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The Swiss Vaporizer Kit | Atmos RX Multi Purpose Vape

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After years of experience in the vaporizer business Atmos RX has made it one of their main goals to create an extremely versatile and high quality vaporizer designed for multi use. The Swiss Vaporizer Kit is the result of the experience Atmos has under their belt and from years of listening to customer feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The Swiss is a truly multi purpose vaporizer that can be used in a variety of ways. The Swiss Vaporizer Kit can be used as a rig insert, a portable vaporizer, a enail rig itself, and also designed to vape both wax/dabs and dry herbs.

You Can Buy the Swiss Kit Here

The Swiss vaporizer is built with scratch resistant housing to hold up against wear and tear while on the go. You have three built in pre set temperatures than are chosen to deliver the biggest hits with this unit. Atmos has made The Swiss compatible with several different heating chambers. Heating chambers such as the Greedy and the Studio Rig can be used in conjunction with the Swiss Kit. These two heating chambers are versatile components as well. Atmos has done a really good job at making their products modular and interchangeable/usable with their other products.

The Swiss Vaporizer in Rig Mode

Portable Dab Rig Swiss Vaporizer Kit

Rig insert, as it is compatible with most standard pipe sizes. This is possible thanks to the unique dedicated airflow tube which provides traditional airflow and reverse airflow during use. This tube can also be removed for cleaning. The Swiss is equipped with a silicon cap and funnel, which allows for quick refills during use. While the Swiss’ design makes it ideal for use as an insert for glass rigs, it can also be used as a portable vaporizer as well.

The Swiss Vaporizer in Studio Rig Mode

Atmos Studio Rig and Swiss Vaporizer Combo

Atmos has made the Swiss Vaporizer Kit compatible with the Atmos Studio Rig. Seen in the image above the two products are connected together. You can purchase both components separately to create this portable versatile rig.

The Swiss Vaporizer in Portable Vaping Mode

As a portable vaporizer, the Swiss uses a splash resistant mouthpiece made of glass. Built into the device is a bottom cap that doubles as a container for dry herbs and concentrates. The Swiss can be used without connecting it to a bubbler or a rig attachment.

Swiss Kit Vaporizer Atmos

Compatible with 510 threads

The Swiss Vaporizer is compatible with most 510 heating cartridges and atomizers available today. Included in this is the Atmos Studio Rig, Atmos Greedy and more heating attachments made by Atmos. The versatility of this unit allows you to mix and match and include water filtration to get a smoother cooler hit.

The Swiss Kit by Atmos

Hidden in the Details

The Swiss Vaporizer Kit Base Stand is equipped with an insert made of silicon that adapts to 24 mm and 22 mm batteries. This is a unique feature that you will not find in any other vaporizer that we know of. A convenient feature built into the Swiss Kit is the uniquely designed cap and funnel that allows for quick and easy refills during use as a rig insert. The Swiss Kit is a fun well built and versatile vaporizer that can be purchase by visiting the official Atmos RX website here.

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