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Portable Vaporizer Reviews

The portable vaporizer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. This is due to 3 things happening on a very large scale. 1. More and more people are easing off of nicotine and turning to portable e-cigs and vaporizers 2. New laws and regulations are being passed in favor of the cannabis industry  3. Cannabis is being more widely seen as a plant that helps fight illnesses and diseases. These 3 things are the main force behind what is driving the success in the portable vaporizer industry. Continue reading our portable vaporizer reviews to help choose the device that's right for you.

To supply this rapidly growing consumer base, we have seen a giant increase in portable vaporizer manufacturers. We're going to touch on some of the very best the industry has to offer. In order to do this we will break it down into each type of portable vaporizer. The types of portable vaporizers are as follows:

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Portable Vaporizer Reviews

Some of the most notable portable vaporizers (which are covered in the above review links) are the PAX 3, DaVinci IQ, G Pen, Grasshopper Titanium, Dipper, Mighty and Crafty, Atmos Boss and V2. These are some of the biggest players in the portable vaporizer industry. Many new innovations are being introduced to vaporizers just as they have been to other portable devices. Portable vaporizers are beginning to get smarter. By that, we mean they are being built with software that connects to your smart devices. There are now smart vaporizers similar to your 'smart phone'. If connectivity is something that you are looking for in a portable vaporizer, you are currently limited to the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ.

The software in these devices is still pretty primitive, you can really only control the temperature and monitor your sessions air flows. In time this technology will play a much larger role with some devices. If quality is something you are looking for, both the PAX 3 and DaVinci are built very well and are backed by 10 year warranty's. There is just one company that has a longer warranty than these. Grasshopper Vaporizers has the best warranty in the industry, they offer a lifetime warranty on their devices.

Celebrity Portable Vaporizer Review

Another portable vaporizer review (more of a editorial piece) you may find interesting is the one we covered on Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg with their G Pen. They are collaborators with Grenco Science on the Double G series. You can have a look at the Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg G Pen here.

New Innovative Portable Vaporizers - Newest Vaporizers

Dipper Portable Vaporizer Reviews

We have done some coverage on two of the newest models of portable vaporizers to hit the market. The Dipper is a new type of dab pen that converts into a regular oven vaporizers with the flip of its mouth piece. The Dipper is a dabbing pen that will cater to many vape enthusiasts and allow more people to try concentrates in a new way. You can read the Dipper Vape Pen Review here.

Image above Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer

Another cool looking portable vaporizer that we thought you may like to see is called Hydrology 9. The Hydrology 9 is a water vapor bong type device. It uses patent pending water filtration  technology to help deliver one of the smoothest hits. Read more about this device on our Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Review.

Thanks for reading our post on portable vaporizer reviews, we will be updating this post to reflect new devices as they enter the market. Feel free to subscribe to our e-newsletter below. We help to keep you up to date on new and innovative vaporizers.

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PAX 3 Review – A Closer Look

The PAX 3 Portable Vaporizer is the newest addition to the PAX line of devices. This new model unlike versions 1 and 2 is designed for both loose leaf and concentrate extracts. This is the first vaporizer from the PAX brand that will cater to the rapidly groing conentrate user base. The New PAX vaporizer comes with the PAX standard 10-year warranty and free shipping.

As of Sept/20/2017 - PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

Go to PAX Official Website Here

PAX 3 Review - Concentrate and Dry Herb Vaporizer

PAX 3 Built in Games

The PAX 3 has a few built in games that make this device very unique in an industry packed with portable vaping devices. To activate the games of the PAX 3 you simply rotate the device in your hands in the same fashion that you would roll a joint. The first game is one that can help you decide decisions - the PAX will randomly select a direction and you can apply rules to what the PAX is pointing to, similar to how spin the bottle will decide who has to do something.

The second game is a movement skill set where you need to tilt the device in certain direction to avoid the red lit up pedals of the PAX logo in the center of the device. The final game uses pattern recognition and the device will keep track of your movements, than you need to replicate your movements but add an extra step, the device will keep going as long as you do not mess up, this game can be played as a group or by yourself to pass the time.

PAX 3 Vibration Feature

The PAX 3 is designed to be much safer product while vaping on the go then most other portable vaporizers. A  safety feature built in is that when the device turns on and heats up to its set temperature the device will vibrate similar to your phone when on vibrate mode. This allows you to feel and be alerted that the device is ready, or that the device was turned on by accident and it is trying to get your attention.

PAX 3 Vaping Modes

Something unique that sets the PAX 3 apart from the crown is the special vaping modes you can have it set to. Boost, efficiency, stealth, flavor are all modes that will cater to your current preference. The stealth mode makes the PAX 3 one of the most discrete vaporizers on the market.

PAX 3 Auto Heat Feature

The PAX 3 has been built with smart technology and motion sensors. The device is designed to heat up when you bring it to your lips, and it cools down when it leaves your lips. This makes the device a autonomous heating unit that works to optimize your sessions and save on material used. By heating the dry herb or concentrate on demand it is ensuring that you get the most out of your cannabis  products. 

As of Sept/20/2017 - PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

Visit the Official PAX Website to Learn More or Buy

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