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INDVR Vaporizer Review – Lip Stick Vaporizer Design

A new vaporizer for concentrates called the INDVR vaporizer is available that targets the female demogrphics and anyone who likes to accessorize with makeup, lip stick, and mascara. The new INDVR vaporizer resembles the look of your typical cosmetic products which give this new vaporizer a more incognito discrete aspect to it. You can easily through this new vaporizer in your purse or day bag and no one will think anything of it.

INDVR Vaporizer Lip Stick Vape

"Stealthy and Stylish - Hidden in Plain Site"

The INDVR portable vaporizers for concentrates will be available in three different models. The first two being related to cosmetics and are the Lip Stick Vaporizer and the Mascara Vaporizer. The 3rd and most premium and expensive of the portable vaporizers from INDVR is called the INDVR Elite vaporizer that looks like a pen and actually writes. There are a number of pens that have this functionality but none have managed to become big mainstream products. Perhaps the INDVR Elite will break through and due to its marketing strategy of targeting primarily females will have a bigger chance of success. Have a device that can both vape and write will keep your travel belongings to a minimum and will also allow you to be discrete while vaping out among other people.

The Mascara and Lipstick style vaporizers retail for $60 each, while the INDVR Elite pen costs $80. The cartridge that is recommended for the INDVR can be purchased from their dispensary and is just two inches long, this allows for the lid of the lip stick and mascara versions to still fit on. Some other oil cartridges are a bit longer and will not allow the lid to be quickly placed back on and for you to throw it back in your bag discretely. The cartridge you can get from INDVR is prefilled with 500 milligrams of oil and retails for $40.


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