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Tectonic9 Grinder Review | Electronic Dispensing Mechanism

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Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder Review

Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder Review


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Automated dispensing
  • View window
  • Premium quality
  • Fine grain


  • Not water proof

Tectonic9 Grinder Electronic Herb Dispenser

Tectonic9 Grinder Review | Electronic Dispensing Mechanism

How refreshing! A new take on the compact grinder has been revealed by none other than Cloudious9. The Tectonic9 grinder is a new electronic dispensing mechanism for dry herbs. It is the perfect companion for either the Hydrology9 or Atomic9 vaporizer.

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Introducing the Tectonic9 Grinder

Its not everyday that the dry herb grinder gets a facelift. This is a welcomed now device to the cannabis industry. This is not your typical 3 piece grinder, this new dry herb grinder is a perfect match for the Hydrology9 LED water filtration vaporizer bong.

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Traditional grinders have been perfected to provide consistent results, however they have become quite boring. It’s great to see that Cloudious9 has brought new features to a product that has remained relatively unchanged for a number of years. The Tectonic9 grinder is a combination of a compact grinder and an automatic grinder. Usually automatic grinders are a lot larger in size. This new compact electric grinder is more ideal for travel.

Tectonic9 review

Features of the Tectonic9 Grinder

Viewing window

The viewing window allows you to have a look under the hood to see how much material is left.

Flip spout

The spout that dispenses the material can be tucked away when not in use making it easier to pack away.

Sliding gate pathway

Materials are securely stored and easily accessible

28 CNC diamond shaped grinding teeth

The right goldy lock zone for grinding perfection

Patent pending structure

The tectonic9 has been designed to evenly distribute material prior to dispensing

Vibration motor

The vibrating component allows for material to be evenly distributed, maintain texture, and be brought forward to the sliding gate pathway for easy dispensing.

Visit Cloudious9 Official Site to learn more.

Tectonic 9 Grinder HerbVisit Cloudious9 Official Site to learn more.

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