.

Pros and Cons of a Convection Vaporizer vs a Conduction Vaporizer

Convection Vaporizer


  • Efficient and Even
  • More Accurate Temperature Control
  • Lower Risk of Combustion


  • Slower Heat Up Time
  • Usually More Expensive

Conduction Vaporizer


  • Simple Device Design = Cost Less
  • Faster Heat Up Time​


  • Higher Risk of Combustion
  • Required to Stir/Mix Material
  • Wasted Material​

You can think of convection as if you were cooking something in the oven opposed to a frying pan. Conduction is where your material is in direct contact with the heating element and a convection vaporizer is where hot airflow is used to heat your material. Just thinking about these two styles you can tell that the conduction style will require you to stir up your material so that it is heated more evenly, while convection will pass through and heat everything as even as possible.

Vaporizers are all about efficiency and saving you money. Over the span of just a few months a vaporizer will save you enough money in material used to have paid for itself. Vaporizers help to reduce future health care costs that may be required if you were to continue using a combustion method to intake your desired material. Using a convection vaporizer over a conduction vaporizer will also add to these benefits. You will optimize your material even further and be able to evenly vape the material placed in the oven.

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Aegis Vaporizer Review – Aegis Kit from Atmos

Vaping feels better when it is being produced from hot airflow opposed to hot metal. The Aegis convection portable vaporizer from Atmos is a new and innovative vaporizer that does just that. The Aegis uses airflow to deliver a smooth vaping experience. Convection vapes are becoming more popular and Atmos has done a very nice job on this model. Continue reading below for our Aegis Vaporizer Review. If you'd like to visit the Atmos official site you can do so here.

Aegis Vaporizer Review Convection Portable Vape Atmos

Aegis Vaporizer Review - A closer look at the new portable convection vape

The Aegis uses advanced convection heating combined with temperature controls that let you choose from a range opposed to a few set temperatures. The ability to set your preferred temperature anywhere between 320°F and 430°F allows you to better control your vaping experience. You are able to switch from high to low temperatures to influence the flavor and coolness. The Aegis vape uses a hard anodized chamber, isolated airflow design, and a filtration system to provide smooth vaping. As per many of Atmos models, the Aegis comes with a strong battery that when fully charged is capable of lasting many full vaping sessions. The Battery in this device is a 1650mAh lithium-ion. The temperature controls are very responsive and work with a clear display screen. The display tells you your current temperature as well as your remaining battery power.

Portable Convection Vape Review

Atmos - Aegis Convection Vape

(Portable Loose Leaf Vaporizer)

  • 1 – Vaporizer
  • 1 - USB charger
  • 1 – Cleaning brush
  • 1 – Packing Tool
  • 1 - User Manual

You can view the Aegis Kit by visiting the Atmos Official site here.

You can tell by the design that the Aegis was optimized for convenience. The mouthpiece  and all its parts are created for easy maintenance, quick loading, and efficient material use. The convection heating nature of the device keeps dry herb materials from coming into contact with the heating element. This allows for your material to be vaped more equally and not concentrated on surface weight. This style of vaping also allows your dry herbs to last longer. If you have not yet tried convection vaping this is a good device to try out.

Atmos is a company that prides themselves on superior customer service. There are many portable vaporizer companies that fall very short in the department of treating their customers with respect. Luckily this is not a problem with Atmos. They have a proven track record of making high quality products that they stand behind. Thank you for taking the time to look over our Aegis Vaporizer Review - If interested you can get this vaporizer here.

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